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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy tells Quinn don’t. Whatever she is thinking do not do it. She has to face the facts that she is being deported. She does tell her that she slipped into Liam’s house and overheard him and Steffy and she is still in love with him and wants him. Quinn tells her that Liam is hers to lose but she can do something about it. She can ask him to marry her. Quinn says it would solve her problems to get a green card. And Liam is just confused. He does not want Steffy. Wyatt walks on in at Liam’s and said he knocked but Liam ignored him. Liam hammers at Wyatt that he kissed Steffy. Wyatt asks if he is done with her. He’s like a Golden Retriever with too many tennis balls in his mouth and so possessive of an ex-wife when he has moved on with Ivy. Give Steffy a chance to move on too. He says Liam has said repeatedly that he is committed to Ivy and she is not moving back to Australia. Liam suddenly hugs Wyatt and tells him that it will take time but there will be someone else for Wyatt. Wyatt stands back but says Liam is not transparent and certainly not as good a guy as everyone things he is. Quinn gives Steffy some papers and says she is going over to see Ivy. Then she sings Wyatt’s praises.

Ivy goes to see Liam and he welcomes her home. She says she wishes it were. She declines wine saying if she starts she might not stop. And it is not Quinn this time. He tells her it is not a big deal but he has something to tell her about Steffy who was here earlier. He starts with that he has been careless with his emotions although he has tried to be honest. She jumps to the conclusion that he might be trying to break up with her. He assures her no, but Steffy keeps reminding him how good they are together and he keeps trying to forget it. But he is having a hard time holding them off like he used to. But he is not making any big announcements and he is not going anywhere. She tells him straight out that she is being deported. Wyatt breaks up the meeting with Steffy and Quinn. Steffy chastises him for talking about her to Liam. Out of curiosity she asks Wyatt what Liam said. Quinn jumps in and says she sees wedding bells in their very near future for Liam and Ivy. Ivy explains this is all true as an Immigration officer found her and explained she does not have dual citizenship and her work visa has expired. She was told to do that. She follows the rules and acted accordingly. Now she has to be in Australia within a week or she is breaking the rules. He tells her they will find a way; there has to be a way. She pours herself a drink after all and says there might be. Steffy throws Quinn out and Wyatt says she does not have to explain. Steffy says he had no right to talk about her. Wyatt said Liam was just being coy today. He and Ivy are inseparable. And he knows Steffy hurt him. Quinn tells Carter that she has an emergency. She did not hurt anybody this time, but Ivy needs to be here and can not go back to Australia. She and Liam belong together and they need to get married if he can marry them today. Ivy tells Liam that she can not tackle one immigration page at a time. There will not be time. He asks her what did she mean by a solution. She tells him her job is here, her family is here and the love of her life is here. She plays by the rules but that is not working. She wants them to be in charge of their future, not because of Steffy. They can do that by getting married now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paige wanted to know why Rory didn't tell people about JJ and Eve.  Theresa confronted JJ about cheating on Paige with Eve.  Eve investigated Laura's mental illness.  Chad met with Abby and reminded her what they did with each other.  Paige wanted Rory to tell everyone what JJ and Eve did to her.  Theresa told JJ that she had a son.  JJ thought she would make a terrible mother and the two argued over it.  Brady wanted to make sure he stayed a step ahead of Theresa.  Abby wanted to talk about what she and Chad did, but he was nasty to her.  Paige busted Eve when she was checking out Laura's illness.  Theresa and JJ argued until she left the house to go to the hospital. Chad made it seem as if he manipulated Abby to get her in bed.  Chad continued to berate Abby which ended up getting him slapped.

Paige had one thing to say to Eve before she stopped speaking to her for good.  JJ tried to make Jennifer feel better about him losing Paige.  Chad wanted to know why Abby was so upset if she wanted to end things with him.  She ended up leaving.  Stefano wanted to know what Chad was doing.  Paige said she didn't want Eve's help to go to school.  They ended up arguing over what Eve did to Paige until Paige said she wanted nothing to do with her.  JJ told Jennifer why he gave up on Paige.  Brady wanted to sort out legal issues with Theresa.  Stefano was upset with Chad for pushing Abby away.  Theresa didn't want to do anything with Brady without her lawyer.  Brady wanted Theresa to agree to stay in Salem with the baby for a year.  Eve and Jennifer ran into each other.  Eve rubbed it in that she slept with JJ.  Jennifer threatened to destroy Eve if she didn't stay away from JJ.  When Jennifer left, Eve said she was after her.  Eve was determined to get back at Jennifer.  Chad said he love Abby when he was by himself.  Theresa talked to her lawyer before signing the agreement to stay in Salem.  He said he wasn't going to put up with her manipulation.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas calls Sloane demanding a status report on his progress in acquiring Maya Ward and Brook Lynn Ashton’s ELQ shares. Jake starts his job as head of security at ELQ. Rosalie suggests to Michael that Jake might be a mole for the Cassadines. Michael reveals that he knows Jake isn’t working for the Cassadines because he has had him watched. She wonders if he has investigated her too. He tells her that he didn’t look into her past. Sam tells Sabrina that she believed Nina when she said she sold all her ELQ shares to Rosalie. Sam bugs Rosalie’s phone. Jake wonders why Sam is there. Jake asks Rosalie if she shares her desk with anyone. Rosalie calls Nikolas and tells him that Michael hired Jake Doe to find out who they are. Jake tells Michael that someone has been spying on him in his office.

