Thursday 6/25/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt welcomes Caroline back to work. Caroline is surprised to hear that Ivy and Liam are married. Maya drives a hard bargain but tells Ridge that she will be glad to come back as his lead model at FC but she and Rick are a team and he has to accept him back too. Begrudgingly Ridge shakes Rick’s hand and says he is in too, just not as CEO, that position is filled. Liam has to go when Quinn comes in and says she has work for Ivy. Quinn tries to give her advice how to treat her husband. Ivy says she has dual citizenship so she does not have to have Liam to stay in this country. They did not have to get married and she needs to tell him that. He did this to help her but if he doesn’t love her like he does Steffy then it isn’t enough. Rick tells Maya that she handled Ridge well. She was incredible and FC needs her. They can never find another lead model like her. He is blown away that Ridge came to see her but she stood up for Rick and got him back in too. Wyatt tells Steffy that he knows it is not the jewelry that is putting that look on her face. She says she still can not believe that Liam married Ivy. Right on cue, Liam comes in and says he needs to talk to Steffy. She asks Wyatt to give her a moment. Ridge returns and Caroline says he was gone a long time. He fills her in that Maya would only accept it as a package deal, Rick comes back too. Rick tells Maya that Ridge hates him so he could have rescinded the deal. No one is going to disrespect her. She says he made his choice and so did she. He says she did not have to do this for him. She says Ridge gave her a second chance and she thinks he deserves one too. He wants to take this upstairs.

Ivy tells Quinn that her marriage was a huge mistake. She only wants Liam to be happy. He loves Steffy. Quinn tries to talk her out of this that Liam did marry her without asking too many questions so he wanted to regardless of Steffy. Wyatt comes in and Quinn dismisses Ivy to go get some work started for production. Steffy is cool towards Liam. She asks if he has some work concerns to discuss. He asks her not to shut him out. He still loves her and he knows she still loves him. Ivy is listening outside the door when Liam says he does not want to lose Steffy. She says he can kick himself as long as he wants. How dare he ask her for anything. He married Ivy for as long as they live. He says no, only long enough until she got her citizenship. She reminds him she came running over to take a trip down memory lane so why didn’t he tell her the minute she came through the door but waited until he told her that he married Ivy. She says again she can not do this. Ivy returns and tells Quinn that she just overheard Liam says he loved Steffy. He does not want this marriage and she is not going to trap him. Quinn tries to convince him that her love and commitment for Liam is real and she was desperate at the time. Ivy still says she can not do this. This is not who she is. She has to tell Liam that he does not have to be married to her. Upstairs Rick and Maya continue to kiss and he guides her to the bed. They say how much they missed each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe saw Hope investigating Clyde and warned her to stop because of Ciara.  Victor was the one who had Xander grabbed.  Victor told Xander about how he betrayed him.  Kate was in for a shock when she saw Stefano at TCD.  Rafe continued to warn Hope not to investigate Clyde until she received a phone call about Stefano being in Salem.  Stefano asked Kate if she wanted him in jail.  Kate admitted that she wanted him in jail.  John questioned Eric about how he and Nicole ended up in the crawl space.  Nicole told Daniel about what Xander did to her.  Nicole also told Daniel that Xander and Serena smuggled blood diamonds and that Xander was a murderer.  She also told Daniel that Victor was the one who helped Xander get out of prison.  Victor realized that Xander planned on taking money and leaving Salem.

Kate told Stefano that she moved on and saw Hope and the cop so she walked away.  Hope read Stefano his rights while he smugly told her to make a phone call about his situation.  Victor reminded Xander that he was supposed to stay away from Nicole, but he didn't.  Xander told Victor how he did everything for him, but it wasn't enough because he wasn't Daniel.  Nicole explained that she needed proof of what Xander did before she could tell Daniel anything.  Daniel realized that she did that because he wouldn't believe her.  John wanted Eric to tell him what happened, but Eric wouldn't say anything at first.  Roman arrived at Nicole's room to question her.  Xander let Victor know that Nicole was investigating him and that he wanted to protect him.  Eric told John everything about Serena and Xander.  Nicole told Roman her side of the story.  Hope questioned Stefano about how he got out of being arrested.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas goes off on Rosalie for giving the police his name and tells her that she is lucky he isn’t locking her up on Cassadine Island with Helena. He tells her that the police conned her and orders her to recant her statement under the threat of exposing her secret.

