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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Liam that she is serious; what is it going to be. Liam asks her if Wyatt knows that the kiss she planted on him was more for Liam’s benefit than it was for Wyatt. She corrects him and says Wyatt planted the kiss on her and she enjoyed it but she would have wished it was Liam’s lips instead. He will have to work with her on that or she moves on. Bill finds Wyatt who says that his #1 son is out to lunch. Bill sees that he is in for a pity party as Wyatt says Liam has all the pressure, President at Spencer and VP at Forrester …..and Wyatt he’s just glad to be a working grunt. Bill explains that Liam has Steffy and they needed her shares to complete the transaction. Wyatt says maybe Bill hasn’t noticed, but Liam is with Ivy. Not to worry, says Bill, Steffy is back and it’s only a matter of time. They are meant to be together and you can’t fight destiny. Wyatt says unless Ivy disappears, it seems pretty solid with Liam. Bill continues to argue that Ivy is just a stopgap measure and will never compete now that Steffy is working so closely with Liam. That woman is incredible. Wyatt admits she is incredible and a hell of a kisser. Bill seems a little shocked that Wyatt has already kissed her too. Quinn is too quick and sees the Deportation papers on Ivy’s desk and asks what is she going to do. It is her problem too since they work together on the jewelry line. Ivy explains that she thought she had dual citizenship but her dad did not fill out the papers properly. Immigration is telling her to go back to Australia and do them properly but that could take months or even years and meanwhile Steffy will have her boyfriend. And she feels she is out of options unless she shows proof to Immigration that she is leaving the country. She needs to talk to Carter and get his view. But she knows Steffy will be throwing a party and be all over Liam the minute she hears Ivy is on the plane back to Australia. Quinn tells her to take the rest of the day off. She really needs to go talk to Liam about this. She needs to make this work. It is too important to accept defeat.

Steffy tells Liam that she hopes he is not uncomfortable as that was always their strong suit, being comfortable with each….and in this room where he asked her to marry him. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to suffer. She has done enough of that. Bill questions Wyatt that why would he kiss Steffy. Wyatt answers honestly that Steffy is a free agent and she is sexy as hell so he’d be a fool not to. Bill counters with that she is in love with Wyatt’s brother….that is reason enough not to. Wyatt says thanks Dad, he is so touched that Bill might want to protect him from getting hurt. Quinn comes in and asks Wyatt if he told Bill the wonderful news. Bill scoffs and says she needs to look at the bigger picture. Steffy and Liam were married, they have history and they are going to be the future of FC. Wyatt tells them enough. He is not in love with Steffy and they are not an item but he certainly isn’t backing off because Bill said so. Steffy tells Liam that she is not trying to force or put pressure on him but the memories this house has….and the good ones always seem to outweigh the bad ones. He says he would not give any of those memories up as they brought them to where they are now. It is like they stepped outside a time capsule. Steffy says yes she wants her life back, all of it, including the child they lost. She knows Ivy is great and all but she feels her own life is not complete. She is sorry she had to run away to Paris and not be there for him, but she is here now. They can not turn back the clock but they can start again. He stops for a moment and says he has to talk to Ivy. He has to help her understand. He has to be honest with Ivy that it is all coming back, but he has to be honest with Steffy too that he does not know where this is heading…..things that he has kept inside for a very long time. Wyatt tells Quinn that is just the way Bill is but he is confident in his chances with Steffy. He hasn’t felt this way in a very long time since Hope. He’s excited about the summer and the future. Quinn wants it to be the best year of his life. Wyatt leaves as Ivy comes in. She tells Quinn that she just came from Liam’s place and she is going to lose him. She can not afford to go to Australia right now as she will lose Liam and Steffy will win. She was in his house and overheard what he said to Steffy and they were making plans. Liam tells Steffy that Ivy is coming over so she better leave. Steffy says okay but she wants a family with Liam and she will never stop believing in them. Nothing will stop them this time. Quinn tells Ivy that she is absolutely right. She cannot go back to Australia now, and Liam is not going back to Steffy. She is gonna make sure of that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ talked to Abby about what he did to Paige.  Eve went to see Theresa and told her about Jennifer and JJ.  Jennifer went to see Daniel.  Stefano was back in Salem to celebrate Abby spending the night with Chad.  Daniel tried to help Jennifer feel better about what she did to Paige.  Jennifer blamed Eve for what happened with JJ.  Theresa wanted to know what happened with Eve, but Paige was there.  Stefano told Chad how he knew he was with Abby.  Chad was upset about Stefano knowing about it.  Hope went to see Victor about Clyde.  Jennifer told Daniel how Paige was upset with her for keeping JJ and Eve's secret.  Paige wanted Theresa to get her things from Eve's apartment.  Paige ended up telling Theresa that Eve slept with JJ.  JJ told Abby that he wouldn't give up on Paige.  Daniel comforted Jennifer about what she did.  Abby wanted JJ to accept losing Paige, but he wouldn't.  Hope questioned Victor about Clyde, but he wouldn't tell her anything.

