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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Liam this does not make sense. He would not marry Ivy. He stammers that yes he did. She asks if this is a joke. He says no, he really is married but it is not as it sounds. Ivy was in trouble and he did it to save her. Quinn tells Ivy that yesterday she was afraid and now today she is the picture of perfect happiness. It’s okay for her to admit that she hopes things work out with her husband. Wyatt is working out on the Sky Roof when a girl approaches him and invites him down to the steam room. Bill is close enough nearby to chastise him for not accepting the invitation just because she was not Steffy. Wyatt tells Bill that is okay as Liam has moved on with Ivy now. Bill assures Wyatt that he may have kissed Steffy but she still has her eyes on Liam so he would not get his hopes up with Steffy. Ivy tells Quinn that she will not push Liam. She does not want to base her marriage on that. Quinn says he would not have jumped into this marriage if he did not love her.

Steffy tells Liam that she does not get this. Just because Ivy was being deported does not mean that she could not go back and re-do the papers and be back here. Liam says all he knows is she needed his help and he gave it to her. Steffy laments this is insane and wonders whose idea this was. Liam rationalizes that he is not ready for marriage so this is on paper only. She hauls off and slaps him with the back of her hand and says she will not do this again. It’s more than a piece of paper although he says he does not feel married. He is married to Ivy and she thinks that he has no idea what he has gotten himself into. He repeats again that this is a marriage on paper and does not have to cancel out their chances. Steffy argues against this. Just how many months or years is this going to take, people checking on him to see that his marriage is still intact. She will not share him. It’s done. He doesn’t understand why Steffy could not understand this. Ivy needed him. Steffy said she needed him too. She needed him to fight for her. She’s tough but sometimes she is pretending and he is not thinking about their future. She backs off and tells him not to touch her. She is done. Ivy says she knows Liam loves her but he also has feelings for Steffy. Wyatt tells Bill that between him and Ridge he has had enough….he doesn’t exactly like them telling him he has no chance with Steffy. Bill says he does not blame Wyatt if he managed to steal a kiss from Steffy but he better not be thinking about developing any more feelings toward her as it won’t work. Wyatt grinds his teeth and says he is so tired of this but he will just wait for the lady to say that herself. Bill accuses him of again falling for a girl that is hung up on his brother. Wyatt says she is probably over at Liam’s now and he may set her straight so who knows what will happen after that. The Immigration officer stops in on Ivy and is suspect of her sudden marriage. He says he will be conducting interviews and making sure this is a legit marriage. Steffy says Liam should stop faking his feelings for Ivy. She’s a Forrester. She will be okay. He is just a rescuer and wants to save a damsel in distress. So just go and be Ivy’s savior and leave her out of this. Now there are consequences…it is her, he has lost her. He shouts that he loves Steffy and he wants her. He will not let her go. They will figure something out. She says no again, she will not do this again. He argues that he will not lose her again. He wants her. He will make Ivy understand that he wants only Steffy. They can have their life together and even have children.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady talked to Maggie about his problems with Theresa.  Eve wanted to see Tate, but had a better idea when she saw Marlena and the hospital.  Daniel confronted Serena about the elephant statue.  Eric and Nicole hid from Xander even though he was taunting them.  Serena wanted Daniel to leave her room or she would call security.  He threatened to call the police.  Eric apologized to Nicole for not believing her.  Paige told Kayla about her problems with JJ.  Jennifer tired to advise JJ to move on from Paige.  Eve went to see Marlena.  Navidad told Xander they could check Nicole's computer to find her and Eric.  Eric told Nicole what Serena and Xander were up to.  Nicole told Eric that she's known for weeks.  Daniel wanted Serena to tell him what was going on.  He decided to go find Eric and get the truth.  Serena went after him. 

Theresa opened up to Anne about the way Brady has been treating her.  Brady overheard Theresa talking to Anne about her fear of raising Tate.  Eve wanted Marlena's help to get Paige back.  Xander figured out that Serena told Eric the truth.  Nicole told Eric how long she's known about Xander and how he was a murderer.  Brady continued to listen to Theresa talking about her fears of raising Tate alone.  Eve pretended to desperately need Marlena's help.  JJ and Paige ran into each other and it led to an argument.  Bev taunted Paige about her argument.  Paige wanted to tell Bev what happened.  Eve faked a coughing attack to sneak on Marlena's computer.  Xander sent a fake text to Daniel.  Eric apologized to Nicole again.  Brady and Theresa argued over Tate when Brady walked in on her with Tate.  Paige told Bev that JJ had sex with her mother.  Jennifer busted Eve on Marlena's computer.  Xander found the room Eric and Nicole were hiding in.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Silas thinks about Ava kissing him to get her mind off Morgan. Kiki tells Silas that she made Morgan spoil the surprise of a trip he was planning because she suspected him of keeping secrets. Silas tells her that she has nothing to feel guilty about. Morgan tells Sonny that he has to cancel the trip to Atlantic City because Kiki wants to stay in town and spend time with Denise. Sonny advises Morgan to stay away from Denise. Morgan says he will occupy his time with mending fences with Michael. Morgan tells Sonny that Michael let Denise see Avery and that he agreed to set up a time for Morgan and Kiki to visit the baby so maybe he will ease up on Sonny. Sonny doubts it and advises Morgan to stay out of it. Kiki runs into Sonny, who tells her that Morgan went to ELQ to see Michael. At ELQ, Denise pesters Michael about seeing Avery. He reminds her that he told her to call and make arrangements in advance. Morgan sees Denise at ELQ having a heated conversation with Edward Quartermaine’s portrait. She tells him about her failed meeting with Michael. They go at it in Michael’s office.

