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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam explains to Steffy again that Ivy has dual citizenship so they really are no longer married or have reason to be. He hopes this will make Steffy a little less mad at him. John surprises Ivy by walking in and he is shocked to hear her say that she probably will not be Mrs. Liam Spencer much longer. John says first a quickie wedding and now a quickie divorce. All of this makes no sense. Ridge welcomes Zende with open arms to the office. He is anxious to interview for the Internship his mom, Kristen, told him about. Ridge is glad to have him. He tells Caroline it is so cool that this adopted kid wants to come here and learn the family business. And he wants no favoritism. Nicole waits in line for same internship. She would like a fresh start. She meets and talks to Zende and he says he is lucky to be here. She says she has a few connections around here and she will be happy to help him out and learn about the prestigious Forrester’s.

Ivy tells John that she knows Liam loves Steffy but he loves her too. John tells her that he and her mother never gave up on themselves in all the years so Ivy needs to keep on keeping on. She says she is not giving up and she will not be blindfolded about Steffy. She knows why Liam is drawn to her. John says Steffy has got nothing on her. Liam tells Steffy that he does love Ivy but he does not want to be married so he and Ivy will get an annulment. She wants to know what happens between them. It happened that he is married and he has to own it. He says he will but he sees now just how much he wants to be with her. He is still trying to figure all of this out without hurting anyone in the process. Ivy listens at the door when Steffy asks how he really feels abut Ivy. She walks in and says she’d like to hear that too. Ridge welcomes the four prospective interns in and he introduces them and their qualifications. He is not expecting Nicole and she apologizes for coming at last minute but she does have her resume. She wants to apologize for coming on too strong in her beginnings but she really wants to work hard and be a part of FC. After questioning each of them, Ridge tells them they are all chosen. Nicole finds out that Zende is a Forrester too and was just having fun with them. He tells Nicole he will still need her help and she says it will be her pleasure. Ivy asks Liam if she needs to give him an annulment. He shrugs and says yes that would be for the best. Ivy says she knew his feelings for Steffy and their history and she can not compete with that. But she does know what they have and that he still love her. She will not get down and fight for him. She has more dignity than that and no man is worth that pride so it is up to Liam how they proceed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny confronted Will about the article about Dr. Meyers.  Will lied to Sonny about why he wanted to write it.  Sonny called him for his lie and let him have it.  Paul ran into Derek at the park.  Derek was surprised to read about Paul coming out.  Xander told Roman and Abe that he was in Chicago and expected Serena to back him up.  Will reminded him that he wanted him to go to California with him, but he refused.  Sonny reminded Will that he didn't have any time for him.  Derek reminded Paul about being with a married man.  Victor was upset about Theresa moving in, but then his conversation with Brady segued into one about Xander.  Serena wouldn't confirm Xander's lie so he had to come up with a new way to convince Abe and Roman that he was in Chicago.

Serena couldn't tell Roman anything that could prove Xander went after Eric and Nicole.  Serena's attorney warned her not to say anything to the police.  Maggie let Theresa know that she would be watching her while she was in the mansion.  Victor refused to let Theresa stay at the mansion.  Will blamed Sonny for why they were having troubles.  During their argument, Sonny accused Will of having an affair while he was in California.  Will only said that the affair happened once.  Sonny refused to listen to Will and walked out of the apartment.  Victor caved and let Theresa stay at the mansion.  Serena thought Xander got to her lawyer.  The lawyer wanted what was best with Serena.  Brady wanted to see Tate without Theresa.  Sonny ran into Paul at the park, but couldn't talk to him.  Victor talked to Maggie about what happened Between Xander and Daniel.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael takes Avery home to Sonny’s house. He forgives Carly. Michael and Sabrina realize they are no longer employer and employee. They make love.

Nina asks Ric if he is Madeline’s lawyer. He says he would never side with anyone who would hurt Nina. He hides Madeline’s purse before Nina can see it. She wants to order room service so she won’t have to see Franco and his new girlfriend together in the restaurant. Ric says that instead of hiding from Franco, they are going to flaunt their happiness in his face. Franco and Denise put on a show of passionate kissing in front of Nina. Nina responds in kind with Ric. Ric gets Nina to sign the power of attorney while she is distracted by watching Franco and Denise. Madeline watches from nearby.