Laura tells Nikolas that she and Luke are back together. Nikolas tells her that Luke isn’t good enough for her, but that she has his blessing. Tracy packs up Luke’s belongings that are at the Quartermaine estate as she vents to Dillon about Laura. Dillon says that if he were Tracy, he would be madder at Luke. Tracy tells him that she is the maddest at herself. Sabrina tells Tracy about Robin crashing her wedding to Patrick. She says her friends helped her get through it. Tracy says she’s never had friends. Sabrina offers to be Tracy’s friend. Lulu confronts Luke about dumping Tracy half an hour after begging her to give him another chance. Dillon arrives to confront Luke too. Luke asks Dillon to take care of Tracy. Dillon collars Luke. Laura arrives and tells Dillon to let go. Dillon tells her that if she doesn’t like what she walked in on, then she can walk right back out. Luke reveals that he and Laura have been lying.

Dante feels bad about arresting TJ. Valerie tells Dante that he didn’t have a choice. She reveals that she has been racially profiled too. TJ’s credit card company calls Dante and confirms that TJ’s purchase was good. TJ is annoyed that his mother has no power to make the charges against him disappear. She tells him that the mayor won’t have any appearance of preferential treatment because TJ is the commissioner’s son. TJ tells Jordan that she could quit her job. Jordan reveals that she already tendered a resignation letter and Mayor Lomax made it clear that it would not result in TJ’s release. TJ observes that only he and Shawn have gone to jail recently and calls it racist. Jordan points out that both she and Mayor Lomax are Black. Jordan tells TJ that Dante didn’t have a choice when TJ shoved the security guard. She tells him that if he had trusted Dante and stayed put, he wouldn’t be in this situation. He tells her that he can’t trust Dante or her because they put Shawn in prison. She tells him that it’s her job to put criminals in prison. He insists that Duke and Shawn were not dangerous. Jordan informs him that Duke put out a hit on her when Shawn suspected that she was a cop.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick visits Sage in her hospital room and discuss their baby's fine health. When Nick goes out to find the doctor, Victor comes in to see Sage. Sage lets him know that she will be going home. Victor asks where home is. At the Athletic Club dining room, Phyllis meets Jack for lunch, but they're interrupted by a phone call. The fake Jack finds out that the real Jack is dead. Gabriel visits Chelsea and voices his concern about Amanda caring for Connor. Chelsea tells him that they have a meeting with Jack. At the Jabot lab, Billy and Kyle discuss their meeting with Jack but are soon interrupted by Victoria, who wants to know what's going on. Sage tells Victor that it's nice for him to visit her. Victor tells her of his plans for a house for her complete with servants. Billy, Victoria, and Kyle discuss the ideas for the new product line, but Victoria doesn’t fall for their lies that this was what they were discussing. Gabriel urges Chelsea to believe in herself and what she has accomplished. Fake Jack talks on the phone about Jack being dead. When he rejoins Phyllis, she asks him who died. The fake Jack lies to Phyllis about the phone call. Summer excitedly joins Phyllis, and Jack and wants to know about Avery. Victoria asks Kyle about the subscription order. Both Billy and Kyle get a text from Jack letting them know about Ashley. Nick comes in and finds Victor there with Sage. Sage tells Victor that it was a nice offer, but she has to decline it. When Victor leaves, Sage tells Nick about Victor’s offer. Nick joins Victor in the corridor and asks him what's going on. Victor lets him know that he wanted to protect Sage and the baby from whomever may come after them.

Nick apologizes to Sage for Victor’s actions. He says she can go home. Phyllis and Summer discuss Avery's actions and what Joe did to her. Summer mentions about Jack and Kyle talking secretly. At Chelsea’s, Jack tells Billy and Gabriel to bury the hatchet. Summer tells Phyllis that she thought the rivalry was over between the Newmans and Abbotts. Kyle joins Chelsea, Billy, Gabriel, and Jack to discuss how they were going to set Victor up for grand larceny. Jack asks everyone for their help in bringing him down. Victor and Victoria wonder where everyone is. Victor asks her to stay close to Billy, so she can find out what the Abbotts are up to. Jack tells Billy to keep Victoria occupied, so she won’t discover their plans. Jack and Gabriel talk secretly about bringing down Victor. Chelsea overhears and asks Gabriel about it. Gabriel lies to her. Chelsea warns him that if they are to have a relationship, then they need to be honest. Chelsea asks him again what they were discussing. Gabriel once again lies and tells her that Jack was reprimanding him over Billy. Kyle joins Summer but will not tell her what the family is up to. Nick asks Sage to move in with him. The fake Jack tells Victor that the real Jack is dead. This leads to a heated argument between the two when the fake Jack mentions the $10,000,000. Phyllis walks in and wants to know what's going on.

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