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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy knows that Ridge feels that she should give up on Liam. Caroline realizes that Liam has been with Ivy for a good while now yet Steffy even says after tonight she thinks things will be different. She acts like this is just another little bump in the road to her getting back with Liam. When Steffy starts talking about making a surprise for Liam with all their good memories, Ridge just feels she is setting herself up for more hurt. Liam is probably talking to Ivy right now about the situation. Ivy tells Liam that everything will be all right. They are doing what they have to do for her to stay in the United States. She promises Liam that they are just dating and this is just paperwork. From all his questions, Quinn thinks Wyatt is missing the point. She assures him that she had nothing to do with this wedding other than perhaps giving Ivy a little push….not like the one in the Seine, but of reassurance. She is glad Ivy can come to her now in moments of advice or need. And she points out that if Ivy and Liam are married that leaves an opening for him and Steffy.

Carter wants to keep this legal but asks if they can just skip to the I do’s or perhaps they should touch upon their relationship and what makes it unique. They do not even need rings; just their intent to get married and then making their vows. Ivy thanks Liam. They follow Carter’s lead. Liam is nervous and stammers a bit at times. Ivy asks if there is a problem. Carter finally pronounces them husband and wife and Liam kisses the bride. They all sign the certificate and Carter even takes a picture for more proof. Ridge thinks it is nice that Steffy and Caroline got along. At work Wyatt looks at a picture of Steffy and thinks back on their kiss. Steffy sits at her desk and looks lovingly at a picture of Liam. Ivy and Liam hug and kiss as they are now Mr. and Mrs. Liam Spencer. But Liam looks a little worried.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin warned Rafe that Victor wasnít happy with him.  Hope told Aiden that she didnít want Clyde to come between them.  Aiden said he was dropping Clyde as a client.  Eric and Serena argued over Xander.  Eric wanted to find Xander.  Xander went to see Nicole, but she didnít want to see him.  Serena didnít want Eric to look for Xander.  Eric wanted Serena to tell him everything or he would go to Xander.  She decided to tell him everything.  Justin reminded Rafe that he was supposed to leave Clyde alone.  Rafe said he did.  Justin told him it was a bad move to get Hope involved.  Hope tried to talk Aiden out of dropping Clyde as a client.  Aiden wondered if Hope wanted him to keep Clyde as a client.  Nicole wondered how Xander got in her office when it was locked.  Rafe said he didnít involve Hope.  He said he told her to back off Clyde.  Justin didnít care for Rafeís excuse for why Hope was investigating Clyde.  When Rafe said he didnít Justin wanted him to drop it.  Clydeís henchman Sandler told him that Hope was in Aidenís office.  Serena told Eric how she got together with Xander.

Daniel called and interrupted Nicoleís conversation with Xander.  Xander wanted to know who called, but she lied.  Eric was upset when Serena told him whey she and Xander stole things.  Xander got rough with Nicole.  Justin and Kate met to talk about business.  Justin wanted Kate to hire Paul as the spokesperson.  Hope and Rafe met to talk about Clyde.  Rafe didnít want her involved with Clyde.  She figured out that Victor gave the warning.  She said she was staying out of Clydeís business.  Serena continued to tell Eric about Xander and how dangerous he is.  Xander confronted Nicole for lying to him and threatened her.  Kate didnít want to use Paul as the spokesperson.  It caused an argument between her and Justin.  They argued over Will and Sonnyís marriage.  Rafe wanted to know why Hope wanted to stop investigating Clyde.  She said it was because they couldnít find anything on him.  They continued to talk about Clyde.  Serena continued to tell Eric about Xander.  When Xander got rough with Nicole again.  She ended up grabbing a stapler, but she missed him.  Justin practically forced Kate to hire Paul.  Hope told Rafe she wanted to be careful about Clyde.  Xander choked Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kiki asks Morgan what secret he is keeping from her. He says he is planning a vacation. She asks him if he wants to get out of town because Denise looks exactly like Ava and he has feeling resurfacing. He admits that it is uncomfortable, but says he is focused on moving forward with Kiki. Silas tells Ava to put Morgan out of her mind. She kisses Silas and then tells him that she can’t think about kissing Morgan if she is busy kissing Silas. She says she knows he feels something for her because he heard him say so when she was on her death bed. He tells her that he isn’t interested in playing second fiddle to a kid. He suggests that she leave town before she is found out. Ava goes to the Quartermaine estate as Denise. Sabrina won’t let her visit with Avery and tells her to make an appointment next time.