Jake follows Sam and tells Michael that she is working for Tracy. Michael rushes home to accuse Tracy of trying to take over ELQ. Michael tells Sam that Jake caught her planting a bug in Rosalie’s phone. Sabrina reveals that she hired Sam to expose Rosalie. Tracy assures Michael that if they stand together as a family, they will beat the corporate raider that is trying to take over ELQ.

Patrick is concerned that Elizabeth seems distracted at work. She says she was thinking about whether Jake is a good fit for his new job. Patrick says Sam told him that Michael hired Jake to be head of security at ELQ and that she invited Jake to bring Elizabeth out to dinner on a double date. Elizabeth doesn’t think a double date is a good idea. Patrick says he is willing to get to know Jake better and assumes that Elizabeth is uncomfortable with Sam because they both had relationships with Jason. Elizabeth is surprised when Patrick tells her that Sam and Jake are both working on finding out who is trying to take over ELQ. Elizabeth calls Nikolas and leaves a message warning him that the Quartermaines are getting close to identifying him. Meanwhile, Nikolas offers to finance 3 of Dillon’s films over 5 years in exchange for one half of one percent of Dillon’s ELQ voting stock.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

A severe thunderstorm is affecting the residents of Genoa City. Dylan and Sharon have just made love when he gets a call from Avery that she has an intruder outside of her apartment. Dylan gets his clothes on to go and check on Avery despite Sharon’s protests. At the Athletic Club bar, Lily has a drink to drown her sorrow in what is going on between her/Cane and Lauren. She is just about to give up drinking for the night when she meets Joe in the foyer. She asks him to join her. At Newman Enterprises, Jack assures Victor that he was not going to shoot him when they are interrupted by Phyllis, who informs Jack that she is on to him. Mariah stops by to check on Sharon but soon finds out that she called the police for Avery, who had an intruder outside of her apartment. Mariah is upset that Sharon is not upset over Dylan going to Avery’s rescue. When Dylan arrives at Avery’s apartment, she immediately hugs him. Dylan wants to know about the intruder. Avery describes him to Dylan just as Paul and another police officer join him. Paul is once again put out because, as usual, Dylan is the one helping instead of leaving things to the police. Paul and the officer decide to have a look around. Avery admits to Dylan that Joe scares her as to what he might do next. Lily confides to Joe that Cane lied to her and was always keeping secrets from her and was never thinking of what this was doing to her or the children. Joe tells Lily that she is the “victim” in all of this and confides how Avery used him and was always putting all the blame on him. Phyllis asks Jack how could keep this secret from her. She's found that Gabriel was his son. Phyllis accuses Victor of knowing about this all the time. Victor gets a call from Neil concerning Nikki. Victor soon leaves Jack and Phyllis alone. Jack wants to go home and have some dinner and talk, but Phyllis insists they're going to have this out now.

Sharon lets Marian know that she is not afraid of Dylan cheating on her with Avery. Mariah warns Sharon that Avery may want to try to get Dylan back but Sharon is still not concerned. Neil walks in to the Athletic Club dining room and joins Lily and Joe. Joe soon gets up and leaves so Lily and Neil can talk. Neil sits down beside her and tries to get her to leave the booze alone, but all Lily can do is think about how Cane is using her. Nikki is just coming downstairs when Victor walks into the foyer. Victor asks her to come home, but she refuses. Jack admits to Phyllis that he should have told her the truth about Gabriel. He had a whole new perspective after he and Victor were trapped together in the building collapse. Neil hears Nikki and Victor arguing and tries to calm them down. Nikki refuses to go home with him as she goes back upstairs. Sharon visits Avery to check on her and to also see if Dylan is still with her. Avery assures her that she will not come between her and Dylan. Sharon is just about to leave when she opens the door and Joe is standing there. Joe asks to talk to Avery alone, but she insists that Sharon stay with her. After Joe has had his say, Avery tells him to leave, but he still wants to talk. Sharon threatens to call the police unless he leaves. Sharon tells Avery that she is on her side and so is Dylan. Dylan asks Lily about Joe’s whereabouts, but she refuses to give him any information. Dylan sees Joe come in and warns him to stay away from Avery. Mariah asks Dylan what his intentions are toward Sharon. Dylan tells her that is between him and Sharon. Mariah warns him to stay away from Joe and Avery, and she will be watching him. When Paul visits Nikki, she apologizes for the accident that claimed the life of his unborn child. Victor tells Neil that Jack may try to kill him. Jack confesses to Phyllis that Victor may try to kill him. She pulls a gun out of Jack’s pocket.

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