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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam rants that this is not a real marriage to Ivy. It changes nothing. He won’t let it. Quinn tells Ivy that she is married so there is nothing to pretend. Liam can not get out of this. Wyatt walks in to hear the news but Ivy says she has to get home to her husband. He is surprised that Quinn is friends with Ivy. She says yes, and she did not have to stab anyone. Steffy tells Liam this is so Liam, so noble, Liam to the rescue to a damsel in distress. He tells her that she is not hearing him. Yes he is married but he wants to date and Ivy will understand that. Steffy yells that she knows what she deserves and she will not watch while he flip flops. She is not going to do that again to wait and see if she is good enough for him. She will not share her man with any other woman….the endless point of him being caught between two women. That was too painful and she will not do that again. She loves him too much. Quinn tells Wyatt that she is thrilled for Ivy as she was so close to losing it. Now it’s Wyatt's turn. She has done her part and Liam and Ivy have done their’s and Steffy is free and clear so time for Wyatt to make his move. Liam and Steffy continue to argue. He felt he was the only one who could do the right thing by helping Ivy keep her green card. Steffy yells that he led her to believe they were getting back together. She has a hissy fit by throwing glass and vases and overturning chairs. He says he loves her as much as he ever loved her and he is not giving up on them. Ivy walks in and Steffy says she will leave as his wife is here. Ivy says she is the one who needs to leave. She tells Steffy that she and Liam are not ready to be married right now. Steffy huffs and puffs and tells her it is okay. Ivy can stay with her American husband as she is definitely done with him. She wants nothing to do with him ever again. Ivy can have him…..let him rescue her from the Seine, from the Immigration office, that is what he is good for. He will always be there to help her. She has had enough and she dares Liam to try and touch her or stop her. She slams out the door.

Ivy apologizes and wonders if she is always going to be the one to stop him from being who he wants to be with. She asks him honestly has he thought that perhaps they could make this marriage more than on paper. He says that is not the question. How could Ivy even want him knowing how he feels about Steffy. She says it may take her a little more work to convince him but she thinks she is a better fit for him than Steffy and it hurts her to think that he still prefers her. But she is not scared off nor does she feel intimidated by her. She will not be scared off because of Steffy. She thinks they can have a good life despite all this Steffy confusion. Will he give it a chance, at least try. After thinking it over, he says yes they can at least try. With tears in both of their eyes, they hug. He says part of him will always want to be with Steffy and he is trying to let go. So how dare he let his feelings hurt Ivy. He chose this marriage and he wants to see where it can go. The Immigration officer shows up and wishes to come in. He asks if anything is wrong. Ivy speaks up and says they are married, so is anything wrong. He says he needs to speak with Ivy so Liam goes outside. She tells him to say what he needs and then get out. Embarrassed he tells her a mistake has been made. She does have dual citizenship so she can stay in this country with or without marriage. Wyatt catches Steffy crying on the Sky Roof. He tells her she has a choice. She has been down this road before. She can leave Liam behind and free of the drama or get back in and go through it again. Her choice, have a little fun, take a chance. He kisses her. Liam comes back in and asks Ivy what was that all about. What did the Immigration officer have to say.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander was outside the door where Eric and Nicole were hiding.  Paige told Bev that JJ slept with her mother.  Jennifer busted Eve on Marlena's computer and wanted to know what she was doing.  Kate wanted Paul to stay away from Will and Sonny.  She told Paul about her proposition for him.  Sonny wanted to go back to what happened with Will before they moved on, but Will wanted to switch therapists.  This made Sonny suspicious of him.  Eve lied to Jennifer about why she was on Marlena's computer.  They ended up arguing over JJ.  Bev couldn't believe JJ slept with Eve.  Bev noticed how cold Paige was.  Eric and Nicole were gone when Xander and Navidad got in the room.  Kate asked Paul to be a spokesperson for Mad World.  Sonny and Will argued over their therapists until Will caved.  Marlena walked in on Jennifer and Eve while they were arguing.  Eric and Nicole hid in a vent so Xander couldn't find them.

Paul questioned whether or not it was her idea to ask him to be a spokesperson.  Eve pumped Marlena about the security of her files.  Marlena told Eve that she had files that go back 15 years.  Xander locked Eric and Nicole in the room.  Kate went to see Will and advised him to make his marriage work.  She told him that she offered Paul a job.  Paul talked to Sonny about Kate's job offer.  Bev tried to reach out to JJ, but he was cold to her.  Eric apologized again for not believing Nicole.  He told her she was the only woman who ever loved him.  She told him that he had no reason to apologize.  Kate explained why she offered Paul the job.  Will was upset that Paul got the job.  He needed her to get an article done on his and Sonny's therapist or the therapist would make him look bad.  She said there was nothing she could do.  When Paige went to Eve's apartment, things didn't go well for Eve.  JJ opened up to Bev about his affair with Eve.  Eve wanted to make things right with Paige, but it didn't work.  Eve wanted to get revenge on Jennifer.  Bev advised JJ to feel better and they ended up kissing.  Xander found Nicole and Eric before they could kiss.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke and Laura arrive at their old diner in British Columbia, Canada.  Laura wonders if Luke resented the tranquility of that part of their life when they werenít on the run. He says he was afraid, not resentful, and that he doesnít resent any of it. They receive a call from the kidnapper. After he disconnects, the door opens, but Luke is not pleased by what he sees.

