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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy tells Liam that she thought all her papers were in check so all of this deportation is hitting her very hard. Her whole life is here. Liam tells her deportation is not an option. She says the only way is for him to marry her. Quinn begs Carter to try and get some help and go over and marry Liam and Ivy tonight. She does not want to go back to Australia. Quinn says she thinks she is offended when Carter says he is not buying her concern for her partner. He thinks there is more to it than that and wonders what she is up to. She says maybe she is being a little selfish. She has a second chance here and she and Ivy have been making beautiful pieces but she has to convince Ridge who is not her biggest fan. She laments that she has changed since pushing Ivy in the Seine and Carter can be a helper if he will. She pushes him out the door and tells him to go marry the couple. Wyatt tells Steffy that Liam is committed to Ivy so Steffy should accept that and move on. She wonders if he means with him. Wyatt tells her that she deserves better than to work for Liam’s attention and she would not have to do that with him. She says she will never give up on Liam.

Ivy tells Liam that she will lose her job and him if she goes back to Australia so she can not do that. But if he will marry her it will give her time to get her citizenship. She begs him to help her. Ridge comes home and Caroline shows him her charts with pins and plates holding her legs together. Steffy stops by her dad’s and tells Caroline that she is sorry she made assumptions about them as a couple and she is still a work in progress but she is trying. Wyatt walks into his mom’s office while she is humming Here Comes The Bride. He wants to know what she is plotting now. She lets him know that Ivy and Liam may be getting married tonight as they speak. Ivy tells Liam that she does not even have to move in with him….just take some stuff so it looks like they are really married. She asks again if he can marry her. Quinn fills Wyatt in that Ivy might be deported but Liam can ride in and save the damsel in distress. Carter is on his way right now so Ivy just needs Liam to agree. Wyatt can not believe Quinn is so happy for Ivy and Liam. And he warns her sternly not to interfere with any relationship with Steffy. Liam tells Ivy that marriage is a leap but if they do this, it is legal but not a real marriage in that they are still dating and only together for a specific purpose. She agrees and can handle that. Carter comes over and says Quinn sent him over with this, a bridal gown in a garment bag, so are they gonna do this? Liam says it is only a piece of paper but an important one to keep her in the country and he does not want her to go. Ivy thanks him and goes to get dressed. Carter wants to make sure Liam wants to do this. He doesn’t think he sounds so sure. Liam says Ivy is in trouble and he can help. Liam tells Ivy that she looks great. Liam says before they do this he needs to clear his conscious about Steffy. This is not a real good time. Ivy says she is good with that. She realizes this is just for Immigration purposes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa agreed to stay in Salem.  She wanted a new beginning for her and Brady, but he had a different idea.  He said he was done with her.  They ended up arguing.  Victor told Maggie that he didnít want Xander in the mansion.  Xander wanted to meet Nicole and she agreed.  Brady agreed to go to Theresaís place to talk about Tate.  Nicole investigated Xanderís criminal record.  Eric questioned Daniel about Serena.  Xander went to see Serena to tie up loose ends.  Serena realized that Xander was mad at Nicole.  Nicole found out Xander was charged with murder, but didnít spend much time in prison.  She realized why he didnít spend time in prison.  Theresa suggested moving in the Kiriakis mansion, but Brady didnít want her to move in with him.

