Monday 6/22/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/22/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt holds Steffy and she says do not say he is sorry. He says he is not sorry that he kissed her. Quinn spies on them. Steffy can not believe that Liam married Ivy. Wyatt says it is only a ploy to keep her in the country. Steffy says knowing how Liam is he will try to make the marriage work and that could take years. Liam asks Ivy what did the immigration officer want. Before she answers Quinn knocks on the door and says she was in neighborhood and needed Ivy’s advise. She tells Liam that she is impressed with him, a regular thing, he stepped up and rescued Ivy again. And she is glad she could help in some small way with Carter. Liam gets a call from FC and has to go. Ivy tells him to go, she will see him later. Ivy confesses to Quinn that she doesn’t have to be married to Liam or be deported now. Turns out she was right all along, she does have dual citizenship. Ivy says Liam needs to know the truth. Quinn says that is the last thing she needs to tell Liam. Katie kisses Bill and he laments that she should know by now that Bill does not get blindsided. Rick’s reign as CEO is over. He gets a call but tells the guy he wants this piece to be given to Liam, the one with Steffy back at FC. He fills her in that he thinks Wyatt is setting himself up for a heartbreak with Steffy. Things sometimes work out better the second time around. Wyatt explains to Steffy that she has been gone and in the meantime Liam fell in love with someone else. She says she refuses to go down that road again. Wyatt says there are other avenues like himself. Liam walks in as Wyatt hugs Steffy. Liam tells her that he needs to talk to her alone so Wyatt leaves. She still can not believe it – Mr. and Mrs. William Spencer, that should have been them.

Wyatt answers the phone and asks Bill to what does he owe this pleasure. Wyatt tells Bill that his other son went and got himself a wife. He had to marry Ivy to save the day and keep her from being deported. Liam is telling Steffy right now and he needs to go pick up the pieces. Katie tells Bill that looks like he did get blindsided. Ivy says she has to tell Liam. Quinn asks if she loves him. Ivy says yes. Quinn tells her this mistake could happen again. She is having the life she always wanted and married to a man she adores so all she has to do is be quiet and not screw it up. Liam has been with Steffy more times than she can count and she does not deserve another chance. Liam says this situation has got him very confused. She says he told Ivy it was for show but it really isn’t. He is married and he loves her so that has to count and she will not do this again. Liam says it took the risk of losing Steffy again to make him understand his feelings for her, so he can not lose her again. She says he did, the moment he said I do. If he loved Steffy then he would not have married Ivy. He pulls the old excuse that she left town after she lost her baby on her. Yes he did that. Given the situation he doesn’t know what he is doing but he thinks this is fixable and needs her to tell him that she wants it too. She wants to believe him, but she can not do this, different girl but same situation. She tells him go home to his wife so he leaves. Bill fumes and tells Katie that Liam will use any excuse to jump into a phone booth and be the hero. Quinn tells Ivy don’t cave in so easily. She gives her a bracelet and Ivy gives it back. Quinn gives it back and says she can have it all, just do not say a word to Liam. Wyatt returns to find Steffy and she says the marriage is real and the sad part is that she just wants Liam happy but she does not want to share him with another woman, especially one that is his wife. Liam goes back to Ivy and says he is sorry he had to go to FC. He had to see Steffy but they did not get to finish their talk so what does she need to tell her. He won’t let the officer intimidate her. She keeps hearing Quinn’s words reverberating in her mind that she is not to tell Liam.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ & Bev started making out at the party until someone interrupted them.  Stefano let Chad know that he was back in Salem for good.  Stefano hoped Chad was happy about it.  He was happy as long as Stefano understood that he was through with Abby.  Xander tried to shoot Eric and Nicole through the panel, but his gun jammed.  A guy named Kyle interrupted JJ and Bev and she raced off with him.  Chad was upset when Stefano called Abby and wh*re.  Abby let Ben know that she was ready to move in with him.  Xander decided to turn the furnace on full blast so that Eric and Nicole would suffocate.  Nicole panicked when Eric told her that Xander blocked the door.  JJ realized that Bev is still on drugs.  Bev claimed she didnít need drugs and that she only needed him.  They kissed again.  Chad didnít think he and Stefano could live together if he kept insulting Abby.  Stefano agreed not to do it anymore.  Abby had to do something first before she could move in with Ben so she made a call when he left.  Eric and Nicole called out for help.