Ava reveals to Silas that she slipped with Morgan again and blames Silas for not providing the distraction that she asked for. He tells her that he isn’t going to be her booty call. Morgan reveals to Sonny that he slipped with Denise again. He swears it will never happen again. He mentions that Rosalie walked in on him and Denise, but that he is certain that Rosalie won’t say anything to Kiki. Sonny reminds Morgan of what trusting Rosalie got Michael. Michael tells Sabrina that Lucy Coe voted with Nikolas to oust him because he took Avery from Sonny out of spite. He admits that he is sick of the feud with his family but doesn’t know how to end it. Sabrina suggests that he return Avery to her father.

Franco tells Kiki that Nina married a smarmy attorney who is using her. Kiki advises him to stay out of Nina’s marriage and that Nina will eventually figure it out for herself. Ric has power of attorney papers for Nina to sign. Madeline wants to know if Ric has Nina’s money yet. Ric tells her that Franco keeps getting in the way. Franco tells Nina that Madeline is out of prison. He suggests that the hotshot lawyer who got Madeline out of prison is the same hotshot that Nina is married to. Nina refuses to believe it and tries to throw her (nonexistent) sex life with Ric in Franco’s face. Franco retaliates by telling Nina that he is going to be painting the town with the woman standing next to Carly. Kiki introduces Carly to Denise. Nina goes over to introduce herself and is shocked by Denise’s resemblance to Ava. Ric tells Madeline that the way to get Nina’s inheritance out of her name is to get rid of her. She forbids Ric to hurt Nina. She suggests that they have Nina committed. He says he will make it happen. Madeline kisses Ric.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

The real Jack comes home to Genoa City. As he opens the door, he looks around and mumbles to himself that he is home. He walks around and looks at the picture of him and Phyllis on the mantle. He yells if anyone is home. After not hearing anyone, he goes upstairs. Cane and Lily walk into the Athletic Club dining room. Cane thanks her for believing in him, but Lily is preoccupied with her own thoughts. Avery calls Joe to meet with her but he is less than happy about it because he feels that it's a trap. Avery then tells him that they will meet at Chancellor Park and assures him it is not a trap. Gabriel tells the fake Jack about a dinner that Phyllis was preparing for him, Chelsea, and Jack but that she ruined. Gabriel asks him what Phyllis was preparing. Jack tells him that he doesn’t remember. Gabriel tells him that, of course, he doesn’t remember because it never happened. Gabriel asks him who he really is. Marisa walks in and upon seeing Marco, she quickly goes upstairs. The fake Jack feels a cold chill go down his spine and says that the accident at the Underground affected his mind, but then he reveals that the real Jack Abbott is dead. Marco confesses his real name and it was so easy to pose as Jack Abbott. Phyllis walks in and sees Jack who cannot believe his eyes. Phyllis asks him if anything is wrong but he tells her to just let him look at her. He then holds her close and calls her “Red.” Avery and Joe meet in the park but their argument begins all over again when she confronts him about sleeping with Lily. Summer barges in on Jack and Phyllis and starts accusing him of all he supposedly did to Victor. All Jack can say is that he is not that man. Marco threatens to expose Gabriel as being Adam Newman if he doesn’t go along with his plan to set up Victor for his murder.

Marco, once again, tells Gabriel that the real Jack Abbott is dead. Marisa hurries up to her room and calls Jack to let him know to be careful that she saw Marco. Phyllis asks Jack what's going on, but he refuses to tell her. Lily and Cane go to a room with a bottle of champagne for them to celebrate, but Lily is still very much preoccupied with thoughts of Joe and making love in this very room. As Cane and Lily start to kiss, he unzips her dress, but she says she cannot do this. Joe tells Avery how self-righteous she is. Avery retaliates by telling Joe that he changed after their marriage. Joe grabs Avery by the arm. She orders him to let go. Joe insists that Avery still loves him, but she insists that she doesn’t. Summer asks Phyllis what is the deal with Jack. The real Jack visits Marisa and wants to be able to trust her. Marisa assures him he can. Jack tells her his plan and asks her to go to Jabot and take pictures. Marisa tells Jack about Marco having a chat with Gabriel Bingham. Marco asks Gabriel if he is ready to lose Chelsea if he doesn’t go along with his plan. At the Jabot lab, Marco and Gabriel go over his plan for setting Victor up for murder. Marisa watches Marco and Gabriel. Jack remembers Phyllis and their wedding day. Phyllis also remembers their wedding day. Cane asks Lily if Joe ever flirted with her. Someone clasps his hand over Avery’s mouth and drags her away.

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