When Jennifer got home, Abby apologized to her about the way she treated her.  JJ went to see Daniel to talk about Paige.  Theresa was shocked that Eve slept with JJ.  Paige told Theresa what happened with Eve and JJ.  Paige said she didn't want to see Eve again.  JJ wanted Daniel to talk Paige into giving him a second chance.  Daniel refused to help him.  Daniel told him it was over between him and Paige.  Theresa grilled Eve about what she did with JJ.  Jennifer drove it home how happy Abby and Ben were which made Abby uncomfortable.  Chad wanted to know why Stefano wanted him with Abby.  Hope asked Victor if Clyde was responsible for what happened to Sonny.  Before Victor could answer, Clyde called him and wanted to meet.  Victor wanted Hope to leave the situation alone.  Daniel told JJ to accept the fact that it's over between him and Paige.  When JJ was about to leave, Paige was there.  JJ left Daniel's place.  Paige didn't want Daniel to lie to her.  She asked if he knew the truth about JJ and Eve.  Theresa didn't understand how Eve blamed JJ and Jennifer for what she did.  Eve told Theresa that Jennifer blackmailed her to keep quiet.  Eve wanted to make Jennifer pay.  Daniel said he knew about Eve and JJ.  He apologized, but she wasn't upset with him.  Daniel wished he could help and Paige thought he could.  Clyde didn't want Victor to talk to Hope.  Clyde also threatened to expose Victor.  Paige wanted Daniel to tell the Devereauxs to back off.  Daniel agreed, but wanted her to talk to someone about her problems.  She didn't want to talk about it anymore.  Victor threatened to have Clyde killed if he came back to the mansion.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth is afraid that Jake will find out who he is if he ends up working for his own family. Nikolas tells her that if Jake gets the job, he will be working for Nikolas because he is close to having controlling interest in ELQ. He tells Elizabeth that she is overestimating the likelihood of Jake ever remembering anything. Jake goes to see Michael about a job as head of security at ELQ. Jake is drawn to a picture of Monica holding Danny when he was an infant and tells Michael that he often wonders if he has a son out there somewhere. Michael hires Jake. Rosalie eavesdrops on Michael and Jake’s conversation. Sabrina gets into it with Rosalie. Rosalie tells Sabrina that dating the man who pays her makes her a hooker. Nina tells Sam that she sold all of her ELQ shares to Rosalie. Sam tells Nina that Rosalie said she didn’t. Sam offers to expose Rosalie’s secret on Nina’s behalf so Nina’s hands will stay clean. Nina doesn’t want to give up her leverage.

TJ tells Ric and Molly that he used his credit card to buy earrings for Molly and that the store said the card was either stolen or fake. Dante says the mall cop tried to stop TJ from leaving and the cop ended up on the floor and insisted that Dante arrest TJ for assault. Ric says detaining a paying customer because he is African-American is racial profiling. Mayor Lomax calls Jordan and tells her that the store gave the story to the press so they have to handle it by the book. Jordan instructs Dante to book TJ.

Madeline goes to General Hospital to see Liesl. She tells Liesl that the charges against her in the kidnapping of Ava Jerome’s baby were dropped because Ava is dead and can’t testify. Franco tells Madeline that Nina’s new husband is after the Reeves family fortune. He suggests that they hire Madeline’s new hot-shot lawyer to get Nina’s money away from Ric and give it to Madeline. Madeline says she doesn’t care anymore. Obrecht laughs.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Though Dylan and Phyllis think Avery should seek revenge against Joe, she thinks a restraining order should be enough. Dylan and Phyllis change Avery's mind about leaving Genoa City. Lily tricks Lauren into admitting she kissed Cane. Michael asks Cane to sleep with Lauren, because he can't satisfy her in bed. Cane refuses and goes to find Lily. When he finds her, she is livid. Cane isn't happy with her, either, knowing she tricked Lauren. Lily goes to the Underground where she flirts with Joe. Dylan goes home to Sharon and assures her, once again, that he is committed to her.

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