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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy confesses to Ridge that Aly caught her kissing Liam so she is sure Ivy will get wind of it soon. Ridge says she promised him that Liam had moved on and this would not be a problem. She assures him it won’t be; she just got wrapped up in the moment signing contracts and had some champagne. Ivy tells Aly that she doesn’t think Steffy will be a problem anymore. Aly says don’t count on it…..she just saw Steffy kissing Liam. But it was all Steffy, not Liam. Liam shows up in new suit for his new job. Aly jumps on Liam right away and says Ivy is her friend yet she saw Steffy kiss him and she will not let this go. He needs to be more careful. Steffy tries to jump in and Aly dismisses her. Liam tells her that he knows she means well but nothing is happening here. Trust him, there is nothing here to worry about. Aly says maybe not but Ivy knows, she told her. Ivy tells Wyatt that Steffy has been in town two minutes and already she has kissed her boyfriend. She knows they had a pretty intense relationship but what girl keeps throwing herself at other’s men. Wyatt assures her that Ivy is just as pretty and interesting and sexy so she should not worry. Shy says she knows but she hates to be looking over her shoulder always waiting for Steffy to make her move. She tells Wyatt again that he should ask Steffy out.

At the first meeting of the round table Ridge thanks them all for settling in. He hopes for big things to happen and he brings in his first two models with his and Caroline’s designs. Steffy brings up the lingerie line and Aly accuses her of wanting to be the model and spokesperson. Liam tries to give Ivy credit for some jewelry but it turns out it was Quinn’s designs. Aly asks about Hope for the Future and Ridge says Hope is not here so that has been shelved for now. Because of Aly’s harping Ridge calls the meeting for another time. Steffy tells Liam that she is glad he is aboard and she will always love him but he has Ivy so go be with her, it will be okay. Just as Liam leaves, Wyatt walks in and sees Steffy in conflict and figures it is about Liam. She says she has a lot on her mind and not just Liam. Wyatt asks if she still has feelings for him. She asks if it is that obvious. He says she might as well have a sign around hr neck stating it. He says he understands as he did the same with Hope. She says he is quite the charmer but she can not see him with Hope. Wyatt tells her that she will be all right….just needs to change her perspective on things. She admits it won’t be easy seeing Liam with Ivy. She says every time she comes back she says she will be strong but when she sees Liam then it brings back everything. She just wants a summer of love and adventure and fun. Wyatt says they can, just look right in front of them. Ivy confronts Liam and says Steffy is at it again and she can not excuse it with Steffy just being caught up in the moment. She wants his lips all to herself.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric wanted to know what was going on with Serena and Xander.  Eric wanted to know why Xander would send her a picture of her and Xander together.  She said she had no idea why Xander sent the picture, but that made Eric leave.  Nicole lost the information she found about Xander being a killer.  Victor was upset with Xander for messing up.  Xander wanted to know why Victor wouldn’t give him another chance, but Victor told him he was out.  Chad and Abby kissed and started to take their clothes off outside.  Xander was upset with Victor for kicking him out over Daniel.  Serena called Xander and told him that Eric knew everything.

Chad and Abby made love.  Abby thought she and Chad shouldn’t have slept together, but they kissed again.  Eric ran into Daniel and found out the elephant statue had a secret compartment.  Eric thought about the way Serena kept asking him about the elephant.  Serena told Xander that Eric knew that she slept with Xander, but not about the diamonds.  Abby regretted sleeping with Chad until he told her he would make love to her all night long.  Eric went back to Serena’s place to find out about the statue.  Eric wanted to know what was inside.  When she wouldn’t tell him what was going on, he left again.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

As Luke is proposing a toast to Tracy, Laura arrives and interrupts and insists upon speaking to Luke privately. When Luke and Laura return to the room, Luke asks the guests to leave and tells Tracy that he can’t go through with the engagement. Kyle Sloane intercepts Anna at the airport. She tells him that she is taking Duke’s ashes home to Scotland and that she doesn’t know when she will be back. Kyle asks Anna not to go. She says she has to handle it on her own, but promises that she will return. She goes to board the plane.

