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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Rick that he has always had a strong work ethic and she is glad his dad has been so supportive. He says he can’t stay home anymore; he has to get back to work. All of this is Bill’s fault for exposing Maya but he has not given up on her yet. But for the accident of him running off the road and then Ridge trying to take his position, he would still be with Maya. Brooke says she is sorry that Ridge took this opportunity to try to take Rick’s job away from him. Rick says it is typical Ridge….take what he wants from anybody else no matter what they want. But this time his dad is on his side more than ever and there is nothing Ridge can do about it. Bill and Katie walk in on Liam and Ivy’s frisky time. Bill wishes he had not seen that. Ivy says there is a chance that Ridge might be the next CEO. But first she would like to tell Bill that she goes on record that he should not have done what he did. He tells her jump on the bandwagon as Liam and Katie are mad at him too. In fact the whole world is. Liam says this is a case of the ends not justifying the means. Bill tells them to chill out; this is not his first rodeo. Katie reminds him that she is worried about the Spencer image and he should be too. Liam tells him about the morality clause but that Eric refuses to believe that Rick violated that.

Ridge tells Steffy that he is tired of waiting for Eric to come to his senses. She agrees that he may never where Rick is concerned. Ridge says he and Caroline can design and she can help run the company. They can call the shots and put some dignity back into this company. He wants her to stay and not let Liam be a distraction to her. Rick tells Brooke that Ridge is still in the 90’s and thinks his designs are the Holy Grail but he has no idea how business is run nowadays. Rick grouses all the bad things Ridge has done over the years, even taking Brooke away from Eric. She says she had some blame in that too. They hug as he says he is not forgetting Maya but he needs to get back to work and in the swing of things to keep busy. He appreciates her and Eric as they are all he has now. Steffy finally tells Ridge that she will sign on. This is what she needs. First time she had expectations but Liam is with Ivy so she can get over him and throw all her efforts into this. Ridge tells her this won’t be easy but it will be worth it in the end. He calls Liam. Steffy says this time is different and they just need to keep their eye on the prize at the end. Rick comes in and is surprised to see Steffy but wishes they would not hang out in the CEO’s office, his office. And it will remain as such no matter how many times Ridge goes crying to his dad. Rick even accuses him of not being a Forrester. He is a Marone and throws people away just like his bio dad did. He tells them to get out of his office and quit whining. And Ridge better check with him before continuing his artistic activities with Caroline. Bill says he wants to be there when Rick gets kicked out but Katie tells him not to get ahead of himself. Liam is surprised to see Steffy but says he is glad she is here. They explain that the talking to Eric did not work out. He is still on Team Rick and Ridge does not want to do this but he can not take it any longer. He wants to pull his resources. Steffy is in and now Liam but without Bill, he wants just Liam. He realizes he is jeopardizing his relationship with his father but he has no other options so he needs to know if Liam is in or out.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope wanted to know what Rafe was trying to investigate.  Kimberly wanted to know where Theresa fit in Brady’s life.  Hope was upset that Rafe wouldn’t tell him what was going on.  He decided to tell her what was going on with Will and the article he is writing on Clyde.  She wanted to see what he had so far.  Brady said Theresa fit in his life.  Kimberly told Brady that she wanted Theresa and the baby to move to California.  Theresa told Melanie that she was in love with Brady.  Brady and Kimberly got in an argument over her wanting Theresa to move to California.  He suggested that Theresa move in with him, but Kimberly didn’t want her to live with Victor.  Theresa told Melanie that she wasn’t after Brady.  Rafe showed Hope the information Will had for his article.  

Victor and Kimberly argued over Theresa.  Victor refused to let Theresa take Tate to California.  When Kimberly left, Brady wanted to know what Victor did.  Theresa told Melanie that her son belongs with her no matter where she is.  Rafe and Hope looked over the information Will had on Clyde.  Aiden showed up while they were looking at the information.  Brady wanted to know Victor’s history with Kimberly.  Brady wanted to know if it would affect his son.  Melanie and Theresa argued over Theresa taking the baby away from Brady.  Theresa told Melanie that the only way she would stay in Salem if Melanie weren’t there.  Kimberly went to see Theresa and told her what happened with Brady.  Theresa was willing to go to California with her.  Brady went to see Melanie and told her what Kimberly wanted.  Melanie told Brady that Theresa told her about California and that Theresa was thinking about going.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nina tries to give The Egg Salad back to Franco, but he won’t take it. She breaks it over his head. Franco tells Nina that Ric married her for her money. She tells Franco to leave. He tells her not to let Ric take away the things about her that make her special. Lulu is annoyed when Nikolas tells her that Valerie isn’t at Wyndemere because she went to the police station to see Dante. Nikolas tells Lulu that Valerie had just spoken to Olivia and learned that the baby died before she left. Lulu knows the baby didn’t really die, but doesn’t share that information with Nikolas. Valerie offers Dante her condolences for the loss of his baby brother. She tells Dante that she is thinking about applying for a job opening at the PD and asks him if he thinks it would be weird for him or Lulu if she works there. She reveals that he minored in Criminology in college. He tells her that she should apply for the job. Lulu offers Nikolas her sympathy for Hayden’s condition. She tells him that Shawn Butler is being arraigned today. Scott tells the court that the District Attorney’s office has offered Shawn a deal in exchange for state’s evidence. Shawn refuses the deal and pleads guilty to attempted murder. TJ tearfully says goodbye. Jordan asks Shawn why he didn’t tell TJ that he is his father. Shawn says he already took TJ’s father away from him once. Jordan tells Shawn that she is sorry for everything. The bailiff takes Shawn away.

