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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Maya that nothing is more important than her and no one will shame her. He does not need that job or that title. She says she does not want him to do this for her. He says that is the way love works. She says she is starting to understand what she means to him. He tells her to get used to idiots that he has to punch out that go after her. She is not on her own anymore. No one will ever hurt her. Aly, Wyatt and Ivy come in and asks Ridge if all turned out okay and Steffy said it did. Aly rushes to Oliver and tells him Rick is out and Ridge is in so he might have to do some re-shoots. Steffy pours the champagne and says they have paperwork to do. She gushes to Liam that they did it! Ridge goes home to Caroline who is disappointed at first then elated when she hears despite Bill’s interference that Ridge is the new CEO. She says he deserves it and she is happy for him. She wishes she could do an Irish jig for him. He says they are a team and he knows she is by his side.

Wyatt and Ivy chat and she says she is not worried about Steffy being back. She knows Liam is committed to her. Wyatt says Steffy is a force and sometimes men can not say no to that. She turns the tables on him and asks if he could resist Steffy and would he ask her out. Steffy pours more champagne and giggles at everything Liam says as they sign papers. They both are on a high and he even allows her (as if he could stop) to kiss him as Aly walks in and sees them. Liam leaves and Aly charges in and says she saw her throwing herself at Liam. He is committed and she has no right to do this. Ivy is more suitable. Steffy says excuse her but this is not up to Aly. Liam goes straight to Ivy and says she has no reason to worry. He is committed to Ivy and eventually the right guy will come along and she will back off. Ivy tells him that they may have found the right guy right here in Wyatt. Steffy tells Aly that just because she has been a member of Hope Logan’s fan club all her life does not mean she can hate on Steffy or what she does or does not do with Liam. Aly talks about morals and values that once was. Steffy says one kiss with Liam won’t corrupt FC. Aly says she is sure Steffy has some great memories but that is all it will ever be for Liam. Rick tells Maya they have both made mistakes they can not change but they can move forward and things can be improved. He does not care what the tabloids say. How can he be accepting and loving and that hurt him in the public eye.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

"Days of Our Lives" does not air today due to NBC's broadcast of French Open Tennis.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke apologizes to Alice for treating her badly when he wasn’t in his right mind. Tracy tells Michael that she and Luke are engaged. Michael tells her that he was unable to buy back Ned’s shares of ELQ from Franco and Nina. Dillon tells Michael that he heard about how Michael got custody of AJ and says he hopes Michael knows what he got himself into with Sonny. Dillon assures Michael that he will never part with his ELQ shares. Michael hopes the same is true for Maya and Brooke Lynn.

Lucy arrives at the Haunted Star ready to officiate Luke and Tracy’s wedding, only to be told by Lulu that it’s an engagement parry, not a wedding. Lulu assures Lucy that she had the boat swept for explosives. Lucy and Lulu call the people they want to invite to the party. But they can’t reach anyone. Sonny, Scott, Carly, and Bobbie gather at the Floating Rib with Brad and Lucas to celebrate their engagement. Scott and Sonny get into a fight. Dante and Valerie go to the Floating Rib for dinner. Dante breaks up the fight. Luke and Tracy arrive and wonder where all the guests are. Lulu finally reaches Dante and tells him about the party. Dante gets everyone at the Floating Rib to change venue to the Haunted Star. Lulu tries to be happy that Valerie got the job at the PCPD. Lulu introduces Dillon to Dante and Valerie. Luke makes a sappy speech about love and proposes a toast to the woman he loves. Laura unexpectedly walks in.

Sonny tells Valerie, Dante, Brad, and Lucas that he knows Denise is Ava and that she did something to her DNA and her fingerprints. Ava tells Silas to keep his mouth shut about Denise or else she will reveal the part he played in it. He tells her that she is lucky that the cops didn’t do a cheek swab because that would have been a positive DNA match for Ava’s real DNA in spite of the marrow transplant. She tells Silas that she burned off her fingerprints with heat and chemicals. She says she is taking this chance to be with her daughters as their aunt and she isn’t going to let him ruin that for her. She reveals that she wants to have Silas in her life too. Ava goes to the Quartermaine mansion. Franco tells Nina that he will retract his statement that she confessed to kidnapping Avery Jerome if she signs papers to annul her marriage to Ric Lansing. Nina insists that Ric married her because he loves her. She says if she made a mistake, it is her mistake to make. She tells Franco that she will never go back to him, even if she signs the paper. She refuses to sign and dares Nathan to arrest her. Nathan won’t do it. Nina goes to the Floating Rib and orders a double scotch. Silas is asks her if she is ok. She tells him that Franco and her brother just tried to frame her for kidnapping Ava’s baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki listens to a tape on addiction when Neil visits her. The fake Jack catches Victor on the phone trying to find out about the real Jack. Marisa tries to help Jack but she is quite surprised when he tells her that he has the man’s money, and he will arrange to give her half of it. At the Athletic Club, Devon and Hilary have made love to celebrate her divorce from Neil. Hilary is surprised when she reaches under her pillow and finds a ring box which holds her eternity ring. Devon asks Hilary to marry him. Cane and Lauren discuss how Michael is pushing her away. Lily watches their closeness and is jealous. Avery confronts Joe about Summer seeing him standing up and walking. The fake Jack asks Victor questions about Kelly and the real Jack. Jack shows Victor a microchip of evidence against him from the very first time they met and how he came to start acting like Jack Abbott and he will use it if it comes down to it. Ashley interrupts them and wants to know what is going on. Neil assures Nikki that Victor loves her very much. Neil reminds her that she is here to overcome an addiction. Hilary hesitates but only for a moment and then agrees to marry Devon. Joe tells Avery that he was waiting for the right moment to tell her that he could walk. Avery orders Joe to walk. Joe gets up and stumbling walks to Avery. When Avery walks to him, she slaps him across the face. Joe confesses to Avery that he has been walking for weeks. Lily interrupts Cane and Lauren. She lashes out at Lauren for spending too much time with Cane and tells her to back off. Ashley asks Jack what's going on. Jack hesitates to tell her the truth of who he really is. Nikki calls Victor to come visit her. Jack tells Avery that they need to talk. Jack tells Marisa about life in Genoa City. Marisa offers to help him but only if she can share his life.

Joe tells Avery that there is a reason why he lied to her all these weeks. Devon tells Lily to stop this that she is out of line. Cane also sides with Devon and tells Lily that she is out of line. Victor surprises Nikki with tulips. Nikki lets Victor know that if she is to retain her sobriety, they will have to remain apart indefinitely. Victor refuses to go along with Nikki but she will not take no for an answer. The man interrupts Jack and Marisa and pulls a gun on them. In the park, Cane and Lauren sit on a park bench and talk. Devon tells Lily that he and Hilary are getting married. Neil overhears. Avery tells Joe to pack his clothes and be gone when she gets back. Joe turns the tables on her and blackmails her to stay with him and even to make love to him. Ashley agrees to be the executor of Jack’s estate, but out in the corridor, she has a pain in her head and has to take one of her pills. Neil refuses to give Devon and Hilary his blessing. Victor confronts Neil about talking Nikki into leaving him. Lily calls Cane to apologize. Cane and Lauren kiss.

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