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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy asks Wyatt if he is propositioning her since she is his boss. He says just making a suggestion. He feels he should have been in that meeting today. She is not sure what he is suggesting. He says he is serious so what if he is? Ivy tells Liam that Steffy has only been here a short time and already she has kissed him twice. She is not joking; she does not like these odds. She says she does not blame him but she does not trust Steffy. He is committed to Ivy but Steffy may not stop at anything to get him back. Steffy asks if Wyatt hits on all the new faces at Forrester the way he did with Nicole. He says when his marriage ended with Hope he did not want to date anyone, but now it is time and he just wants to have fun. He is through mourning the loss with Hope and it’s time for her to do so with Liam. Ivy feels like she needs someone on her side. She does not want to sound ungrateful. She loves coming to America and working at FC and she does not want to lose that.

Bill walks in as Ivy and Liam hug and asks if they are working on their assets. He congratulates him on sticking it to Ridge. Bill says he is out of his mind; he would never have sided with Rick. Rick would never screw over the master. Everybody in that room had to believe what he said right up to taking a punch for the team. So they can pile on as if he is not being punished enough already. Now he wants to be talking about what is happening today. Ridge tells Caroline that he talked to her doctor and he feels it might be time to put some weight on her legs. She tells him he should not be here. He needs to be back at the office. He says he misses her there, they are a team and he needs her there. He wants to help her. Caroline tears up and is crying as she explains to Ridge how her accident happened and her wondering if she would ever walk again. He doesn’t want her to be scared anymore. He says she is going to take her first steps today. Bill tells Liam that Ivy is a cute girl….smart and intelligent but is he really that committed to her with Steffy back in town. An Immigration officer visits Ivy. Wyatt tells Steffy that he didn’t just lose his relationship with Hope. They lost a baby too just like her and Liam. It never goes away. But Steffy is too beautiful and too smart to be locked down because of Liam and she can learn to smile again. Neither one of them should be second choice. They are both unattached and maybe they can have just a little more fun. He kisses her. Then says so just so she knows he will not play second string to his brother. Caroline cries that she can’t do anything now. She can not get dressed or get in a car to do anything and that is not her. She does not ask for help. Now she is just stuck here and she is on hold until she can get back on her feet. He says they will make it happen so let him help. He says he picked up some things today to help her. He brings in a walker. He said he was nobody when he tried to draw until she held the pencil and he wants to help her the same way. He urges her to try the walker and helps her onto it. She is shaky and struggles but slowly moves her feet with him holding her around the waist. Then he lets go and smiles as she walks a foot across the floor. She flops on the couch and thanks him as he cradles her legs on his lap. He kisses her and she holds tightly to him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden wondered what Hope and Rafe were doing at her office, but they didn’t tell him.  When Aiden left, they talked about Clyde.  Roman interrupted them to find out what Rafe was doing there.  Will was upset when Marlena questioned whether or not he wanted to save his marriage.  Sonny ran into Paul and wanted to talk.  Paul wanted to know what Sonny wanted.  Hope told Roman that she needed Rafe’s help with an old case.  Roman believed the lie and wanted her to hurry up with the case.  Clyde tried to warn Ben that Chad wanted Abby back, but Ben wouldn’t listen.  Sonny told Paul about his honesty hour with Will.  Sonny didn’t tell Paul what he told Will.  

Marlena talked to Will about his marriage.  Will was upset that Sonny had feelings for Paul.  Will was determined not to lose Sonny.  Marlena gave Will advice on how to keep Sonny.  Hope and Rafe continued to investigate Clyde.  Clyde tried to reassure Ben that Abby didn’t need Chad.  Abby felt bad about what she did to Ben.  Chad suggested that Abby not say anything about it.  He said he wouldn’t tell anyone.  He told her how much it meant to him, but she wanted to leave.  Aiden met with Clyde to let him know he protected his assets.  When Will brought Arianna to Sonny’s club, Sonny told him that he ran into Paul.  Sonny said he and Paul talked for a few minutes.  Will and Sonny argued over Paul.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nathan tells Maxie about his plan with Franco to get Nina away from Ric and that likelihood that it pushed her even closer to Ric. Maxie tells him that anything involving Franco is a bad idea and that he should have enlisted Silas’ help instead. Kiki suggests that Silas keep his distance from Nina. Silas suggests that Kiki be careful with Denise. Morgan kisses Denise. Swept up in passion, she whispers his name and says she has missed “this.” He jerks away and asks her what she means. She explains that she meant “this” in general because it has been a while since she has been with a man. She wants to continue, but he apologizes for kissing her and asks her not to mention it to anyone, especially not Kiki. Denise wonders why Kiki would care. Morgan and Kiki tell Denise that they are together. Morgan and Denise privately agree that they won’ tell Kiki what happened and it will never happen again.

Michael tells Sabrina that he sent Rosalie to offer Nina a briefcase full of money in exchange for Franco’s ELQ shares, but that Nina didn’t take the deal. Franco finds Nina and tells her that he will leave her alone about Ric if she gives him his ELQ shares. She tells him that he said they were “their” shares so she sold them to Rosalie to give to Michael. Franco tells Nina to give him his half of the money. She refuses. Franco goes to the Quartermaine estate and demands his money from Michael. Michael tells Franco that he doesn’t have the shares and doesn’t owe Franco any money for the shares that he blackmailed away from Ned. Michael tells Sabrina that Nina obviously lied to Franco about selling the shares. Sabrina suggests that perhaps Rosalie lied to Michael. Nikolas tells Rosalie that with Franco’s ELQ shares in hand, he only needs one more block of ELQ stock to have amassed a controlling portion. Nikolas tells Rosalie that he could target Brook Lynn or Maya’s shares and that he would also need Lucy Coe’s one percent tiebreaker share. He concludes that he could instead go after Dillon Quartermaine’s larger block of shares. He says he doesn’t have a relationship with Dillon, but Dillon and Lulu have a past.

Dillon and Lulu demand that Luke tell them why he suddenly called off the engagement that he insisted that everyone drop everything to celebrate. Laura says that after hearing about Luke’s parents’ deaths, she realized she and Luke still don’t have closure to their relationship. Luke confirms that he and Laura are back together. Tracy tells Luke what a pathetic loser he is and predicts that when he gets sick of Laura or she gets sick of him or she goes chasing after Scott again, that Luke will be back on bended knee and she will enjoy walking away and never looking back. Dillon tells Lulu that he is sorry that she wasted her life hero-worshipping such a pathetic SOB and that her mother deserves him. Lulu tells her parents that if they want to be together, then she is happy for them, but she isn’t happy that they humiliated Tracy at her engagement party. At home, Tracy tells Dillon that no one has ever loved her. He says he does. Lulu goes to the Quartermaine mansion to check on Tracy and apologizes to Dillon. Luke and Laura agree that they did what they had to do, no matter what it cost.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Marco asks Kyle to wire money to South America. He says it's for a shipment that will save the company millions, but it's really to pay for Marco's "prize," the real Jack Abbott. On the ship, Jack reveals to Marisa that he is not Marco. Marisa seduces the captain in an attempt to save herself and Jack. Summer and Phyllis go to Avery's apartment and find a bloody, broken vase on the floor. Dylan assures Sharon that she is the one he wants to be with; but when Phyllis calls and says Avery is missing, Dylan rushes over. Paul asks Dylan, Phyllis, and Summer to let him do his job, but Dylan heads to the GCAC to confront Joe. Ashley checks herself out of the hospital. After Ben realizes that Ashley has had an aneurysm, he and Abby convince Ashley to return to the hospital for testing.

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