Lulu wants to call Dante because he seemed as if things weren’t right between them when they last talked, but she decides not to call because she doesn’t want to lie to him again. Dante kisses Valerie. She tells him to confront Lulu about his suspicions, not do the same wrongs he suspects her of. Dante hopes he didn’t ruin their friendship. She tells him to forget it ever happened. Lulu passes the time by reading Dillon’s script. She tells him that his characters’ relationship isn’t believable. He reveals that the relationship is autobiographical. Holly Sutton goes into Luke and Laura’s room looking for Ethan, unaware that Lucky has been taken. Holly has a matchbook with the hotel name and room number. She thought it was suspicious that it would be in Ethan’s apartment in Perth so she came to see if it led to Ethan. They tell her that Jennifer Smith lured them to the hotel room. Laura receives a phone call. The caller says he will tell them everything they need to know… tomorrow.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy and Ashley arrive at the Jabot lab awaiting the arrival of Jack. Kyle also arrives for the meeting. All are surprised when it isn’t Jack who arrives but Summer, who tells them that she was the one who sent the message. Summer tells the family that this feud between their families has to end tonight. Nikki and Victoria meet in the dining room of the Athletic Club. Nikki tells Victoria how she feels about Sharon being pregnant. Nikki tells Victoria that Jack called to meet him in the park, but Victor intercepted the call and went to meet Jack himself. Marisa calls Jack to be careful and to warn him about Marco. In the park, Victor tells Jack that he is done with his threatening to harm his family. Victor, thinking that Jack is about to pull a gun, fires the first shot and hits Jack who falls to the ground. Gabriel checks Jack’s vital signs and tells Victor that he killed him. Phyllis visits Avery at the hospital and finds out that she was raped. Avery tells Phyllis that the damage has already been done. In his hotel room, Dylan knocks Joe to the floor. Victor tells Gabriel that he was going to pull a gun. Victor senses that Gabriel will help him but at what price. Phyllis and Avery discuss what Joe did to her, but she can’t prove it. Avery tells Phyllis that she wants Joe to feel what she is going through and she wants him dead. Dylan ties Joe up to a chair to get him to confess raping Avery. Summer talks to Ashley about this feud between their families and she wants to go to the police to reveal all. Gabriel tells Victor that he wants control of Newman-Abbott. Gabriel checks Jack and finds blood on his clothes. Gabriel asks Marco where he' been. When Marco hears sirens in the distance, he makes his exit. Paul and another officer rush up and holds their gun on Gabriel. As Nikki asks Victoria what Victor is up to, he walks in. Nikki asks Victor what happened when he met with Jack. Avery gets discharged from the hospital. Phyllis wants to help her, but Avery refuses. Phyllis sees Jack brought into the hospital and asks Paul and Gabriel what happened to him. Summer wants to go to the authorities to expose their scams in setting up Victor, but Ashley and Billy are against it. Ashley gets a call from Gabriel that Jack has been shot.

Avery arrives at the Athletic Club and remembers the things she said to Phyllis about wanting Joe dead. Joe reminds Dylan that his anger management is out of control. Dylan questions Joe about his meeting with Avery in the park and what went on between them. Avery arrives at the door. Phyllis tells Gabriel about her last talk with Jack and how she felt closer to him than she had in a long time. Billy reminds Gabriel that he is the one who stands to gain the most from Jack’s death. Billy calls Victoria about Jack being shot. Marco visits Marisa and acts as though he has done nothing wrong. He starts to kiss her, but Marisa draws back her hand to slap him. Marco catches hold of her hand and tells Marisa about Jack being shot by Victor. Phyllis wants to do something to seek vengeance on Victor for all this, but Summer stops her. Avery tells Dylan to let Joe go since this is all over. After Dylan and Avery leave his apartment, Joe starts to call the police but then hangs up. Joe finds Avery’s bracelet lying on the floor. Summer reminds Gabriel that he will prosper from all this. Kyle wants to go to the police, but they stop her. Nikki arrives at the hospital to check on Jack’s condition and finds out that Victor may have been the one who shot him. Avery and Dylan arrive back at Avery’s apartment but she tells Dylan that this is not his battle and for him to stay out of it. Victoria visits Victor in his office to find out what really happened. Victor explains what went on between him and Jack and the fact that Gabriel wanted control of Newman-Abbott. Marisa makes plans to leave with Marco but wants to check on Jack first. Marco starts to leave, but Marisa pulls a gun on him.

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