Paige checked out a dating website to get over JJ.  She seemed interested in an older man because he wasnít like JJ.  JJ stopped Bev from unzipping his pants because he wasnít ready to be with her anymore.  Abby texted Chad because she wanted to meet with him.  Eric blamed himself for not believing the truth about Xander sooner.  Nicole regretted not telling Daniel the truth about Xander.  She talked about how much she loved Daniel.  Brady showed up at Theresaís place and noticed that her place wasnít ready for a baby.  He suggested that she move in at the mansion for a few days.  Heís still mad at Theresa but he wanted to do what was right for Tate.  JJ and Paige ran into each other at the town square.  Eric and Nicole told each other they would be the love of each otherís lives.  They ended up kissing.  Paige yelled at JJ about not wanting to be around him.  They ended up arguing.  Abby met Chad at the garden.  Eric and Nicole realized they were about to die.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jennifer Smith shows up at the diner in British Columbia. She berates Luke for telling Lulu about what’s happening with Lucky. Jennifer reveals that for Luke to get Lucky back, he will have to spend a night with her.

Sabrina waits with Tracy for news about any progress in proving that Nikolas is trying to take over ELQ. Tracy talks to Brook Lynn and learns that Brook Lynn was blackmailed into giving up her shares. Michael, Jake, and Dante confront Rosalie about being a spy. Jake shows Rosalie a recorder and tells her that Nina Clay recorded the exchange of the ELQ shares for cash. Michael tells her that she can make it all go away if she names her boss. She says it isn’t that simple and reveals that she is being blackmailed into doing the things she has been doing. Dante threatens her with prison. She names Nikolas. Dante takes Rosalie to the station to make a statement. Sam confronts Nikolas directly. He freely confirms her accusation that he is trying to take over ELQ. He says he is doing it for the Cassadine legacy, which includes her. She tells him to leave her out of it. She reminds him that her son is a Quartermaine. He tells her that it is just business. Jake meets Sam and they compare notes. Tracy goes to Michael’s office and tells him that Nikolas has 50% of the company. Nikolas goes to Michael’s office.

Valerie sees Lulu and Dillon hugging and discussing a secret they are keeping from Dante. Valerie tells Lulu that she thinks it’s great that Lulu and Dillon are friends and that she hopes Lulu feels the same way about Valerie and Dante being friends. Lulu tells her that she didn’t pay any attention to the accusatory article in the press. Valerie assures Lulu that she is not a threat to her marriage. Lulu appreciates Valerie coming to her to clear the air. Lulu assures Dillon that Valerie didn’t overhear them. Valerie tells Dante that she has something she needs to tell him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack is angry that Fake Jack (Marco) has fooled his family and now they are in danger, because Marco is a cold-blooded killer. Marco doesn't send the money he promised to Marisa, because he knows she lied about Jack being dead. Marco sends one of his men to kill Jack and take Marisa to another location, but Jack pretends to be Marco long enough to confuse the guy to give him time to tie him up and order him to call Marco and tell him that he has killed Jack. The man makes the call and once he hangs up, Jack orders him to help him and Marisa get off the island.

Victor is arrested but doesn't say a word to the police, because he is afraid that Marco will kill his family. After Victor's lawyer gets him out on bail, he heads straight to the Newman-Abbott office to warn Marco for the last time to watch his step and not harm any member of his family or he will be very sorry.  Summer tells Paul that the Abbotts set up Victor and that Kyle should be brought in for questioning, so Paul does to get Kyle.  Summer and Phyllis argue and Summer tries to make her mom see that Jack has become a liar and isn't the same man he used to be. Phyllis doesn't think that Jack could set up Victor for a crime he didn't commit until she remembers how strangely Jack has been acting lately.  Ashley tells Phyllis that Jack has been acting like a different man and tells her that she saw Jack coming out of Kelly's office with his clothes messed up. Phyllis is hurt that Jack lied to her about having slept with Kelly while they were engaged. She even thinks their wedding was a lie and Jack never loved her at all.

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