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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Liam she wants this to work but they have to be open and honest and trust each other. Ivy walks in and asks what is going on. Rick tells Eric that he is good. Ridge tried to force him out but he’s still here…..although he has still not heard from Maya. Eric is sorry, but Rick says he is not ready to give up yet. Nicole comes in and says she’d like to talk to Rick about Maya. Carter knocks on Maya’s door and asks her to open up. She does open it but says she does not want anyone to know she is there, not Rick or the press. Carter says he figured out this is where she started out with Rick so it’s only a matter of time before Rick will figure it out too. He notices her bags and she says she is leaving Los Angeles. He states that she can not leave, her life is here. She can not run away from this. She says she is not a scandal and she will not be treated as one. She is better than that. She is still in love with Rick so she is not mad at him. Carter says Rick still loves her and is not embarrassed and is still trying to reach her so he can not believe that Rick turned his back on her. Maya says Rick does not want to marry her so it’s over.

Eric leaves Rick alone so he can talk to Nicole. She says Rick was good to her and took her in so she only has one question…..if he is not embarrassed and still loves Maya why did he leave her. Rick sets her straight that it was Maya that left him. Rick wants her to fill him in on where Maya is. Then he explains that he did not hang up on Maya. He ran off the road in an accident and the phone went dead. Ridge tells Liam and Steffy that Rick will be gone for good now. Steffy says with 62 1/2% that is all they need to take over as Eric did not want to use the morality clause. Ivy wishes them good luck. Ridge calls his dad to come to the office. Carter begs Maya not to leave. She says she grew up her entire life around people who did not accept her and she can not do that again. It is too painful so she needs to start over. Rick explains to Nicole how it all happened and how he ran off the road while talking to Maya. She thinks things changed and he did not want her. Now she wants nothing to do with him. Nicole said Maya was hurt and she thinks Rick does not love her. He begs her to tell him where she is as he does still love her. Nicole finally tells him that she is in her old place above Dayzee’s. Eric is thrilled to see Steffy as he did not know she was back in town. Ridge says that is the reason they are all here and what they want to talk to him about. Maya relives her initial meeting with Rick and then the recent one at the cabin. Based on new information, Rick dashes off. Carter spies Nicole and she tells him she just told Rick where Maya is. She just hopes she said the right thing. Maya sits at a table and a guy walks up and asks what can he get her? She looks up and sees Rick. Rick tells Ridge that he knows where he stands on all of this. He does not want to fight about this. Ridge says he doesn’t either. They were a team once, the best in the business….the place that his mother and him started and he does not want to see it destroyed. Eric says he has made his view clear but there is nothing Ridge can do. Ridge says there is….Liam and Steffy are going to vote with him….Liam says he owns no stock but he controls the Spencer stock. They tell him they own 62 1/2% of this company and Rick’s tenure just ended. Eric says no he can’t do that. Ridge says his dad has left him with no choice. He is grateful for how Eric ran this company but it ends now. Rick’s time is over. Eric’s time is over.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady apologized to Theresa.  He wanted to settle things right away.  He gave her a custody agreement.  Eve went to see JJ.  Paige went to see Jennifer.  Eve went to see JJ to look for Paige.  Eve and JJ argued over Paige.  Paige confronted Jennifer about Eve and JJ.  Paige wanted to know why Jennifer would allow JJ to be with her knowing what he did.  Jennifer took the blame for JJ being back with Paige.  Justin and Kate talked about him being her boss.  Brady wanted Theresa to sign the agreement or else, but Kimberly told her not to.  Eve and JJ argued over Paige.  Jennifer tried to justify why she wanted JJ and Paige back together.  When Maxine interrupted them, Paige got a dig in that JJ keeps secrets like his mother.  Justin wanted Kate to listen to him or she would be fired.  Kimberly and Brady argued over the agreement.  Daphne told Eve and JJ that Paige went to Eve's place.  They both went to the apartment.  Jennifer told Paige what happened after she caught JJ and Eve together.  Jennifer took responsibility for JJ's deceit.  Jennifer told Paige that she blackmailed Eve.

Justin and Kate argued over the work she has done.  Lucas and Adrienne interrupted their argument.  Theresa and Kimberly argued with Brady over the agreement.  When Kimberly threw him out, he warned Theresa that she wouldn't take his son.  When Eve and JJ got to Eve's place, they argued over Paige.  Jennifer told Paige why she blackmailed Eve.  Justin assumed Lucas and Adrienne slept together.  Kate told Lucas and Adrienne that Just worked for her.  Paige ripped into Jennifer.  Eve blamed JJ for why she lost Paige.  JJ threatened to tell the police if she tried to stop him from trying to get Paige back.  Lucas and Adrienne figured out that Victor was why Justin and Kate had to work together.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis and Julian go to the PCPD where Morgan, Kiki, and Sonny are waiting for Dante and Lucas to reveal Denise’s DNA results. Sonny asks Julian where Carlos is. Julian says he doesn’t know and that he is out of the business so Sonny should enjoy having control of all of Port Charles until someone else comes to take it over. The three separate DNA tests show that Denise is not Ava, but that she is a close relative. Delia shows up and says she can clear the confusion.