Nina tells Silas about Franco and Nathan trying to frame her for kidnapping Ava’s baby in an attempt to get her to annul her marriage to Ric Lansing. She explains that she and Ric got to know each other in the aftermath of his public humiliation and her break up with Franco that happened because he had accused her of taking Ava’s baby from the hospital. Silas says he is sorry and that he knows she didn’t do it. Ava goes to the Quartermaine estate as Denise DeMuccio and asks Michael if it would be all right if she spends time with her niece. Michael lets her hold Avery and tells her to call his office to set up a time for another visit.

Morgan and Kiki go to Julian’s place looking for Denise. The guard tells them that Dr. Clay was there and might know where she went. Kiki goes to the Floating Rib looking for Denise, but finds Silas. Nina needs another drink when she hears that there is an Ava Jerome lookalike. Ava returns to the penthouse crying, unaware that Morgan is waiting inside. Morgan holds her to comfort her as she cries. He observes that she, Denise, must be experiencing overwhelming emotions from meeting so many people that she is connected to through her sister, Ava. Morgan says it feels as though he is holding Ava. He kisses her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At home, Joe wants Avery to make love to him but she doesn’t know what to think of his proposition. Lily calls Cane and apologizes for her actions and asks him to call her. In the park, Cane kisses Lauren and when they pull apart, Lauren asks him where that came from. Unbeknownst to them, someone is watching from the bushes. At the Underground, Ben blasts Kevin for his actions in wanting to get his friends involved in an interview to possibly lure out the killer. Abby thinks of another way to help to lure out the killer. In his office at the police department, Paul and Mark wonder if Kevin is still cyber-sleuthing. Mark fills Paul in that the young people were asked for an interview. Abby tells Kevin to hack into the police computer where the message originated. Kevin tells her that he hacked into the police computer and was suspended from his job. After they leave, Mariah asks Kevin to help her from being exposed as the one who sent the message but Kevin refuses to help her. Mariah suggests that they run. In the lab at Jabot, Ashley asks Michael to help her to get her affairs in order. After Michael leaves, Ashley takes another one of her pills. Abby and Ben come into the lab and discuss the post on GC Buzz. Ashley comes out and asks about the post. Ashley feels funny and almost faints which alarms both Ben and Abby. At Crimson Lights, Michael sits at a table and remembers Lauren kissing Cane. Lauren walks in and Michael asks if she signed the divorce papers. After talking a few moments, Michael tells her to let them discuss what she has done. Lauren is puzzled. At the Athletic Club, Lily apologizes to Cane for her actions and for being so jealous of his attention to Lauren. Avery tells Joe to stop trying to recapture their past but then she becomes angry and agrees to make love to him.

Ashley explains to Ben and Abby that the medication is for migraines which she has been having for the last few weeks. Ben makes up an excuse to leave. Abby asks Ashley if the migraines started when she started dating Ben. Ashley lets her know that she would never ask her to stop seeing Ben. Paul tells Mark that they have a lead on the “Catch Me If You Can” message. Kevin asks Mariah to confess to what she did, but she refuses. Mariah decides instead to leave town. Paul and Mark walk in and Mark arrests Mariah. At the hospital, Ben asks Dr. Shelby about Ashley’s migraines but Dr. Shelby refuses to divulge any information and tells Ben to leave. Cane tells Lily that he loves her and then they kiss. Michael tells Lauren that he saw her kissing Cane. Dr. Shelby calls Ashley to tell her that Ben had been asking questions about her. Ashley confronts Ben about being at the hospital and not where he was supposed to be. Ashley tells him not to be concerned over her but he concerned over Abby. At the police department, Mark and Paul reprimand Kevin and Mariah for getting involved in a police investigation. Paul releases them but not before warning them not to do anything else. Lauren tells Michael what he took from her. Michael yells at her to divorce him. Avery tries to make love to Cane but he pushes her off and grabs her by the arm. Avery remembers what happened between them in the past. Avery orders Joe to leave. Lauren finds Cane at the Athletic Club bar and tells him that Michael saw them kissing, Cane tells her that he needs to find Lily and tell her what happened before Michael can. Lily catches up to Michael at Crimson Lights and sits down with him. Lily tells him that he needs to reconsider the divorce. Michael tells her that she needs to take care of things between her and Cane. Lily asks him what that means, but he refuses to tell her. Kevin and Mariah get a message on their phone that Paul is holding a press conference. During the conference, Paul divulges some information to the press that isn’t necessarily true just to lure the killer to expose himself.

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