Commissioner Sloane sees Denise at Julian’s penthouse and thinks she is Ava. He calls for officers to come arrest her. Julian asks Alexis to represent Denise, in case she really is Ava. At the station, Dante tells Denise that her fingerprints will prove it if she isn’t Ava. Denise’s fingerprints have worn away from years of working with chemicals. She submits blood for a DNA test. Jake tells Elizabeth that he told Sloane that he wasn’t going to work for him anymore and that Sloan didn’t reinstate the charges against him so he isn’t going to prison. Sloane tells Julian that they are looking for Carlos for the murder of Duke Lavery. Julian says he doesn’t know where Carlos is and that if Carlos shot Duke, he acted on his own. Sam is glad that Jake’s name has been cleared. Sloane tells Julian that he doesn’t think Jake should work for him because the association puts Jake in danger from Sonny. Julian agrees and says he is focusing solely on his publishing business going forward. Sonny goes to Elizabeth’s house looking for Jake. Jake tells him that he didn’t shoot Duke and that he no longer works for Julian.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sage is sitting by the pool on the rooftop when Nick joins her and offers to put suntan lotion on her so she won’t burn. Nick surprises her when he mentions for them to go in swimming but she is even more surprised when he undresses down to his swimming trunks. In the dining room of the Athletic Club, Victoria and Billy discuss Nikki being drunk the night before at the party that Jack threw for the families. Victoria wonders as to why she wasn’t told about Nikki being drunk. Nikki is asleep in bed when there is a knock on the door. Nikki, frustrated, by the intrusion, walks numbly to the door. She is surprised when it is Neil. She is even more startled when her and Neil see a man asleep in her bed. At Crimson Lights, Dylan and Sharon discuss selling his loft. Phyllis joins them and asks to speak to Dylan alone. Sharon gets up to go and get more coffee. Phyllis tells Dylan that Joe and Avery are back in town and guess where he will be living. Avery explains to Joe about the layout of her apartment so he will be more acquainted to his new surroundings. Sharon tells Dylan that she had made them a reservation for dinner but then he tells her about Joe and Avery being back in town and Joe was going to be living with Avery. Nick and Sage discuss the baby and her being a role model for the baby. Nick assures her that she will make mistakes along the way but everything will turn out alright. Nick and Sage kiss when he gets a call and answers it. He finds out that it is Victoria and she wants to see him immediately. The man in Nikki’s hotel room tells Neil how Nikki had seduced him. Nikki remembers the night before and how she had seduced him. Nikki tells Neil that the man was telling the truth about what happened the night before.

Neil is surprised that Nikki would seduce the man with her husband at home. Nikki puts all the blame on Victor and the thing he made her do but Neil tells her that this is all her fault. Sharon puts all the blame on Phyllis for hating her and wanting him back with Avery. Phyllis joins Joe and Avery but she isn’t too careful about the things that she says to Joe and Avery about this living arrangement of theirs. Joe excuses himself so Avery and Phyllis can talk. Avery tells Phyllis matter of factly to butt out of her life. Phyllis tries to make amends with Avery but Avery doesn’t want any part of it. Phyllis tells Avery that she wants her back with Dylan. Avery accuses Phyllis of wanting to stick it to Sharon so she will be back with Dylan and Joe will be left alone. Dylan assures Sharon that she is not manipulating him. Nikki tells Neil that she doesn’t need his help but he won’ take no for an answer. When he goes to run her a bath, Nikki calls security about Neil. The security guard arrives and escorts Neil from Nikki’s room. In straightening up the bed, Nikki finds a Vodka bottle under the cover. She is tempted to take a drink but instead she puts it in the garbage can. Victoria and Billy fill Nick and Sage in on Nikki’s drinking problem and how they need to help her. Neil also joins them and explains how Nikki needs help. Victoria and Neil plan an intervention for Nikki. Victoria and Nick visit Nikki in her hotel room to invite her to the ranch but she has reservations about going without any makeup. Victoria tells Nikki that Victor is concerned over her. Billy and Sage have a talk about Victor and how he will try to manipulate her like he has all the others in the family such as him, Sharon and Chelsea. Sharon and Dylan see Joe and Avery at the rooftop pool. Avery asks to have a word with Dylan thus leaving Sharon and Joe alone. Joe convinces Sharon to form a liaison between them so they will both get what they want. Sage thanks Billy for the warning. Sharon asks Dylan to move in with her but Dylan refuses.

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