Tracy goes to the Haunted Star to return her engagement ring and hears Lulu asking Dillon not to say anything to her. She wants to know what they are keeping from her. Dillon tells her that the Spencers didn’t want her to know that Luke and Laura are remarrying. Tracy tries to give her engagement to Laura, but Laura doesn’t want it so Tracy gives the ring to Luke and tells him that she doesn’t ever want to see or hear from him again. Dillon tells the Spencers that he only kept quiet for Lulu. Laura receives a text with an address in British Columbia, Canada. Laura tells Lulu not to tell Dante anything about what’s going on. Luke and Laura leave.

A reporter goes to the PCPD and accused Dante of being racist. Valerie speaks up in Dante’s defense. Jordan tells Ric that her hands are tied with TJ’s case so she is relying on Ric to help TJ. TJ tells Molly that Duke Lavery had discovered that Jordan was an undercover cop and put out a hit on her. Molly wonders if Sonny was involved. Scott antagonizes Sonny at the courthouse and tells him that he has trumped up the charges against TJ to aggravated battery to ensure that he does hard time in Pentonville. Sonny calls Max to tell him to give him a task. Ric asks Sonny to stay out of the courtroom during TJ’s arraignment. Jordan tells Scott not to railroad her son. Scott’s office calls him and tells him that the victim doesn’t want to press charges. Scott drops the charges. Jordan and TJ wonder if Sonny had anything to do with the guard changing his mind about pressing charges.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Crimson Lights, Michael and Avery sit at a table and discuss why she didn’t tell anyone where she was going and why she was leaving. Joe walks in and sees them together. Devon and Lauren sit a table at the Athletic Club and discuss the boutique. Lily interrupts them and confronts Lauren about Cane. In the lab at Jabot, Phyllis asks Jack about the text and who “M" is? Jack looks at her puzzled. Kyle interrupts them to talk to Jack. Kyle begins to explain to Jack about his talk with Summer. In the Athletic Club dining room, Victor and Victoria are joined by Summer, who tells them about her talk with Kyle and that something is going on and she doesn’t want Kyle in the middle. After Summer leaves, Victor and Victoria know that the Abbotts are planning something to do with Newman/Jabot. Devon tries to calm Lauren and Lily from arguing in front of everyone in the dining room. Cane comes out and tries to explain how things just spiraled out of control. Michael notices Joe at the bar and wonders why he is there. Avery gets up to confront Joe, who reminds her that she cheated on him so she would cheat on Dylan too. Michael joins them before things get really out of hand. Victor and Victoria discuss Kyle and what the Abbotts could be up to. Victor tells Victoria to talk to Billy to see if she can get any information out of him. Victoria thinks that Billy will tell her what is going on without really meaning to. Kyle tells Jack about his talk with Summer and that he may have told her too much. Jack goes berserk and accuses Kyle of ruining their plans all for a girl. Phyllis joins Summer in the park to see if she is all right. Summer is still upset over this Abbott/Newman feud and wonders if it will ever end. Michael threatens to call the police on Joe if he doesn’t leave. Cane defends Michael to Devon, Lily and Lauren and why Michael tried to get him to sleep with Lauren in order to make her happy. Hilary listens to Cane discuss Michael and his actions. Devon tells Lily to talk to Cane about this situation. On the stairs, Hilary asks Devon if he still wants to discuss wedding plans.

Michael and Avery discuss Joe and his troubled childhood and how he hurt her in the past. Michael offers to help Avery get free of Joe. Lily interrupts them and slaps Michael across the face. Lily and Michael have a confrontation over the things that he's been doing and how he involved Cane in all this mess. Michael tells Lily that he did not force Lauren and Cane to kiss. Lauren and Cane discuss Michael's motivation. Joe walks in and listens to their conversation. Victor and Victoria discuss who could get close to Jack to find out what he is up to. Jack checks up on Marisa Sierras. Phyllis walks in and wants to know why he lied to her. Devon tells Hilary that nothing will change his love for her. Joe and Cane discuss Lily, Michael and the fact that Cane kissed Lauren. Joe sits at a table at the Athletic Club dining room when Lily walks up and he tells her how sexy she is. Avery comes home and, upon seeing Joe’s tie, remembers some things from the past with Joe. She starts toward the bedroom when she hears a noise. She immediately calls Dylan. Jack tells Phyllis that he wants Jabot/Newman for all the Abbotts. Jack starts to hug but Phyllis pulls away and asks him, “Who are you?” Lauren meets Michael at the Coffeehouse and joins him at his table. After a heated argument, Michael pulls the divorce papers out of pocket and places them on the table in front of Lauren. Lauren starts to sign them but then wads them up and walks out. Phyllis asks Jack again about the text. Victor looks at a book with Marco and Marisa's names in it.

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