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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge questions his dad why he is hesitating. Does he need a list of things that Rick has done wrong. Eric says no he is aware of them but he is also well aware of Rick’s accomplishments. Ridge does not think the bottom line is what it is all about. The company needs leadership and compassion and he wants his dad to execute the morality clause. Caroline stops in to see Rick at home. She knows he is going through a hard time and never would have believed that Maya is transgender. Liam is livid. He tells Ivy this story about Maya could have been contained. Bill knew he did not like running the story and basically just threw it in his face. Ivy says the power may be shifting and Ridge will be in and Rick on his way out. Liam is still unsure he wants to be that much like his dad but he will accept this if it means he can protect Ivy and Caroline from Rick. Ridge continues trying to talk his dad into using the morality clause but Eric refuses to do it. He is going to stick with Rick. Ridge says he will not accept that.

Caroline and Rick do not want to continue to fight. She says she came there to be with him a fellow accident survivor. Rick warns her that Ridge is not to be trusted and will use her. During their banter about the CEO job Ridge asks if Eric thinks he is not qualified or is just still upset because Ridge took Brooke away from him years ago. Eric points out that Ridge has everything he wants but the CEO job; he even got the girl so he needs to be happy with that. Eric expects him to design and create. Ridge leaves and calls someone and says he must see them right away. Ivy explains that she likes Liam’s necklace partly because she made it but also because it means he has a part of her with him always. And if he ever sees Steffy perhaps he can tell her the difference in then and now. Steffy walks into Rick’s office to find Ridge. He tells her how Rick attacked him last night and is out of control. Rick walks downstairs and finds Eric who says he just saw Ridge. Of course Rick does not want Eric to listen to Ridge. This is only a game to Ridge, it is a matter of life and death to Rick; he needs it. After asking if Ridge is going to resign, he tells Steffy this is his legacy and he would not feel right to start another fashion house of his own. He says he and Tommy and she plus Spencer have enough stock to oust Rick and that is what they need to do. A fight is coming; they are going to take over FC. Eric and Rick hug when Rick says his dad is an aspiration and says he is proud to be Eric Forrester Jr. And Eric is not to be worried as they will hold their heads high and get through this together.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope questioned Kate about Will being in Poplar Bluff.  While Rafe was at Will's apartment, he noticed that Will was doing the article on Clyde.  Kimberly wanted Theresa to move to California.  Brady proposed to Melanie.  Theresa refused to go home.  Kimberly knew what was going on with Brady and told her he was in love with another woman.  Kate told Hope that Will was writing an article on Clyde.  Chad apologized for not treating Abby better than he did.  Rafe was upset that Will was doing the article.  Will told Rafe why he decided to write the article.  Melanie wanted to know if Brady would propose to her if the mess with Kristen and Theresa didn't happen, but Brady shot down the idea.  Kate told Hope that Clyde likes having Aiden as a lawyer.  Hope was suspicious, but agreed to have dinner with Kate and Clyde.  

Will told Rafe what Clyde did when he came to see him.  will said Clyde scares him.  Clyde warned Ben not to lose Abby.  Abby told Chad not to be like the other DiMeras.  Brady declared his love for Melanie.  Rafe checked out Will's computer while he was gone.  Anne and Theresa argued over Theresa staying in Salem because of Brady.  Chad went to see Will and told him that he owns Sonix.  Will thought Chad wanted him to write the article on Clyde so he could get Abby back.  Theresa told Anne that Kimberly gave her an idea.  Chad wanted to know what Will knows about Clyde.  Kimberly went to see Brady to talk about Theresa and the baby.  Chad wanted everything Will found out about Clyde.  Will agreed to it.  Kimberly wanted to know where Theresa and Tate fit in Brady's life.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dr. Obrecht is shocked to find that her Egg Salad painting is missing from her office. Franco informs her that he took it back and gave it to Nina, but that the gesture didn’t work and Nina married Ric Lansing. He wonders what is in it for Ric. Obrecht supposes Ric is after Nina’s money. Sonny finds Ric in Nina’s room. Ric informs Sonny that Nina is his wife and asks Sonny to respect it.

