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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy says it is not easy on either of them. But Eric will not see that Rick is not the right man for the job so it is up to Liam. And there will be no stipulations, that is off the table. They need Spencer’s shares. Rick and Carter are worried about Maya as he has been texting her but she has not even come for her paycheck. They doubt she has left town. But Rick will not force himself on her if she does not want to see him. He still loves her. Carter says he understands. He knows it has been a tough time for him since everyone else knew but Rick. Ivy and Katie discuss the hostile takeover and how much it might bother Ivy that Steffy is now involved. Without Steffy’s stock there is no takeover. Ivy says she and Liam are great so she is not worried about Steffy as long as she stays in Paris. Ridge tells Liam that 50% is not enough so they need Liam’s 15% so what is it going to take for him to get into the fold. He wants to know what they are offering, what is in it for him. Ridge says he would be CEO, Steffy would be President and Liam could be VP, they would be okay with a Spencer in the fold. No one must hear about this. He has someone to talk to. Rick tells Carter that he and Ridge will get along as long as he takes orders but he feels entitled. He was the anointed one by his mother, Stephanie, and he can not stand someone else is in a higher position than him. It’s a brand new day here and he now needs to accept it or he is out.

Ridge goes to a room where he uncovers his mom’s portrait and says it is too dusty in here, he does not like it at all but change is coming. What she always wanted for him is about to happen. He is about to take over FC. He laments that he knows he is betraying his dad because he is being so stubborn and bullheaded. Eric will need her more than ever back on that wall where she belongs to look over everyone. Liam tells Steffy that she can do anything she wants and she knows it. They end up teasing each other about who outranks who and he says it is not one of her saving graces. She thinks they can be fabulous together. He says she has changed and he is looking forward to working with her. Rick calls Maya again and says Ridge tried to pull a coup again and it seems like he has everything he ever wanted except her. He wants her back so please call him. Liam tells Steffy that he is glad she is back. She was a little needy in the past. She says not to worry as she is going to be completely business this time and there is no one on the horizon. As Ivy approaches within hearing distance Steffy says they had some really good memories and she loves him and always will and she is not afraid to admit that. Ivy looks away.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melanie told Brady that Theresa wanted her gone.  Theresa said she would consider going to California.  Victor overheard Justin telling someone that he was going to Dubai and wanted to know what was going on.  Lucas and Adrienne wanted to tell Jennifer that they were together until Kate interrupted them.  Kimberly wanted to get a custody lawyer, but Theresa didn't think it would come to that.  Aiden met with Brady.  Lucas and Kate got into an argument over Adrienne.  Lucas wanted Kate to get out of his life.  Victor told Justin that he wasn't going to Dubai.  Theresa told Kimberly that she didn't think it was a good idea for Kimberly to stay.  Aiden couldn't promise Brady that Theresa couldn't leave with Tate.  Theresa thought she would work things out with Brady without Kimberly help.  Aiden thought the judge wouldn't want to separate Theresa from her son because of what happened.  Aiden, Brady, and Melanie discussed Brady and Theresa's pasts, but Aiden thought might be able to take Tate to California.  

Kate blamed Adrienne for turning Lucas against her.  Victor told Justin that he was replaced so he didn't have to go to Dubai.  Justin was furious.  Aiden wasn't able to help Brady with Theresa.  When Aiden left, Melanie told Brady that Theresa was in love with him.  He was upset that Theresa wanted her gone.  he left to go see Theresa.  Anne and Theresa talked about Theresa's plan.  Theresa didn't want to talk about the plan anymore because she was expecting Brady to read her the riot act.  Victor wanted Justin to stay in Salem to break up Sonny and Will's marriage.  Victor also wanted Justin to work for him.  Brady showed up and told Theresa that Tate was staying with him and Melanie.  He didn't care where Theresa went.   Justin wasn't interested in working with Victor until he found out he would be competing with Lucas.  Brady warned Theresa that she wasn't taking Tat and that Melanie was staying in the picture.  When he left, Theresa told Anne that Brady reacted the way she expected him to.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Mayor Lomax goes to Wyndemere and tells Nikolas that she is eyeing the gubernatorial race in 2016, but that Kyle Sloane is an obstacle in her way because the public doesn’t like him and being associated with him is becoming a problem. Nikolas wonders what she suggests that they do, considering that Sloane has dirt on both of them. She has a plan.

Lulu is blindsided when Valerie shows up at the station for her interview with Commissioner Sloane. Mayor Lomax overhears and informs Valerie that Sloan has not been at the station all day and no one knows where he is. Sloan is with Anna, talking her down after she had a meltdown believing she saw Carlos’s ghost tormenting her. Sloane tells her that he made a public announcement that Carlos is a suspect in Duke’s murder and that it is presumed that he fled the country. He assures her that no one will ever find out what really happened to Carlos because they aren’t even looking in Port Charles. Mayor Lomax finds Sloane in Anna’s room and tells him that she has been looking for him so that she can fire him.

Lucas tells Brad that he wants to set a date for a big wedding. Brad doesn’t want a big gay spectacle. Brad says his family is a problem. Lucas wonders why Brad is so secretive about his family. Kiki dreams about Ava’s last birthday. Morgan is certain that Denise is really Ava. Sonny goes to see Denise in jail and tells her to prove that she isn’t Ava by showing him that she doesn’t have a scar on her chest from being shot. She has a tattoo where Ava’s scar would be. Kiki and Morgan go to the station to be there when the DNA results arrive. Lucas takes the DNA results to the PD. Brad ignores a call from his parents.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Nikki finds herself in an unfamiliar place, talking to an unfamiliar person who calls himself "Angel." She remembers listening to various people at an intervention that took place at the ranch. Those attending were Victor, Nick, Victoria, Neil, Dylan, Summer, Noah, and fake Jack. Later, she envisions herself at the hospital. Her family is crying and talking about Nikki as if she were dead. Then, at the cemetery, she understands and realizes what she needs to do. It is all revealed as a dream, or vision. Nikki is in rehab talking to a counselor named Angel.

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