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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge sits down with Steffy and she tells him that Liam married Ivy and that is that. Deacon sneaks up on Quinn and plants a kiss on her neck. She jokes that better be her husband and he says damn straight. And now that he can come and go at FC any time he pleases it is even more of a turn on. She says it is her work place though and she doesn’t want to risk Ridge coming in and finding them doing something inappropriate but she will make it up to him tonight. Deacon opines that he thought this was a marriage of necessity. Quinn says there was real stuff going on there so this is a genuine marriage. He wonders why she cares. Steffy says she is sorry. She is shocked but she is done. She and Liam are over. She is not going to be the chick on the side waiting for him to sneak away from his wife. Liam tries to get Ivy to tell him whatever she is keeping from him. She keeps freaking him out and he wonders if Immigration is threatening her again. They can’t. They are married. She keeps hearing Quinn’s words but says that is just it, they should not be married. Katie asks Wyatt what does Quinn have to do with this. Bill says yes, what does Loony Tunes have to do with it. He guesses it will get Steffy out of the way so Wyatt and Steffy can get together. Quinn says she does not exactly like Liam but she is warming up to Ivy and she’s a good person. And with Liam committed to Ivy there is no place in his life with Steffy, leaving her for Wyatt. Steffy says the joke is on her. Immigration will make sure that Ivy and Liam are together for years and she will not wait for him. She gets him to keep his silence when Wyatt walks in. He says he overheard that she is in the market for a fun, uncommitted guy and here he is right on cue.

Ivy tells Liam that if it were not for her, he would not be in this mess and he’d be free…..to pursue Steffy. He says he cares very deeply for Ivy and she belongs in L.A. with her family and job. She says she does not want to trap him as it is not fair. He’s in love with Steffy. He says he is her husband and that is a done deal, he said yes. He asks her if she wants out because of his feelings for Steffy. Katie says the lord and master is not getting his way and she is sorry he is not on board with Liam and Ivy. He says Liam will not be with Ivy longer than he has to be and he will make a bee line to Steffy so Wyatt will get his heart stomped on again. Quinn confesses to Deacon that Ivy did not have to marry Liam after all; she had dual citizenship papers. Ivy tells Liam that she will never be able to thank him enough for helping her. It is not easy knowing he has feelings for Steffy. It is painful but he can not help his feelings just like she can not help how she feels. Just that he gave her a shot, that is enough. Steffy tells Wyatt that he does not strike her as a man for commitment. He tells her to spend some time with him and she will find out. She says she likes his confidence and no she is not going back to his brother. Quinn checks in with Ivy and hopes she has not told Liam that she is not going to be deported. Ivy says not yet but she can not deceive him. Quinn says she will only be gift wrapping Liam and sending him on to Steffy if she tells him. She needs to be planning her future with a family. Do not push Liam away. He married her because he loved her. That’s the last words on her mind while Liam’s is thinking of the Mountain Top wedding with Steffy. Steffy has memories of him too as she chokes back tears. Ivy comes out of the bedroom and puts herself in Liam’s arms.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben talked to Sonny about Abby moving in with him.  They ended up talking about Sonny’s relationship with Will.  During the conversation, Sonny thought about Paul.  Ben left TBD and tracked Abby on his phone.  He wondered why she was at the DiMera mansion.  He went off to find her.  Chad called Abby out for wanting to have sex with him again.  She was appalled by what he said.  Xander and Navidad planned their escape from Salem.  Daniel demanded that Serena tell him what happened to Eric and Nicole.  Serena warned him that Xander was dangerous.  Eric and Nicole were getting too hot in the crawl space so he tried to open the door. He burned his hands. They realized that they were going to die.  Ben showed up at the mansion and overheard Chad talking about he and Abby had sex together.

Abby told Chad that she was moving in with Ben.  Chad wondered what was stopping her.  Abby admitted that he was the one who was stopping her from moving in with Ben.  Daniel called Brady and wanted his help to find Nicole and Eric.  Eric and Nicole were getting weaker by the second.  Chad threw up in Abby’s face that she had sex with him even though she was moving in with Ben.  Abby let Chad know that Ben was a much better person and lover than him.  Ben was still eavesdropping on them.  Daniel, Serena, and Brady arrived at the station and noticed the heat in the room.  They decided to go to the boiler room.  Daniel made it to the boiler room and noticed the stuff blocking the vent.  He began to move everything.  Sonny ran into Paul and Paul talked about wanting to stay in Salem.  Sonny was happy for Paul.  Paul confessed that he was in love with Sonny.  Abby made Chad promise that he wouldn’t tell that they were together.  Chad promised not to say anything.  When Abby left the mansion, Chad announced that Stefano wouldn’t get what he wanted because he and Abby were done.  Sony reminded Paul that he was married.  Paul was willing to wait for him.  Daniel, Brady, and Serena found Eric and Nicole. They were unconscious.  Someone shot Xander from behind.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jennifer Smith tells Luke that he will have to spend a night with her if he wants to get Lucky back. She tells him that her personal life is a mess because she never got closure with him. She compares it to the movie “Indecent Proposal.” Laura tells Jennifer that what she has planned isn’t an indecent proposal; it’s rape. Jennifer thinks it would be poetic justice for Luke to experience rape. Luke agrees to spend the night with Jennifer.

