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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dollar Bill plays with the group. He tells them this is not a joke unless it is on them. He can throw his shares at Rick and even name the President, so Ridge instead of puffing up should be puckering up and tell him why he should come to his side of the table. He says he woke up this morning and he just knew he would love this day. Aly gushes to Ivy that Ridge now has enough votes to take over FC and he can finally take down that awful picture of Maya at Eric’s. Wyatt sits by patiently but finally has enough and says that he brought FC lots of prestige with the Hope diamond and yet Liam who doesn’t even work here at FC gets invited into the meeting and Wyatt doesn’t…..does not seem fair. And Liam knows nothing about fashion and Wyatt might have to answer to him – nah. Ivy reminds him that he knew this was in the works and he says yeah but he doesn’t have to like it and no one asked him anyway. He was sent off to do all the dirty work but Nicole turned out to be collateral damage. But Liam gets to share in the all spoils. Wyatt grouses it is always this way. Bill rewards Liam for all he does when it is Wyatt who should be on the other side of that door now. Aly tells Wyatt that she understands where he is coming from but he did good to get his dad to topple Maya off her pedestal and she does not feel sorry for her at all and is glad Ridge will be taking over for Rick and he and Maya will be out of their lives.

Liam rants at his dad that he has been working on this deal for months so what happened to that. Bill says wait a minute, things do change sometimes. He yells okay let’s see what is behind Door #2. Ridge wants to be the big man so now is the time to try to convince Bill why that should happen. Nick stops by to see Maya and says he figured she could use a friendly face. She is very glad to see him and they hug. He spots her travelling bags and says he hopes she is not leaving the city. She says that was the original plan but Rick came by and he did not hang up on her. He had been in a car accident. Rick still loves her but she is not sure that will be enough. So many people including Ridge knew she was transgender before Rick and she let that happen. Nick says no one has the right to stand in judgment. Everyone has that right how and when to tell their story. She says not telling Rick was a big mistake and she needs to own that. Ridge paces the office and then goes off on his dad if this is what he wants….inviting Bill in on this. Rick adds his 2 cents in. Then Liam rails at Bill that he wanted Rick out as much as he did and now he is on his side. Steffy tells them all to shut up. Bill made his grandstand but she and Liam and Ridge are going to take over. Bill says not without his 12.5 percent. Eric tells Bill to get on with it and get over it. So what is it gonna be – with Rick and Eric or with Ridge. Bill walks toward Liam and tells him how proud he is of him and the profound pleasure in watching him grow and how he wanted to step up and protect Caroline and Ivy. That is why he gave him control of his shares. But he did not give him ownership for the very reason they find themselves in right now. And when it comes to benefiting their own company he is not going to let emotions or personal loyalties stand in his way. Bill walks to Rick and says they have a deal, but not so fast. His acceptance is based on a condition. Rick says he is sure they can meet that. Bill isn’t so sure – Maya has to go……as the face of Forrester Creations, Maya is out. Ivy wonders why this is taking so long. They have the shares and there is the door. Wyatt tells her that his money is on her when it comes to her and Steffy and Liam’s affections. Nick tells Maya that her timetable was fine until Bill came into the picture. She agrees but says she has to bear some responsibility as she should have told Rick sooner and it would have come out some day even without Bill. He tells her to go back to the great couple they were. Love is as simple as it gets. She is grateful that she chose a man who will accept her. Rick can not believe what Bill is saying – he wants Maya out. Bill says the bottom line is the bottom line and Rick would know that if Maya was not his girlfriend. Many of their clients think Maya is a disgrace. Rick punches him and tells Bill that he is the disgrace. He walks out and then laughs insanely and calls Maya. Rick tells her not to go anywhere. He will be right there. Nick wishes her luck but says he does not think she will need it. Steffy congratulates her dad and says they did it, they beat Rick. She says he can finally take his place as the leader of this company and he always deserved it. Maya sees Rick’s face and assumes he is still CEO and wants to hear all the details. She knows how important this is to him but this was worth taking on Bill Spencer. He does not want to talk about any of this. He just wants to celebrate. Then he has to tell her that Bill offered his backing but he did not want Maya there because of the disgrace. He hit him because he disrespected her. And then he walked away. He will always defend her to his dying day as she is the woman that he loves.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

"Days of Our Lives" does not air today due to NBC's broadcast of French Open Tennis.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nina pays off her Metro Court tab with the money she got from selling Franco’s ELQ shares to Rosalie. Olivia tells Dante that she is leaving town to be with her baby. Dante tells Olivia that Julian is quitting the mob so maybe he won’t be a threat to her baby. She insists that she has to follow through with what she started. She tells him to look after himself and his family and to keep an eye on his father in law because she suspects that Luke still has a few surprises. Luke and Anna share memories of Duke. He invites her to his engagement party, but she can’t go because she is leaving for Scotland to spread Duke’s ashes.

Lulu is surprised to see Dillon at the Quartermaine’s. She tells him about Dante, Rocco, and Valerie. Anna congratulates Jordan on getting the commissioner job. Jordan isn’t sure if she signed up to be the mayor’s puppet or her scapegoat. Jordan hires Valerie to work at the PCPD. Nathan takes Nina into an interrogation room at the PCPD where Franco is waiting after having given a statement that Nina confessed to him that she kidnapped Ava Jerome’s baby. Franco tells Nina that he will only retract his statement if she agrees to get her marriage to Ric annulled.

Silas, insisting that Denise is Ava, recounts the events of his kidnapping Avery to save Ava’s life with Avery’s bone marrow and Ava being angry about him “torturing” her daughter without her permission. He says they agreed that she would disappear because she would be arrested immediately if she returned to Port Charles. He tells her to admit that she is Ava. She says of course she is.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Kevin approaches the others about doing a documentary about the murders. Summer, Mariah, and Abby are against it while Kyle is on the fence. Summer seeks advice from Avery and ends up helping Joe with physical therapy. After she leaves, Joe stands up on his own, and Summer comes back to see this. She tells Avery, who confronts Joe. Mariah admits to Kevin that she was the one who posted the response on GC Buzz to get Kevin out of trouble. Because of Sage's emergency surgery, Nick is late picking up Faith. Sharon offers help, but Nick accuses her of using Sage's problems to get more time with Faith. Sharon mentions to Dylan that she would like to work again. Dylan offers her a job at Crimson Lights. Chelsea and Gabe infuriate Sage by questioning the paternity of her baby. Gabe and Chelsea agree that there should be no more lies in their relationship.

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