Ric advises Sonny not to go to Shawn’s arraignment because it won’t look good for his custody case. Sonny says that is not an option. Sloane tells TJ that it has been an honor to work with his mother and that TJ should be proud of her. TJ tells Molly that he has a relationship with Shawn because his mother couldn’t be bothered to raise him herself and now because of her, he is losing his father figure. Jordan reveals to Shawn that he is TJ’s biological father. She encourages him to take the deal that the DA is offering so that he can have a relationship with his son. She tells him that it is about time that he stopped being Sonny’s lackey and started looking out for his own welfare. TJ tells Molly that of all the people Jordan went after, Shawn is the only one who is going to prison. Molly encourages TJ to have faith in her father’s lawyering skills. TJ observes that in a case where black man shot a white woman, it can only go one way.

Carly tells Jake that she thinks she convinced Sonny that Jake was just a scapegoat for Julian and Carlos. Jake tells her that he is going to prison because he refuses to help Sloane anymore. Sloane tells Jake that he didn’t reinstate the Haunted Star charges against him. He says he filed charges against Carlos Rivera for Duke’s murder so Jake is off the hook. Jake asks Sloane what will happen if Julian doesn’t accept his resignation. Sloan says he will talk to Julian. Julian’s family is gathered around him to support him with the loss of his baby with Olivia. He tells them that he is getting out of the mob. A brunette woman named Denise DeMuccio who looks remarkably like Ava goes to Julian’s penthouse. Everyone believes she is Ava in a bad disguise. Sam says Ava should have stayed gone because she’s going to be on her way back to Pentonville… unless Sonny gets to her first. When Sloane gets to the penthouse to talk to Julian on Jakes behalf, he sees Denise and places her under arrest.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the rooftop pool, Summer, Kyle, & Mariah discuss how Tobias is the killer of Austin and Courtney. Summer wonders why Tobias would have killed Austin. At the police department, Kevin asks an officer about the charges against Tobias. Nikki is at the police department when Neil comes in to join her. They discuss the charges against her for drunkenness the night before.

At the Athletic Club dining room, Victor issues a warning to Jack that he needs to watch his back or he will lose everything he has. Victor meets Neil and Nikki in the foyer of the Athletic Club, Nikki assures Victor she is fine. Neil contradicts her and tells Victor that Nikki was arrested for being drunk the night before and needs help. Dylan joins Sharon and Faith at the Coffeehouse and finds out from Sharon that Nick is going to talk to the judge about Faith spending at least one night a week with Sharon. Outside the Coffeehouse, Nick asks Sage if she is trying to get Faith out of the way so she can spend more time with Nick. Dylan assures Nick that everything will be fine with Faith spending one night a week with Sharon because he will be there. Nick asks Dylan just how close he and Sharon are. Dylan explains to Nick that he cares for Sharon and he will always be there to have her back. Sharon joins them and thanks Dylan for his support. Nick tells Sharon and Dylan that he will talk to Avery to talk to the judge to arrange the overnight stay. Faith is thrilled as she hugs Sharon. Joe talks to Dr. Weston about his therapy and he tells her that Avery is his support system. Avery watches them. Dr. Weston tells Avery that Joe is being released today. Avery assures Dr. Weston that she is Joe’s support. Nikki confesses to Victor that she had a couple of drinks at the party. Neil offers Nikki help but she refuses. Victor decides to take drastic measures when it comes to Nikki’s drinking. At the Athletic Club dining room, Phyllis reminds Jack of their wedding vows but still she sees a change in him. Avery lets Joe know that he is released and he is coming home with her. Nick, Sage, and Faith discuss different baby names. Neil catches Nikki drunk and when she leaves, he calls for help. Summer and Kyle tell Phyllis about Tobias being Austin and Courtney’s killer. Summer realizes that she still loves Austin. Jack and Kyle discuss the evidence against Tobias. Jack assures Kyle that the case should remain closed. Victor gets a call about the real Jack.

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