Brady didnít think Victor and Maggie would want Theresa to move in the mansion, but Theresa thought they would be okay with it.  They ended up in argument.  Maggie told Victor that they should be civil to Theresa.  Nicole realized that Victor helped Xander get out of prison.  Xander denied wanting Nicole and left.  When Eric showed up at Serenaís place, she thought he was Xander.  Theresa didnít like the idea of not talking to Brady.  She wanted to make it work, but he wanted to strangle her.  She thought it was because of Melanie and he said it was.  Eric told Serena that he knew what she and Xander were after.  Eric knew they were after the elephant.  Brady continued to rip into Theresa because she drove Melanie away.  He left to spend time with Tate.  Eric knew that the diamonds were in the elephant.  She couldnít tell him the truth because she loved him.  Before Nicole could leave her office, Xander was there.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina can’t get Tracy’s engagement ring off of Tracy’s finger. Sam tells Sabrina and Tracy that she bugged Rosalie’s phone. Jake finds the bug and tells Michael that Sam is spying on him. Michael doesn’t see a reason why Sam would want to investigate ELQ and why she only bugged Rosalie’s phone. Jake suggests that Sam is working with Nikolas and that Nikolas isn’t as stand-up as everyone thinks. Rosalie calls Nikolas on her cell phone and tells him that Michael hired Jake Doe to find out who is hoarding the ELQ shares. Sloane informs Nikolas that when he saw Brook Lynn, she had Olivia’s supposedly dead baby and that she gladly parted with her 6.5 percent share of ELQ in exchange for his silence. Nikolas now owns half of ELQ. He only needs 1% and doesn’t care who it comes from. He asks Sloane to try to get Maya’s 6.5 percent while Nikolas tries to get Dillon’s shares. Rosalie goes to Wyndemere and tells Nikolas that her office phone doesn’t allow her to listen in on Michael’s conversations anymore. Jake puts the bug back into Rosalie’s phone hoping to find out who Sam is communicating with. Sam gets Luke’s ring off Tracy’s finger. Tracy insists that Sam keep the ring, but Sam refuses it. Tracy decides to give it back to Luke.

Luke reveals to Lulu and Dillon that everything he said to Tracy was a lie and that he and Laura are not getting back together. Laura reveals that Lulu’s brother Lucky has disappeared and that his house had been ransacked. She said she received a phone call informing her that unless she and Luke convinced everyone that they were back together, Lucky would be killed. Luke says they are waiting for the next phone call with the next order. Dillon says he is going to tell Tracy.

Morgan apologizes to Sonny and Carly for his behavior with Michael. He tells them that he and Michael have called a truce. Carly is hopeful that Michael will soften to her and Sonny too. Morgan reveals that Michael let Denise see Avery. Carly tells Morgan to stay away from Denise. Ava tells Silas that Michael let “Denise” visit Avery and he had no idea that she was really Ava. Ava demands to know why Silas didn’t tell her that Morgan and Kiki were back together. He wonders why it matters since she and Morgan broke up last year. She says Ava and Morgan broke up but Denise and Morgan are just getting started. Silas tells Ava to do whatever it takes to get over their daughter’s boyfriend. Morgan confides to Sonny that he kissed Denise. Kiki joins Sonny and Morgan at the Metro Court. Sonny advises Kiki to be careful of long lost relatives who suddenly appear out of the woodwork. Ava kisses Silas.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick and Sage move in together. Upon hearing the news, Dylan decides to move in with Sharon. Victor isn't happy about Sage moving into the tack house because he thinks she is after Nick's money. Billy and Victoria try to get information out of each other for their families and agree to let each other know if Jack or Victor are planning something that could put Newman-Abbott in jeopardy. Victoria assures Victor that she will look out for the interests of their family, even though she doesn't agree with his plan. Ashley doesn't agree with Jack's plan to frame Victor for embezzlement, but she reluctantly goes along with it after Billy reminds her that their dad would want them to get Jabot back in family hands.

Summer puts pressure on Kyle to tell her what is going on at work for the sake of their new relationship. He tells her that things with the merger are not what they seem. Summer figures out that Jack is planning something and goes straight to Victor to warn him.  Phyllis is upset with Fake Jack (Marco) because he won't tell her his plans for the company, and also because she heard a bit of the conversation with Victor. She wants to know what they were talking about and why Victor looked like he lost his best friend. Phyllis reads a text message from Marco's contact that confirms that Marisa was with Jack, and they are both dead.  Phyllis wants to know the identity of M and why Fake Jack (Marco) looks so sad.

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