Wednesday 6/10/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/10/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill follows Liam into his cliff house, still dogging him about selecting and still saying he is committed to Ivy when Steffy is back. Bill reminds him that she still loves him. Liam gives him lip service of course and tells him to drop this. Bill tells him that he can’t as Liam may have waited too late already and let someone else snag Steffy as they speak. Steffy is surprised that Wyatt says he will not play second fiddle to his brother and then he kisses her. He says they both spend too much time looking back instead of what is right in front of them. And Ivy is not going anywhere. Ivy is visited by an Immigration officer who basically tells her she only has an Australian passport and not American so she is in the states illegally. Her dad had been wrong when she wrote down dual citizenship. She thinks it is as simple as making it right but the man says it won’t be that easy now after the fact. Every day she works here she is breaking the law. She will have to return to Australia to fill out the proper papers and even then she may not return to the states. He tells her to book a flight and send him proof that she is leaving the country or he will be back with a court order. She calls Carter who rushes to her and can not believe she is being deported. Ivy is worried this will mean the end of her and Liam.

Quinn finds Wyatt working at his desk and she is all giddy and declares love can do that to her. She wants to see Ivy as they are design partners and despite past differences Quinn thinks Ivy has let that go and they are okay. Wyatt admits that love can do that for you, even he has let Hope go for all intents and purposes they are divorced. Quinn picks up on the hint there might be another woman on the horizon for Wyatt and begins to question him. Good naturedly Wyatt tells her she is an overly inquisitive mother and he prefers to keep his private life private. She knows it is not Hope nor Nicole and is excited when Wyatt turns around a picture on the desk of Steffy. He explains they are both ready to move on and find happiness. Quinn finds Ivy in a down mood and picks up the papers saying she will be deported. Steffy walks into Liam’s house and senses tension but tells Bill and Liam this is official FC business. She takes out a sexy red lacy teddy and holds it up to herself and says she is thinking of rebooting the lingerie line….do they need to see it on? Liam screams for Bill to leave. Liam tells her that he thought she was going to have sketches first. She doesn’t want to waste time and asks if it is too risqué. He says no, for once he agrees with Bill. It is hot as hell. They end up on the subject that Bill still thinks Steffy is the right woman for him…..except for Ivy is in the way now. But if Liam doesn’t make his move, someone else might. Steffy states that it is not Carter or Charlie but someone with Liam’s same last name. He blows a gasket when he realizes it is his brother, Wyatt…..anybody but Wyatt! She explains that Wyatt kissed her. Liam hopes she slapped his face and walked away. Steffy tells Liam that she put her feelings out there more than once and was told every time that Liam was committed to Ivy so she is simply moving on. She did not get over him in Paris. She kept thinking he’d get over Ivy but he might not be honest with himself. If Liam wants her he needs to show her now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden wondered if Clyde was keeping tabs on his son.  Ben told Chad that he saw him with Abby.  Kate announced at Ariannaís party that Lucas and Adrienne were sleeping together.  Clyde said Aidenís secretary told him about Chase.  Lucas wanted to tell people about him and Adrienne, but she didnít want to tell anyone at the party yet.  Adrienne walked in on Kate announcing that Adrienne was sleeping with Lucas.  Chad didnít care if Ben saw him and Abby together.  Lucas admitted to being with Adrienne.  Ben told Chad that he saw him and Abby talking about Kristen.  Ben offered his condolences, but Chad didnít buy it.  Lucas confronted Kate about exposing his affair.  People were understanding of Adrienne sleeping with Lucas.  Paul talked to Justin about his relationship with Sonny and why it didnít work out.