Michael asks Rosalie to offer Nina a briefcase full of money in exchange for convincing Franco to sell his ELQ shares back to the Quartermaines. Franco tells Nathan that Ric Lansing married Nina to get control of her money. Olivia kicks Nina out of the Metro Court because she lost the baby and Julian knows he was the father. Ric informs Olivia that he is Nina’s husband and that he is living in the room with her. Olivia points out that Carly already evicted Ric. Ric tells Olivia that she can’t discriminate against people she doesn’t like so she’d better back off if she doesn’t want to be sued. Olivia tells him that she will happily give him the bill for Franco and Nina’s stay. Ric tells Nina that he can pay the tab, but that from what he understands, she could afford it too since her family owns half of Manhattan. She tells him that she lost all access to her money when she was deemed mentally unfit. He offers to help her get her money. She questions his intentions. He has an answer for all her questions. Ric goes to Pentonville to see Madeline and tells he that he had to make sure Nina wasn’t suspicious. Nina informs Franco that their free ride is over. Ned calls Olivia with an update on the baby.

Lulu asks Nikolas if he can influence Commissioner Sloane and convince him not to hire Valerie as the detectives’ assistant at the PCPD. Nikolas tells her that the Mayor just told him that she fired Sloane. Sloane tells Anna that Mayor Lomax fired him. He tells Anna that he is going to bring Lomax down with him because he is going to reveal that he rigged the mayoral election in Mayor Lomax’s favor in exchange for Lomax firing Anna. Anna says Lomax will just say it is the ranting of a disgruntled former employee. Sloane reveals that Nikolas was in on the scheme too. Rosalie calls Nikolas to arrange a meeting. Bobbie calls Lulu and tells her that Luke is gone from his room at the institution. Lulu goes to find Tracy.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack awakens in the cargo area of a ship where he is startled by the ghost of Kelly, who asks if he thinks he could get rid of her so easily. In the Jabot lab, the “fake Jack" and Ashley argue over the fact that he took Chelsea's side and gave her more leniency in her fashion line. Victor walks in on Jack and Ashley. Abby is sunbathing at the rooftop pool when Ben comes up behind her and puts his hands over her eyes. Abby is startled. They discuss the real killer. Gabriel hangs around outside Chelsea’s door until she returns home and finds him sitting outside of his apartment. She tells him she has a busy day planned. Gabriel asks for two minutes of her time. Chelsea finally agrees to give him two minutes to state his case. Gabriel begins by pointing out his good points to her and how Adam was the love of her life. Abby tells Ben about Kevin wanting to solve a good mystery. Ben promises to protect her 24/7. Gabriel and Chelsea kiss and make out. Ashley asks Victor about Nikki going to rehab. Ashley agrees to work with Chelsea but if Jack steps out of line, then she will fight him for their father’s company. After she leaves to go to find Chelsea, Jack tells Victor that he doesn’t trust Gabriel. Jack and Kelly argue about him leaving her for dead. Kelly insists that he is hers and will always be hers, then suddenly disappears. Jack remembers Kelly telling him that they were husband and wife. He quickly hides when a man comes into the cargo area. Ashley visits Chelsea but is quite surprised when Gabriel answers the door without a shirt.

Ben asks Abby out but then goes on to tell her that Ashley admitted she has feelings for him. They argue and Abby says this changes everything between them. Ashley warns Gabriel not to mix business with pleasure. The fake Jack tells Victor about a woman in his part whom he lost. Jack watches the man steal things from the crate. After the man leaves, Jack comes out of hiding, goes through the crate himself, and finds a bag of cocaine. The man comes back in and knocks Jack out. Ashley asks for some time alone with Chelsea. Ashley tells Chelsea that she accepts Jack’s decision, but she wants to know if Jack can rely on Chelsea. Chelsea assures Ashley that Jack can depend on her. Gabriel and Jack discuss working together with Chelsea. Jack also tells Gabriel to make peace with Billy but Gabriel lets his guard down and reveals more about himself than he should. The man on the ship orders Jack to give him him money, but Jack explains who he really is and what he does for a living. Victor talks to his informant on the phone and finds out where Jack is. Ashley tells Ben and Abby that she wants “Hex” back on the market. Abby reveals to Ashley that she knows that she has feelings for Ben. Ashley is upset with Ben for revealing this information. Ben catches Ashley with a serious medication in her pocketbook but will give her no explanation. The fake Jack catches up to Victor with information as to who Gabriel Bingham really is.

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