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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge watches Caroline sleep and gently wakes her up. She said she had physical therapy and fell asleep. Rick tells Eric that he did more research last night and he found nothing to back that Ridge has control of Bill’s shares. So that is their long shot, the only one they have. Katie walks in on Liam being measured for a new suit since Bill thinks he needs one with his new title. Ivy confronts Steffy about the takeover and her staying in L.A. Liam asks Katie what does she know about Steffy that they don’t. She knows Steffy had a big assist in helping Ridge and she is used to getting her way. And she thinks Ivy is pretty gutsy herself so how is Liam going to feel working with Steffy and being involved with Ivy too. Liam tries to explain Steffy is not going to be a problem, none of those old feelings re-surfacing….and Bill adds sarcastically that Ivy will not be bothered by that. Ivy tells Steffy that she did not need rescuing and Rick will not go down without a fight. Eric says he knows Rick wants to remain CEO but he does not want to depend on Bill for any reason. Ivy tells Steffy that she does not have a problem with her working with Liam but she does have a problem of her making an open play for him every chance she can get. Steffy rationalizes it that she will always love Liam and he loves her too. Ivy questions her if that means even if Liam has moved on. What will it take for Steffy to realize that.

Rick states he does hate Bill and he did Maya wrong, but he will overlook it for this. He and Maya still have a lot to work on but there is hope. And the last thing Ridge will expect is for them to go to Bill and that be the knockout punch but he thinks he can land it. Bill tells Liam he gave him the shares but they both are going to have to keep an eye on Ridge. Just because he can make a dress does not mean he is good CEO material. Ridge tells Caroline she is going to be his design partner, the woman in his life. Caroline says she does not want Ridge to lose his father over this….so let things settle down. Rick marches into Bill's office and chides him for taking something extremely private about Maya and publishing it. He had no right. Bill says look around and see his publishing company without his binky and he will see he had every right. Rick shuts up and says that is not the reason he came anyway. He has a proposal he thinks Bill can not turn down. Rick says he hates coming to Bill but they are both shrewd business men and he hopes his shares are still in place so if he sides with him and his father they will have 50% and Ridge can not win. And Bill could name the next President, even himself…..and Ridge would answer to him. Liam walks in on Ivy’s convo with Steffy and she asks him if it is true that he is still in love with Steffy. Rick tells Bill this is his chance to team up with who he wants – he and Eric or Ridge?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady told Melanie that she wasnít leaving Salem.  Will thought Sonny was still in love with Paul when he didnít answer him.  Will and Sonny argued over Will cheating on him.  Sonny admitted that he was still in love with Paul in a way, which upset Will.  Will ended up twisting Sonnyís words and it led to another argument between them.

Melanie told Nicole she was leaving town.  Melanie wanted Nicole to make things work with Daniel.  Will told Sonny that he would end up sleeping with Paul the way he did.  Sonny left when Clyde and Kate showed up.  Will interviewed Clyde.  Clyde wanted to know what Jeremiah said about him.  Melanie said goodbye to Daniel, Maggie, and Parker.  Clyde told Will to use what Jeremiah said about him.  When Clyde left, Kate wanted to talk about Will and Sonny.  Will told Kate that he wanted to stop Paul from being with Sonny.  Brady went to see Melanie before she left.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy introduces Luke to Avery and tells him that she is Sonny and Ava’s daughter and that Michael has custody of her. Luke asks Tracy to marry him again. Tracy’s son Dillon walks in and tells her not to accept the ring. Anna and Kyle wake up together. Anna feels that she betrayed Duke. Kyle doesn’t regret sleeping with Anna. He reveals that he has had feelings for her for some time. When he says he hopes that on some level she might have some feeling for him too, she kicks him out. Mayor Lomax offers the commissioner job to Jordan. Jordan accepts the job.

Silas finally returns home from out of town. Kiki tells him that she and Morgan got back together and catches him up on everything that has happened while he was gone. She tells him about her Aunt Denise who looks exactly like her mother. Denise tells Julian that she looked up the family on the Internet. He asks him how he let his baby niece go to another family. He says he didn’t have an option. She tells him to wait and see what happens when Michael Quartermaine meets her. Michael storms into the boxing gym and demands that Morgan tell him who the woman in the paper is. Morgan tells him to read the article. When Michael persists, Morgan reads the article to him. Morgan tells Michael that he and Kiki are back together. He challenges Michael to take out his aggression in the boxing ring. After they finish fighting, they clear the air but conclude that they will never be the same as they were before. They agree to try to get along. Silas goes to Julian’s place to confront Denise and tells her that he knows she is Ava.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Summer and Kyle meet at Crimson Lights. She is in a surprising good mood until she sees Mariah talking to some woman about Tobias. Summer goes over and lets the woman know that Mariah is no reporter. At GCPD, Kevin tries to get Paul to reopen the investigation into Austin and Courtney’s murder, but Paul is hesitant. Mark shows Paul evidence on the profile of the killer. Hilary stands at the bar at the Athletic Club and awaits Neil’s arrival when Devon joins her. Lily interrupts them and is less than friendly as usual. Neil visits Nikki in rehab and commends her for being so brave in facing her demons. At Crimson Lights, Victor finds out from Faith that she is spending the night with Sharon. When Faith leaves them alone, Victor asks Nick what he was thinking in allowing this. At Sharon’s home, she readies the house for Faith’s visit but is quite apprehensive about and wonders what might happen next. Dylan tries to help her get over her overwrought nerves. Nick lets Victor know that this matter doesn’t concern him. Victor reminds Nick of all the things that Sharon pulled in the past. Nick and Victor discuss Nikkiís intervention and how Victor was responsible for her troubles. Nikki and Neil discuss Devon and Hilary. Neil is quiet about what is going on but Nikki assures him she is his friend. Neil begins to open up to her and lets her know he is supposed to meet Hilary to sign the divorce papers. Neil tells Nikki that he wants to get revenge on Devon and Hilary and make them pay for what they did to him. Neil thinks of different ways to get revenge. Lily asks Hilary how much she wants from Neil. Hilary surprises her by telling her that she doesn’t want anything from him -- she just wants to apologize to Neil. Summer and Kyle ask Mariah why she was questioning the woman about Tobias and why can’t she let this rest. Paul and Mark tell Kevin that all the evidence points to Tobias as the killer. Frustrated, Kevin leaves them alone. Mark tells Paul that he tends to lean in favor of Kevin who may be right about all this. Paul tells him that would mean that the real killer is out there ready to kill again.

Nick brings Faith to Sharon’s who thanks him. Nikki meets with her therapist and tells him that the reason for her drinking is due to “stress.” Nick plans a surprise for Sage as she arrives at the Underground. Kevin joins Mariah, Summer, and Kyle as they once again discuss the fact that Tobias may not be the killer, and the real killer may still be running free. Summer just wants to put all this behind them. Mariah sides with Summer and thinks that all this should be put behind them. Kevin, frustrated, that even Mariah isn’t on his side leaves. Mariah tells Summer and Kyle that she loves Kevin. Mark tells Paul that Kevin may be right about all this. Paul tells Mark to keep digging. Neil arrives to sign the divorce papers. When Lily tries to join him at the meeting, Neil refuses to let her. While Hilary apologizes to him, Neil’s mind is elsewhere, but she signs the papers anyway. Sage has an attack of appendicitis and finds out that if she doesn’t have the surgery, it may endanger her life as well as her unborn baby.

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