Wednesday 6/24/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/24/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam and Charlie are look-outs in the hallway on Caroline’s first day back at the office. Pam would have had a parade if she could have. Instead she settled for a banner and a bunch of festive balloons and her quickly made lemon bars. Ridge tells Caroline they will slip back in without notice like nothing has happened. He wants her to take it easy on her first day back. She is on the walker and still has one leg in a boot that she hobbles around on. Ridge hands her his phone and assumes she will want to take some selfies for her followers. Maya walks into the Forrester mansion. She still has her key but she catches Rick by surprise. A pleasant surprise though and he thanks her for coming. She jokes about leaving something like laundry back at her place she needed to do. She walks around and notices her portrait still on the wall and remarks how much she loved this place. He says great, he’d like to invite her to a party right now. Ridge thanks Eric for being there and being so gracious to Caroline. She in turn thanks everyone for being so attentive and gives Ridge credit for helping her walk again and for urging her to get better and back to work where he knows she will flourish. Ridge is glad she is here because it looks good with them running the company. Rick pours two martinis and Maya is curious why the party and who else is coming. He says just the two of them and he thinks it is time she moved back home and he wants her to say it is what she wants as well.

Pam fields a lot of questions over the phone assuring the media that Maya was not fired. Charlie says she has been doing this for days and it is a PR nightmare and Ridge needs to do something about it. Eric too gets calls and he tells Carter they need to do something about this as the assumption is that Maya was fired and forced out the door because she is transgender. Forrester looks like the bad guy here. Maya can not believe Rick still wants her here. She caused him so much trouble and to lose the CEO. He can only think of the good things about Maya and will not agree with her. She says again that she was insecure and waited too long to tell him. He asks again if she will please move back in. Ridge does not want to do anything rash although Eric seems to be suggesting they get Maya back at FC. Caroline says even she with two mothers sees the public in an outcry with a voice wanting to be heard. Ridge says he understands but if he asks Maya to come back that she will want Rick back too. He does not want to do that. Eric tells him to listen to him carefully. If Ridge wants to be a good leader he is going to have to put aside his differences from time to time. This would be a good time to start. Maya never should have left. He knows she is on the way to the house now so Ridge needs to do the right thing and reach out to her. With everyone on the same page, Ridge says he will go to Maya. Rick and Maya kiss passionately and he takes that to mean that she will move back in despite a few reservations. Ridge walks in and says Forrester needs her. Caroline thanks Eric for what everyone did for her. He says it is the least they could do. He admits he wishes things had worked out between her and Rick but he can see that she and Ridge really love each other. She says her feelings toward Maya are not important. She does realize that FC needs Maya. Maya is shocked that Ridge wants her back and Rick thinks it is a joke. Ridge tells them the truth. People think Maya was fired and there is a backlash and a campaign to get her job back. He would like her to be his lead model. She only wants what is best for FC and it would be good for the transgenders too. She says she will gladly come back on one condition – Rick has to come back as well. He is the man she loves and is a wonderful CEO. If Ridge is welcoming her back, then he is welcoming Rick back too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel, Brady, and Serena found Eric and Nicole in the boiler room.  Eric and Nicole were weak when they found them.  Eric didn't want to see Serena when he woke up and saw her.  John and Abe arrived to help Eric and Nicole.  Abby went to Ben's place and wanted to talk to him about why she didn't talk to Jennifer about moving in with him.  Abby claimed she wouldn't move in unless he let her pay half the rent.  Ben didn't let on that he knew that Abby cheated on him.  Zoe went to see Chad and was hoping that he wanted to talk about more than business.  Xander was shot and someone dragged him away.  Daniel and company arrived at the hospital.  Brady told John and Abe that what happened to Eric and Nicole wasn't an accident.  Ben couldn't believe Abby's reason for not wanting to move in right away, but he wouldn't let on that he knew the truth.  Daniel told Brady that he was worried that Nicole could suffer from brain damage if she didn't wake up.  Abby assured Ben that she wanted to move in with him because she loved him.  Ben wanted her to prove it so they started making out.

