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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy walks out of the kitchen thinking she has that glow about her like an old married woman. But she is embarrassed that she fell asleep so early last night. They will have to make up for it tonight. Liam reminds her again they only married to keep her in the country so nothing has really changed. She will bring some clothes over to make it look real. Ridge is designing but can’t get Steffy’s attention. She is knee deep in thought looking at Liam’s picture and finally tells her dad that she does not want to joke about it and hopes it will last the rest of their lives. She will see Liam later today since he is not at the office. Ridge tells her that he wants her to be happy but last he looked Liam was with Ivy. Steffy thinks perhaps last night may have been a game changer. This is now their time and she wants to remember every single detail they shared before.

Likewise Quinn is distracted and Wyatt can not get her attention that they need more rings to be designed. That is what customers are asking for. He is not interested in what Quinn is thinking if Liam and Ivy got married. If they did then he knows Liam feels pressured as he is not ready to get married. Quinn thinks it would be great as that would free Steffy up for Wyatt. He laments that he’s been there done that before and he doesn’t want another girl who is hung up on Liam. He would welcome Steffy with open arms if it was him that she really wanted.

Ivy and Liam decide to take separate cars to work and he will come later. The first thing he does is to call Steffy when Ivy leaves for the office. Ivy walks into Quinn’s office and Quinn knows immediately something good happened and jumps up to greet her. She wants all the details. Ivy tells her that in time she will give Liam an annulment or divorce but Quinn says no. Liam will want them to stay married so do not give up on that. It was a real legitimate wedding whether it started out that way or not. Steffy walks into Liam’s house holding a bag, several in fact. He asks how she is and she says now that she is back here she is terrific. And she is not moving in so for him not to worry. She just wants to take him down memory lane of what they once shared and could have again. Wyatt goes to see Ridge and tells him that he thinks he will like Quinn’s new designs. Then he asks about Steffy and Ridge says he knows they have been spending some time together but she is off to see Liam now and Wyatt should not get his hopes up with her. When she puts her mind to something she usually gets it, so he is going to stay out of this and he thinks Wyatt should do the same. Steffy drags out a slide show of pictures, then a snow globe and even some truffle fries and Bob Hope movies. She has thought of everything. She’d like to take him paragliding but settles for toy army men on a parachute and they horse around inside. She kisses him passionately and he responds. Then she pulls out two mood rings, the ones they used to get married in Aspen. She tells him that she knows if it were not for her they would still be married. So she is sorry that she left him, but she loves him and is ready to start up again. Liam tries to tell her that before she goes on he has something to tell her, and it is about Ivy. Steffy sloughs it off and says she knows it had to be difficult last night. He says yes it was and he does not want Steffy to over-react. He and Ivy got married last night. Then she laughs and says no, it sounded like he said he married Ivy last night. That can not be. Tell her that is not true.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander choked Nicole and tried to kill her.  Sonny was upset with Will because of the way the therapy session went.  Nicole tried to talk Xander out of killing her, but it didn’t work.  She told him that he was a killer, which made him more determined to kill her.  Zoe met with Chad to talk about the story he wanted done.  Abby confessed to her affair with Chad in her diary.  Marlena questioned Serena about what was going on with Eric.  Eric showed up in time to rescue Nicole before Xander could kill her.  Eric hit Xander in the head and knocked him out.  Will was upset that Sonny wasn’t happy with their therapy.  Ben went to see Abby.  Before Eric and Nicole could leave, Xander woke up.  

Eric and Xander ended up fighting.  When Eric knocked him out, Eric and Nicole left her office. Serena was worried about Xander killing Eric.  Navidad helped Xander look for Eric and Nicole on the computer.  Ben managed not to see Abby’s diary.  Sonny tried to convince Chad that he was in love with Abby.  Abby told Ben that she was thinking about moving in with him one day.  Eric and Nicole tried to get out of the building.  They heard Xander coming after them.  Chad denied having feelings for Abby.  Abby was determined not to tell Ben the truth about sleeping with Chad.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jake wonders who hired Sam Morgan to spy on ELQ. Tracy wonders why she hasn’t heard any news from Sam. Sam listens in on Rosalie’s phone as Rosalie calls Nikolas, who answers, but before Rosalie speaks, Michael presses the disconnect button and tells her that the phone is bugged. Sam wonders if Jake had anything to do with the call suddenly disconnecting. Michael tells Jake that he told Rosalie about the bug because he trusts her. Jake asks Michael not to tell Rosalie about Sam. Elizabeth goes to Nikolas with the intention of telling him about the bug, but Rosalie has already told him. Elizabeth tells him that Sam planted the bug. Jake follows Sam and discovers that she is working for Tracy.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he owns 50 percent of ELQ controlling stock and that he is hoping to get the majority share by way of Maya Ward or Dillon Quartermaine. He tells her that Lulu is his way to Dillon. Lulu has a nightmare Dillon told her that Lucky was killed because she told Dante about what is going on. She keeps the secret from Dante. She calls Dillon to come over because he is the only person she can talk to about it. Dillon holds her as she cries. He meets Rocco. They discuss their child that Lulu chose to abort. He tells her that she made the right decision and apologizes for not supporting her decision at the time.

Maxie confronts Valerie about the front page newspaper article that shows her “standing by her man.” Dante overhears Maxie accusing Valerie of trying to steal him from Lulu. Dante tells Maxie that there is nothing to worry about. He tells her that maybe she should worry less about Valerie working with him and worry more about getting a job herself. She tells him that she already has two jobs as wedding planner and personal shopper. He makes Maxie apologize to Valerie and assures her that nothing and no one will come between him and Lulu.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Fake Jack (Marco) tells Phyllis that a woman he once loved named Manuela died in a boat explosion and that the text message he got was a contact in South America who confirmed her death. Phyllis is moved by Fake Jack's story and starts doing research on the internet about the boat explosion. Victoria and Abby decide to team up and find out the secret that everyone is keeping from them about the company. Abby and Victoria try to get information from Billy, but he catches on to what they are trying to do and doesn't say a word. Billy, Chelsea, and Ashley wonder why Gabe wants to help Jack so badly that he would risk going to jail. The group puts so much pressure on Gabe about his true motives that he reveals that Jack is his biological father.

Chelsea is so hurt and angry that Gabe lied to her about his true identity that she throws him out of the house. Jack and Marisa survived the explosion but his leg is badly hurt. Marisa tries to tend to his wound while she tells him about the love story of her and Marco. Jack's leg is infected and he is running a fever, so Marisa goes to find help for him. Victor tells his private detective to get confirmation that Jack is dead. Victor tells Fake Jack that he knows that he killed Austin and Courtney. Marco doesn't admit that he is the killer but says that those young people are dead because they knew that he wasn't the real Jack, and they could have put his whole plan at risk. Fake Jack (Marco) decides that too many people know about his true identity and points Victor's own gun at him, but Victor doesn't think he has the guts to shoot him.

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