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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya asks Rick if he is sure this is what he wants. Most definitely he replies. Caroline thanks Ridge for taking such good care of her and helping her at work. She is going to have to think of a way to thank him. Steffy tells Liam that Immigration is going to be watching him and Ivy for weeks or months….and she knows he is trying to help her but he destroyed everything they had going in the process. She reminds him that she loves him but he is married and they have to accept that. Nothing is going to happen between them. Ivy tells Quinn that she can not do this. She does not need Liam’s help. She had dual citizenship although Liam does not know this yet. She is tired of talking, it is time for honest action now. She walks in on Steffy talking to Liam and tells him she has to talk to him now. When Steffy walks away, Ivy tells Liam there is a way he and Steffy can be together. Wyatt walks in and sees his mother all snippy and riled up. Liam tells Ivy that all they did kept her from being deported. She says that was not necessary. She will always love him for saving her life and being willing to help her. He’s that kind of guy willing to help others. He says he will never regret that. She knows he and Steffy have history together and he loves her. She is a part of him. He says he will not leave her until she has dual citizenship. She says that is just it; she already does and can not be deported.

Caroline tells Ridge that she can design at home but it does not feel right here at the office. He stands before her just far enough away and asks her to come to him. With one boot on and without the walker she does, twice and then gives him a big hug. When they kiss she pushes him even further back and hobbles to him unassisted again. She attempts one more time to do some designing. He tells her one line at a time and he stands near to guide her. He says it will take some time but she will get it again. Rick tells Maya that he is grateful. He loves her and it is their journey. Slowly he undresses her and they lie on the bed and make love like old times. She says she could not be more in love with him than right now. He says there is no one like her. He is one lucky guy. Liam is shocked when Ivy tells her that she can not be deported. It was a huge mistake. She is legal and it means he is free. He did not have to marry her. One day she wanted to be but not like this with his constant desire to be with someone else. He realizes she did not have to tell him this but did. She says he deserved to know the truth and now he does. She can draw up annulment papers. She will not stop him from having a life with Steffy if that is what he wants. He hugs her. Wyatt tells his mom that Liam is out of the picture so what could be so bad. Ivy comes in and explains that Liam is now free to be with Steffy since he does not have to be married to her now. Liam finds Steffy on the Roof Top and she asks if he is stalking her. She doesn’t want to hear anything from him. He asks if he can say something. She says no as it will only make it worse. She can not handle it every time she sees him and Ivy. He stops her from going and says this might make a difference. He says the damsel in distress needed help but she is the other woman. He tells her the marriage is over. There was a mistake and Ivy had dual citizenship and they did not have to get married. Can she ever forgive him? They hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric was going to talk to Nicole about what happened between them when Brady walked in the room.  They made up a story, but he didn't believe them.  Roman and Abe tried to get Serena to talk about Xander.  Victor started to cut Xander's neck and then gave the knife to his henchman.  Victor decided to give Xander another chance.  Maxine interrupted Eric and Nicole so they didn't tell Brady anything.  Roman and Abe warned Serena that she and Xander were going to be charged with attempted murder.  Victor informed Xander that if he doesn't get arrested, he would be stripped of everything and he would be a servant for him.  Sonny and Chad talked about Stefano being back in town.  During their conversation, Chad mentioned the article Will was writing.  Sonny was shocked by the news.  Kate warned Will to make his marriage work.  Sonny asked Chad if Will was writing about Dr. Meyers and Chad said that he was the one.

Will wanted Kate to send Paul out of state.  He also wanted Kate to get his article about Dr. Meyers published.  Sonny wanted to know when Will wanted to do the story. Chad explained everything and that he would let Zoe do the story.  Sonny wanted to share the news with Will himself.  Serena used Roman's phone and called Eric because she thought he wouldn't answer her call.  Eric was about to hang up on her when she wanted to warn him about Xander.  Serena warned Eric that Xander would come after him as long as he wasn't in jail.  Victor warned Xander that if he goes to jail, he won't help him get out this time.  Serena tried to warn Eric that he and Nicole had to stop talking to the police.  Eric wasn't worried as long as Xander goes to jail.  Sonny confronted Will about writing an article about Dr. Meyers.  Sonny wanted Will to explain why he wanted to write the article.  Eric went back to Nicole's room and wanted to talk about everything that happened in the crawl space.  Xander showed up at the police station.  Victor arrived at the mansion and saw Theresa.  He was extremely upset when he saw her there.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

TJ moves into Sonny’s house. Sonny gives TJ Michael’s old room. TJ tells Sonny that he forgave Shawn for killing Thomas Sr. so maybe Michael will eventually be able to forgive Sonny for killing AJ. Sabrina convinces Michael to take Avery back to Sonny.

Dante knows that Lulu is not in Italy because he traced her and Dillon to Vancouver British Columbia where they are sharing a hotel room. Dante asks Valerie to stay with Rocco while he goes to Canada to confront Lulu. Valerie suggests that he sleep on it and decide tomorrow if he still wants to go to Canada. Dante kisses Valerie. Lulu finds Luke and Laura’s hotel room. Luke tells Lulu and Dillon to leave. Holly Sutton goes into Luke and Laura’s room with a gun.

When Denise sees Morgan coming, she kisses Franco. Franco asks Denise why she backed up his story that they are dating. She reveals that she gets that he wants his ex to believe he is with someone. She says she needed Kiki to believe that she is dating someone so that she will stop trying to fix her up. Morgan tells Kiki that they need to put a stop to whatever is going on between Denise and Franco. Kiki wonders why Morgan cares so much. Madeline wants to be a couple with Ric as a guarantee that they are a team. Nina goes to her room to find out what is taking Ric so long. Ric intercepts her before she can see Madeline in the bedroom. He tells her that he was dealing with a high maintenance client. She asks him if his client happens to be her mother. Ric notices that Madeline’s purse is in the living room.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Sharon and Dylan invite their loved ones over for dinner and a surprise. When they deliver the news they are pregnant, Paul is supportive, Noah is worried about Sharon's mental health, Nikki questions Sharon's motives, and Mariah is concerned about Dylan's commitment. Paul receives a call. Something has happened to Avery. He takes off, followed by Dylan, which makes Mariah even more suspicious. Sharon pretends she isn't hurt. At the hospital, Paul questions Avery. A nurse leaves the room with a rape kit and Dylan sees. Avery accuses Joe of raping her but admits she didn't actually see his face. Dylan goes to Joe's hotel room. Marissa returns to tell Jack that she wasn't seen at Jabot, which is now Newman-Abbott, but Marco and Gabe were there. They are discussing their plan to frame Victor for murder but she only hears that something is going to happen at Chancellor Park and someone isn't leaving alive. Marco calls Nikki and asks to meet her at the park. Victor hears this and forbids it. He goes in her place. Jack insists on going after learning that the companies merged. At the park, Victor shoots who he thinks is Marco but it remains to be seen if it really is or if it's the real Jack.

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