Valerie tells Dante that she talked to Lulu and that everything is fine. Lulu assures Dillon that Valerie didn’t hear anything about their secret. Valerie frets about whether to tell Dante what she heard and ultimately tells him that she saw Dillon and Lulu talking about a secret that they’re keeping from everyone, especially Dante. Maxie tells Lulu that she doesn’t believe Valerie is not a threat to Lulu’s marriage. Lulu slips and says she has more important things to worry about that she and Dillon can’t tell anyone about. Maxie asks if something is going on between Lulu and Dillon. Lulu tells Maxie to back off and trust her. Dante goes home and asks Lulu about Dillon.

Jake and Sam compare notes about their respective investigations into Nikolas. Patrick and Elizabeth find Sam and Jake, apparently having a good time together at the Metro Court bar. Jake and Sam tell Elizabeth and Patrick that Nikolas is the interloper. Elizabeth pretends that she didn’t know. The four of them have dinner together. Nikolas goes to ELQ announces that he owns half the company and that they will have to deal with him whether they like it or not. Michael says the best Nikolas can hope for is a deadlock because the Quartermaines have a secret weapon – Lucy Coe. Michael shows Nikolas Edward’s will, where it specifies that if any single shareholder or entity owns more than one third of the company, their shares can be stripped of voting power by majority vote. He proceeds to call a shareholder’s meeting. Lucy votes with Nikolas.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon and Dylan have dinner at the Underground where Nick sees Sage carrying a box and cautions her to take care of herself. At the Jabot lab, Abby and Ben are overwhelmed that they have to have a bodyguard. Ashley walks in and wants to know why they need protection. Victor walks in and interrupts. Phyllis visits Ashley and talks about Jack not seeming to be the same. Joe finds Lily at the Athletic Club combing the internet, trying to find solutions on how to save her marriage. Cane and Lauren run into each other and discuss the kiss they shared. Cane has some flowers for Lily to make amends. Lauren wishes him good luck. Cane interrupts Joe and Lily and offers her his apologies. Cane tells her that he only loves her. After he leaves, Lily opens her laptop and sees Lauren entering Cane’s hotel room. Lily calls Cane a “liar.” Phyllis visits Avery to see how she is doing. Avery reveals that she feels that Joe is watching her. Phyllis tells Avery that Jack had a girlfriend and that Gabriel is his son. Avery is stunned. Phyllis also tells her that Jack is carrying a gun, afraid that Victor will kill him. Ashley asks Victor what's going on, but he refuses to tell her. Michael and Lily have a confrontation about Lauren visiting Cane’s room. When Lauren walks in, Michael confronts her about having an affair with Cane. Lauren gives up and agrees to sign the divorce papers. Sharon and Dylan realize that they are a couple. Sharon asks Sage how she is. Sharon and Nick have a civil conversation. She says that she is starting her own family. Nick asks her if she is pregnant but she sidesteps the questions.

Lily confronts Cane about having an affair with Lauren but he denies it. Joe listens to them argue. When Lily goes upstairs, Joe follows her. Once upstairs, Joe asks Lily how she is. Instead of answering him, she grabs him and kisses him which leads them to making love. Ashley lets Victor know that she is the executor of Jack’s will when Phyllis walks in and confronts Victor about changing Jack. Abby and Ben make their slip from the bodyguard. Sharon tells Nick that she is not pregnant but then looks at the pregnancy test inside her purse. Dylan visits Avery and asks why she didn’t call the police instead of him. He tells her from now on to call the police or Phyllis for help. Once back home, Sharon shows Dylan that she has prepared dinner for them and reveals to him that she is pregnant. Dylan is happy with the news. When Lily wakes up, Joe is gone. Avery calls the police that there is someone in her apartment. Nick assures Sage that she will be safe. Victor accuses Ashley and Phyllis of helping to set him up for embezzlement.

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