Clyde thought Hope was the reason why Aiden was suspicious of him.  During Ariannaís party, Rafe and Hope talked about Clyde and how he could have been responsible for Sonnyís attack.  Ben told Chad how he saw him with Abby.  Abby showed up while they were arguing.  Justin and Paul talked about Sonny.  Hope told Rafe that she suspected Clyde of stabbing Sonny.  She didnít want Clyde near Aiden or Chase.  Kate tried to reach out to Lucas, but it didnít do any good.  Abby defended Ben when he said he was upset about Kristen.  Rafe ran into Aiden and asked him about Clyde.  Adrienne told Justin that everyone knows about her and Lucas.  Clyde wanted someone to check out what Hope is up to.  Aiden wouldnít tell Rafe about Clyde.  Justin didnít want to give up his marriage to Adrienne.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco returns the Egg Salad painting to Obrecht, torn and taped, and tells her that Nina damaged it in a rant. He tells Liesl that he and Nathan have been unable to convince Nina that Ric only married her for her family’s money. Obrecht suggests that Franco enlist Nina’s mother because Magda would stop anyone from getting the fortune she believes she deserves. Obrecht calls Pentonville to set up a visit with Madeline, only to be told that she is gone. Ric is shocked when Nina tells him that she had an 11.5 percent stake in ELQ that she sold. She says she thought he wasn’t interested in her money. He insists that he is only concerned about her. Ric introduces Molly to Nina. Molly says it was Nina who ruined Sam’s relationship with Silas. Nina points out that she and Silas were married at the time. Nina wants to be Molly’s second mother. Molly is repulsed by the idea. TJ calls Molly to ask for her help after being arrested. Molly and Ric rush over to the station, leaving Nina at the Metro Court Restaurant with the bill.

Michael tells Rosalie that Franco told him that Nina sold Franco’s ELQ shares to Rosalie. Rosalie says she doesn’t know why Nina told Franco that because it obviously isn’t true since Rosalie returned to Michael with all of his money. She concludes that his suspicion is coming from Sabrina and suggests that Sabrina sees her as a threat, knowing that she and Michael could have become a thing at one time. Sabrina tells Sam all the gossip she knows about Rosalie and asks her to investigate her. Sabrina tells Sam that Rosalie has a secret and that Nina Clay knows what it is. Sam finds Nina and sits at her table.

Jake dreams about playing with a toy motorcycle with Danny Morgan. Jake notices that ELQ has an ad for a security manager job. Elizabeth keeps coming up with reasons for him not to apply. Ric goes to see Michael anyway. Kyle Sloane tells Nikolas to order Mayor Lomax to reappoint him. Nikolas offers Sloane an alternative employment opportunity helping him take over ELQ. He tells Kyle that he is going to try to get Dillon Quartermaine’s 11.5 percent, but that he wants Kyle to try to get either Brooke Lynn Ashton or Maya Ward’s 6 percent. Sloane takes the job. Elizabeth goes to Nikolas and tells him that they have a problem.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ashley is rushed into surgery to repair bleeding in her brain, but since it was caught in time, she is expected to make a full recovery. Billy and Victoria admit that they still care about each other and promise to talk about the situation later. Victor and Victoria suspect Fake Jack (Marco) is planning to double cross them, and they are right, because Fake Jack tells Billy and Kyle that it is time to push Victor out of the company. Dylan and Phyllis both think that Joe is responsible for Avery's disappearance so Paul questions Joe who tells him that he and Avery had an argument, and he decided to move out of her house. Avery shows up at the coffeehouse where Dylan comforts her and Sharon sees them together. Avery tells Dylan about her argument with Joe, and she says she must leave town because Joe is being violent again just like when he hit her once when they were married.

Sharon arrives at the Athletic Club and sees Phyllis and Joe talking. She tells them both that Avery is at the coffeehouse with Dylan. Marco's girlfriend Marisa sleeps with the ship's captain to distract him so Jack can have time to untie himself. Marisa returns to help Jack find his way on the ship. Jack decides to set fire to the hold by making a fire using steel wool and batteries like he learned in Boy Scouts. Jack starts the fire and he and Marisa start to leave the ship when it explodes and is engulfed in flames.

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