Brady recapped what happened to Eric and Nicole.  Serena went to Eric's room to talk.  Zoe assured Chad that she wasn't interested in him because he's her boss.  She was attracted to him already.  John, Abe, and the cops investigated the station to find out what Xander did.  Serena wanted to make Eric understand what happened with Xander.  Daniel thought about Nicole and she ended up calling out to him.  Serena let Eric know that she told Nicole about Xander being a killer.  Daniel and Nicole expressed their love for each other.  Zoe still couldn't understand why he would think that she had to use him.  She said she was okay with him still being in love with Abby.  Abby and Ben made love.  He thought about Abby being with Chad when they were finished.  Abby thought about Chad.  Eric didn't care what happened to Serena because he wanted her gone for good.  A cop wanted to take Serena to the station for questioning.  Xander was tied up and someone approached him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jordan tells Valerie that she suspects the Wyndham’s security guard changed his mind about pressing charges against TJ because Sonny Corinthos coerced him. She says it makes her sick that she is grateful to the very mobster that she has been working so hard to bring down. She is afraid that TJ will get sucked into the mob lifestyle. Sonny assures TJ that he had nothing to do with the hit Duke ordered on Jordan. Sonny offers to pay for TJ’s education and invites TJ to live with him until he can get into student housing in the fall. Jordan arrives just in time to see Sonny and TJ shaking hands to seal the deal. Jordan tells Sonny to back off from her son. She tells him that she doesn’t get to take her son just because he lost his.

Nikolas tells Dillon that he wants to finance his film. Dillon says he doesn’t want Nikolas’ guilt money. Lucy tells Tracy and Michael that she voted for Nikolas because of the way Michael treated Duke and took Avery from Sonny. She says Michael is immature and could benefit from the influence of an experienced businessman like Nikolas. Nikolas and Lucy vote Michael out as CEO.

Dante hears Lulu on the phone telling Laura that their secret is safe from Dante. When Dante asks her who she was talking to, she says it was Maxie. Dante follows Lulu to the Quartermaine estate, where Dillon answers the door wearing only a towel. Dante tells Valerie that she wasn’t mistaken about what he overheard and that Lulu is with Dillon as they speak. Lulu tells Dillon that she is going to go after her parents. Dillon says he is going with her. Lulu calls Dante and tells him that she is going to Italy to see her grandmother, Leslie, who she says has a broken ankle. Jennifer and Luke didn’t have sex because they both got too drunk. Jennifer reveals that she doesn’t have Lucky and she doesn’t know who does. Luke is incensed that Jennifer made him hurt Tracy for nothing.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Lily begins to feel the weight of what she has done. She begs Joe not to tell Cane they slept together. Joe agrees. Meanwhile, Cane confides in Lauren, who encourages him to fight for his marriage. Cane goes to the athletic club to find Lily but finds Joe instead. Cane tells Joe that Lily would never cheat on him. Paul arrives at Avery's apartment in answer to her 911 call. She explains that Joe was in her apartment. Paul sees no evidence to lead to an arrest, which makes Avery mad. She thinks she isn't being taken seriously. Lily comes in and tells Paul she saw Joe but she wasn't sure what time it was. After Paul leaves, Lily confesses to Avery that she slept with Joe. Avery encourages her to get cleaned up and go back to Cane. When Lily goes back to the club, Cane says he wants to start fresh. She says she wants the same. Billy, Kyle, and Phyllis discuss Jack's odd behavior. Later, Billy and Kyle tell Gabe they want proof he is Jack's son. When Gabe tells Marco, Marco seems unconcerned. Later, Marco takes Kyle's drinking glass for the DNA. Phyllis and Gabe talk about Jack's behavior. As a test, Gabe asks Jack if he remembers something that never happened. Just as he thought, "Jack" acted as if he did remember.

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