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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric is getting the message, Ridge and Liam are going to take him down. He is ashamed of Ridge and his infantile fascination and jealousy of his little brother for that big old desk out there. Eric says it is some fantasy as neither of them can remove Eric. He has the loyalty of all the employees out there. One word from him and they will all walk and Ridge will have nothing to sell. Steffy says this does not have to be this big….no one has to leave. She can not stand this battle of the male egos. Eric says he guesses they want him to clean out his office. Ridge says he does not have one…..he gave it to Rick. Eric grouses that as long as he has a breath in his body Rick will keep it. Rick tells Maya this is worth fighting for if she still wants to. He says he may not always say the right things but he feels the right thing. Carter tells Nicole not to take this on. It was not her fault. It was for Maya to tell and she didn’t. He gives her an envelope full of money and says Maya is leaving Los Angeles so Nicole needs to start a bank account if she does not have one. She gives the money back and says she only wants her sister. Carter tells her it is probably too late.

Rick tells Maya that it makes him scared too in knowing people are talking about them and the most intimate parts of their body. She says she knows and that is why she could not tell him before now as there is no book how to tell people you are trans. She is hurt when he tells her that he did not turn her down….he ran off the road and was pretty banged up but has been trying to reach her ever since. Bill is happy to hear that Liam set things in motion. Katie tells Ivy not to worry about Steffy being back in town. Everyone knows how she operates. Katie fields questions over the phone about the transgender community. Eric calls Rick and says Ridge has made his move and wants them both to leave. He is in the CEO office and has locked the doors. Rick tells Maya that he loves her and this is not over but he needs to go be with his dad in this time of trouble. But he needs her promise that she will stay here and be there when he returns. Steffy tells Ridge that she feels bad for her granddad but he must realize this is not about him but about Rick. Ridge says this goes back way further, back to his mother. It was never discussed around the dinner table but he knew he was not Eric’s son yet her favorite. Eric tells Rick what difference does it make; the other side has all the votes. They discuss Bill who would like his foot in the door. Eric asks what is he thinking. Bill breaks out the champagne for Liam doing something the rest of them couldn’t. Liam says he needs to have a conversation with Ivy now that Steffy is back. Rick looks up on line and sees no certificates have been traded so they need to suck it up to Bill not to side with Ridge. Ridge tells Steffy that this is their legacy….hers tomorrow and his today finally.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paige didnít want to talk to JJ.  Eve was upset with Jennifer for losing Paige.  Sonny was upset with Will for missing their therapy session.  Theresa told Anne about her plan.  Melanie told Brady that she was leaving Salem.  Brady tried to convince Melanie not to leave but her mind was made up.  When Will came home, he wanted to do something with Sonny.  JJ wanted to tell Paige why he lied to her.  Eve and Jennifer argued over JJ and Paige.  Will wanted to do therapy he saw online, but Sonny wasnít interested.  JJ told Paige why he slept with Eve.  He felt he wasnít good enough for Paige.  Jennifer threatened Eve if she did anything to JJ.  Anne told Theresa that Melanie might not fall for her plan, but Theresa was ready.  If Theresaís plan didnít work, she was willing to move to California.  A nurse told Theresa she could go home.

Melanie went to see Theresa.  JJ continued to explain why he was with Eve.  Eve and Jennifer continued to argue over their children.  Eve ended p attacking Jennifer.  Will admitted that he was afraid that Sonny would leave him if they went to therapy.  Eric stopped Eve and Jennifer from fighting.  Before Eve left, she threatened to make Jennifer lose her son.  Melanie ripped into Theresa about using her son to get Brady.  JJ told Paige that he was still in love with her.  Melanie let Theresa know that Brady will hate her (Theresa) for causing her (Melanie) to leave town.  Theresa didnít care what Melanie had to say and threw her out.  Will promised to see the counselor with Sonny.  Will asked Sonny if he still loved Paul.  Paige wasnít moved by JJís reasons for cheating on her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy overhears Rosalie talking on the phone about ELQ and wonders who Rosalie is conspiring with. Rosalie tells Tracy that she was talking to Nina Clay on Michael’s behalf because Michael is trying to clean up the mess that Ned made when he gave his ELQ shares to Franco and Nina. Nikolas is furious with Rosalie for being careless enough to call him from the Quartermaine’s house. Rosalie tells Nikolas about Michael’s plan to buy back the ELQ shares from Nina. Nikolas tells Rosalie to buy the shares and give them to him instead of to Michael and then take Michael’s money back to him and tell him that Nina declined to deal. Anna doesn’t believe Sloane when he says Nikolas helped him conspire to rig the mayoral election. Anna and Sloane get drunk and sleep together.

Nina tries to convince Franco that she and Ric have a real marriage and a great sex life, even though they have not consummated their marriage. Nathan asks Nina to go with him to see Diane Miller about having the marriage annulled. Ric visits Madeline in Pentonville and tells her that he married Nina so he will be the one sharing Nina’s fortune instead of Madeline. Madeline tells Ric that if he doesn’t play ball with her, then she will call Nathan and tell him everything. Ric agrees to go along with Madeline’s plan to get her out of prison before going after Nina’s money. Rosalie calls Nina and invites her to get together.

Lulu tells Tracy that Luke was released from the mental facility. Luke goes to the Quartermaine house with a new tattoo that is a replica of his father’s tattoo. He says it is a reminder of where he came from. Delia goes to the PCPD and reveals that Denise is her daughter, Ava’s fraternal twin. She says she gave them both up for adoption at birth and that she never told Ava that she had a sister. Dante releases Denise. Denise says she wants to stay in town to get to know her new family and asks Julian if she can stay at his place.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

After Nick agrees to allow Sharon to spend one night a week alone with Faith as long as Dylan is present, the court mediator agrees to the arrangement. Adam gets a little upset when Chelsea wants to find out more about Gabriel's past. Chelsea also tells Gabriel to stop pretending to be Adam and trying to take his place in her life and just be himself. Jack is stuck on a cargo ship with a dangerous man who Fake Jack (Marco) owes money to. The man won't believe he is Jack Abbott. Jack runs into Marco's old girlfriend and pretends to be Marco, so that she will get the keys to the handcuffs that are keeping him captive.  Marco's old girlfriend, Marisa, gets the keys to the handcuffs, but she won't help Jack until he answers some questions for her about what happened years ago. Marco tells Victor that Gabriel is Jack's son. Later, Victor tries to get information from Sage about Gabriel's relationship with his father. After Adam talks to Victor, Victor tells Gabriel he knows his true identity. Adam wonders if Victor really knows the truth about him.

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