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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Eric when he thinks about Ridge, think about all that whining he has done. He can not let him manipulate him, stand up for Rick. Ridge questions Caroline why she did not tell him bout her accident with her legs. Ivy comes in before she can answer. She says she and Liam are good right now. Liam is looking on the internet and chides Bill for exploiting Maya when he promised not to. He says he put his reputation on the line and now Bill wants him to get over it. He does not think so. Bill says as CEO he has the prerogative to change his mind. Liam says it is unbelievable. Bill says no, it is his company and he calls the shots. And they want Rick out; Liam wants that for his girlfriend. Liam says why did Bill even make him President if he doesn’t value his opinion. Bill says he sat back and watched Liam with his little stock plan and it was going no where so he had to step in and move things along. They bicker back and forth. Liam says most people have a heart. Bill tells Bambi to open his eyes. Liam says actresses have killed themselves or been killed over things like this. Bill should have thought of the consequences before putting Maya in danger. Bill slams the door and walks out and says he will work on this himself because he is hungry. Eric tells Rick there is no doubt he has been a good CEO but there is more to it than that. Rick says no, Ridge has done much more harm and Rick still deserves this. Eric can not give Ridge his job. Ridge tells Caroline and Ivy that Rick is talking with Eric right now and he should be ready to go. Rick continues to whine to Eric what Ridge has been doing to them for years and he and Maya could still be together but she won’t even return his phone calls. He has the power to avoid those trashy magazines, so tell Ridge no. He will be an even better CEO, just stand by his son. He can not hand the company back over to Ridge. He has lost Maya the woman he wanted to marry so please do not let Ridge take his job away too. He can’t have everything he wants anymore.

Ivy asks why Liam called her; it sounded urgent. Liam tells Ivy that what his dad does reflects on him too. He wanted something better for both her and Caroline and now look what happened. Caroline fills Rick in on what happened. He says despite what happened between them, he still cares. She says she knows he has been through a lot and thought he could use a friend. He says Maya was not dishonest. It just took her longer to tell him that he would have liked. He still loves her. He says she was not the gold digger that Caroline accused her of; she has left him. And now Ridge is trying to use all of this to become CEO. So she can go back to hr boyfriend and tell him he is not stepping down. Ridge sits in the desk and Eric ceomes in and says it took a while as Rick had a lot to say. Ridge asks him if they talked about the clause. Eric says Rick loves the job and does not want to give it up. Ridge ways he knows it is difficult to choose between his two sons. Eric says yes he is tired of it. Ridge says he needs to know how to respect people. Ridge says design runs the company, even Eric used to say that. Rick does not understand that concept. Ridge says he ants this company to be run like Eric used to….by the guy who was next to his side almost from day one. It’s time, let him run this company.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

NBC aired French Open Tennis today.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

GH re-aired the Wednesday, April 1, 2015 episode.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tobias Gray, the man Victor hired to get the formula for Hex, crashes the Newman-Abbott party and starts to tell everyone that the families have deep dark secrets. He is thrown out of the party before he can tell everyone what he knows about the two most powerful families in Genoa City. Lily later gets word that Tobias crashed his car into a tree and was taken to the hospital. The trouble at the party causes Nikki to drink, and she almost takes off with a guy she has never met before. Neil and Billy step in to keep her from leaving. Neil punches the guy and Billy steps in to make sure that Neil doesn't cause a bigger scene. Lily tells Neil that she is worried because he has become so violent lately. He tells her to stop worrying about him and start worrying about her own life. Kevin hacks into Paul's computer at the police station and finds out that he has a list of disgruntled former employees of Jabot and Tobias Gray is on that list. He and Mariah break into Tobias's motel room and find a 3D printer, fingertip molds, and the stolen hard drives from the police station.

Billy and Victoria decide to work on a project together to promote unity in the new company and talk about the happy times in their marriage. Noah goes to Cassie's grave and promises to get justice for Courtney by finding her killer. Abby, Kyle and Summer go to the hospital and talk to Tobias. He tells them that there is something they need to know, but he only manages to say Austin's name before he dies.

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