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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill knows that Rick is desperate. His 12.5 percent of stock can keep Rick in the driver’s seat. Rick thinks it is a no brainer as Bill would get to pick the President. Rick guesses that Bill despises him less than Rick does his own brother. Bill is tempted and says this will go down easier now that Maya is out of Rick's life. Rick has to tell him that he is still in her love with her and technically she is not out of his life. Rick continues to ride Bill of which side he is on. Ridge rubs Caroline’s shoulders and they share some fun time. She knows he has a lot on his mind and wants him to get to work. She knows Ridge has been waiting for this a long time and all it will take is one formal vote and Ridge is in and Rick is out. Liam looks scared when Ivy asks him to explain why Steffy thinks he is still in love with her. Steffy says that is not how it happened. She simply said that she loved Liam and always would but that he had lots of love for Ivy. She does not know what will happen in future. Ivy says neither does she but there is no guessing game in their relationship now.

Nicole catches Maya as she is folding clothes and Nicole thinks she is packing to leave town. But she sees what a good mood she is in and thinks she has talked to Rick. Maya says yeah they talked, she can not say they are back together but she is not mad at Nicole for telling Rick where she was. And she understands everything after hearing his side of the story. She told Rick to fight Ridge with everything he can. Rick walks into Eric’s office and tells him it was not easy but he talked to Bill and Eric was right that Bill still has ownership of his shares, not Liam. He would give no answer as he likes to see Rick squirm. Eric joins in on the Liam, Steffy, Ivy convo and asks if Ivy has told them about the proposed changes around here. Liam recognizes this must be very difficult for Eric. He says Ridge has called and is on his way and this will be settled by end of day. Ridge walks in and wants to get this done right away, sign the papers. Bill is not far behind and all wonder why he is there. Gloating Bill says he was paid a nice visit by Rick and wants to tell them that Liam does not have control of his stock. So now he has a choice of whether to throw in with his sons, Rick and Eric or with Ridge who does not talk to him and constantly hurts his feelings. So smirking again he says it comes down to old Dollar Bill and his measly 12.5 percent held in his jeweled hands that holds the future of Forrester Creations.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby talked to Kayla about Jennifer keeping JJís secret from Paige.  Victor wanted Daniel to come to dinner, but Daniel wasnít interested because of Xander.  Xander kissed Nicole and realized she wasnít over Daniel.  Eric confronted Serena about the picture of her and Xander.  They ended up in an argument over it.  Kate talked to Chad about being interested in Abby.  Abby and Kayla talked about being with a guy that people donít accept.  Daniel told Victor that he didnít buy Xanderís story of being a changed man.  Serena said the picture was nothing and it happened years ago.  Eric was upset that Serena never told him that she was involved with Xander.

Abby decided to deliver a letter to Chad.  Daniel told Victor that he noticed things about Xander that didnít add up.  Eric wanted to know why Serena didnít tell him about Xander and she told him that it was a horrible mistake.  Abby went to see Chad about funds for the hospital.  He was cold to her and practically pushed her away.  Eric thought Serena was lying to him and wasnít going to Hawaii with her.  She kept telling him that she hated Xander, but he didnít believe her.  He reminded her that she was working with him when she came to town.  He didnít understand why she would work with someone she hated, but she stuck to the same story.  Abby wanted to know what was going on with Chad, but he wouldnít tell her.  Xander met with Victor at the mansion.  Victor told Xander that he was disappointed in him.  Chad wanted to know why Abby was there.  When she didnít say, he assumed she wanted to be there because she wanted him.  Victor was furious that Xander didnít stay away from Nicole.  Chad and Abby kissed each other.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke proposes to Tracy. Dillon interrupts. Dillon doesn’t think Tracy should rush into another “quickie” marriage with Luke, but says he will support her in whatever decision she makes. Tracy agrees to a 30 day trial engagement. Silas goes to Julian’s penthouse and confronts Denise about being Ava. He is angry that she would even try to lie to him after he broke any number of laws to keep her safe. He recalls that when Ava asked him to give her a drug to help her die, he only gave her a general anesthetic to put her under so that he could perform a secret bone marrow transplant with Avery’s bone marrow.

Kiki is amazed to see Michael and Morgan shaking hands. Morgan tells her that he and Michael had a fight and then called a cease-fire. Rosalie buys back Franco’s ELQ shares from Nina on Michael’s behalf, but she gives the shares to Nikolas and tells Michael that Nina wouldn’t sell them. Olivia lets herself into Nina’s room and demands that Nina pay her bill. She is shocked to see that the safe in the room is full of cash.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

The fake Jack sits at a table at the Athletic Club when Gabriel comes in and slides into the booth opposite him. Gabriel asks Jack why he told Victor who he was. Jack defends himself by telling him that he told Victor that Gabriel was his son. Marisa once again visits the real Jack but she thinks that he is Marco, her long lost love. Jack wants her to unlock his handcuffs but she tells him that she will help him after he tells her why he left her. In the squad room at the police department, Paul arrests Kevin for being on the police department's computer and for releasing information to a tabloid. Kevin insists that the killer is still on the loose then, sitting at a desk, calls Michael for help. At Jabot, Billy tells Victoria about the new cosmetics line but her mind is elsewhere. Billy offers her help but Chelsea interrupts them. Sage is readied for her surgery but she is quite out of it from the anesthesia. The doctors arrive to take her to surgery. Michael finds out from Paul and Mark why Kevin was arrested. Kevin tells Michael that he didnít do anything wrong. Gabriel asks Jack why he told Victor that he was his son. Billy and Victoria explain their new ideas to Chelsea who isn’t too thrilled by them. Victoria gets a call from Nick concerning Sage's appendectomy. Victoria tells him that she will be right there and leaves. Chelsea starts to leave but Billy stops her. Jack explains to Gabriel why he told Victor that he was his son. Chelsea agrees to go along with Billy and Victoria. Nick is excited over the baby but he is also afraid for Sage.

Gabriel joins Chelsea at Jabot and apologizes to her for the things he said the day before about her living in the past. Victoria tries to comfort Nick as best as she can. Kevin insists to Michael that Tobias is not the killer. The fake Jack reads the article that Kevin posted to the internet. The man on the ship orders Marisa to leave. He orders Jack to pay him his money or else. Jack wonders what he means. The man goes on to explain that he will auction Jack off to the highest bidder. Billy and Chelsea discuss Billy caring for Victoria versus Gabriel caring for Sage. Gabriel joins Nick and Victoria at the hospital and wants to know about the baby. Mark admits to Kevin that Tobias may not be the killer. Michael tries to talk to Paul about Tobias's innocence. Jack goes to Jabot and finds out from Billy and Chelsea that Sage is in surgery. Victoria calls Billy about the surgery. Billy and Jack discuss that Chelsea needs to wake up to Gabriel. Michael tells Kevin that he will be back in the morning for his arraignment. Mark assures Kevin that he will be fine. Paul gets a text message from the killer. Marisa visits Jack and finds blood streaming down his face. Nick visits Sage and tells her that it will be days before they know about the baby. Chelsea joins Gabriel in the corridor. Sensing Gabriel’s concern, Chelsea asks him if the baby is his.

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