Morgan and Denise make out on the sofa in Michaelís office, but they stop before it goes too far.  Rosalie walks in and sees them half dressed. Morgan asks Rosalie not to tell Kiki. Kiki walks in and wonders why Denise and Morgan are in Michaelís office without Michael. Rosalie suggests that they all leave.  They go to lunch together. Kiki offers to set up Denise with Silas. Denise says she isnít interested in dating anyone. Nathan asks Maxie about her accusing Valerie of trying to steal Dante from Lulu. Dante tells Valerie not to worry about Maxie. Valerie says she isnít worried about Maxie; she is worried about Lulu. Dante assures Valerie that if Lulu had a problem with her, she would say so. Valerie wonders if the best thing she can do for her relationship with Lulu is to quit her job with Dante.  

Tracy and Michael agree that they should join forces to find out who Rosalie is working for.  Dillon declines Nikolasís offer to finance Dillonís next three films in exchange for Ĺ of one percent of ELQ. Lulu remembers seeing Nikolas with Rosalie. She says everyone has been focusing on Helena as the potential interloper, but they might have the wrong Cassadine in mind. Dillon calls Tracy.  Michael, Jake, and Dante go to Michaelís office. Michael informs Rosalie that she is about to be arrested for corporate espionage.   Sam meets Nikolas to confront him about his relationship with Rosalie.  Valerie goes to the loft to talk to Lulu and finds Lulu and Dillon hugging and talking about a secret they are keeping from Dante. 

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club dining room, Abby and Victor discuss the feud that was always between the Newman and Abbott families. The real Jack awakens and finds Marisa beside him. She shows him she has a cell phone. Jack tells her to call his family. Paul finds Christine in his office at the police station. He tells her he had breakfast with Dylan for Father’s Day. Christine is sentimental because she was hoping of all the Father’s Days that he would have spent with their daughter. Nikki comes in to interrupt them. Chelsea asks Gabriel what he wants. She shows him a drawing that Connor made during preschool for his father for Father’s Day. Chelsea feels guilty that Connor doesn’t have a father. Billy has breakfast with Victoria and Johnny at Crimson Lights. Victoria asks Billy what Jack is planning. Paul leaves Chris and Nikki alone to talk. Paul meets Kyle in the squad room for a talk. The fake Jack and Phyllis discuss the fact that Victor may try to kill him. Summer, Noah, Nick, and Victoria have dinner with Victor to celebrate Father’s Day. Abby inquires how Faith is doing with the fact that Sage is having a baby. Abby reveals to the whole group that Gabriel is Jack’s son. Chelsea and Gabriel discuss the fact that Connor doesn’t have a father and how she will reveal things to him later on. Chelsea asks Gabriel if he had it to do over would he keep the secret from her. Gabriel tells Chelsea to explain to Connor how much his father loved him. Chelsea asks Gabriel why he is being so sentimental about this. Billy refuses to tell Victoria Jack’s plan for Victor. Victoria gets up to leave. Billy tells Victoria that Gabriel is Jack’s son. Jack tries to get Marisa to call Jabot to tell them he is alive. Nick and the family discuss how Nikki is doing since she got out of rehab. Nick mentions inviting her to the celebration. Abby asks Noah and Summer if Kevin has any more leads as to who killed Austin. Nikki tries to apologize to Chris for being responsible for her losing her baby. Chris then wants to have her say.

Nick comes downstairs just as Nikki comes in the door. Nick invites her to the celebration, but she hesitates but then gives in. Chris tells Paul that she told Nikki that it was time to move on. Summer joins Phyllis and Jack and tells them that it is time that they leave this investigation to the authorities. Summer asks Jack about Gabriel being his son. Jack and Phyllis tell Summer that she needs to be the one to tell Kyle. Summer agrees on the terms that Jack would step in and explain to Kyle. Kyle arrives and Summer goes to join him. Summer explains everything to him. Once Kyle finds out that Gabriel is his half brother, Kyle tells him to leave all the dirty work to Gabriel and wishes him a Happy Father’s Day before he storms off. Jack gets a call from Marisa, who he is shocked to hear from. Jack tells her that he will wire her money to come to Genoa City. Jack also asks about the real Jack Abbott, but Marisa refuses to divulge the fact that Jack is alive. Victor tells his family that he has planned a vacation for them, but Nikki is skeptical as to why he is doing this and what he is up to. Jack wants to go home, but Marisa tells him to wait for the money to arrive.

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