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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is shocked that Caroline did not tell him she was hit by a car and is now in a wheelchair. She says her moms took really good care of her and she knew he would drop everything and come play doctor, and she did not want that. She calls Maya a hypocrite for keeping all of this from Rick and FC. Eric asks Rick how he is feeling. Rick answers physically ok and wonders why Eric is home so early. Did Ridge tell him that he attacked him? If so, he deserved it. The woman he loved had just left him and he could not take it anymore. He will not listen again at one word from Ridge's condescending mouth. Pam tells Charlie that he called it, that Maya was a man and no one believed him. Carter overhears them and says when was Maya a man, like when she was nine years old. Charlie tells him somebody played canary to the press, was it him? Carter figures it was Nicole telling Wyatt and he told Spencer. Nicole finds Wyatt looking at the net and accuses him of betraying her when she thought he liked her. Maya should have been able to tell her story when she wanted to. She will not tell him a thing now about Rick and Maya. She has learned her lesson and she will never trust him again. Rick says he can not work with Ridge anymore, he has to go. Eric finally lays the law down to Rick ands says Ridge is not going anywhere. The brothers will have to learn to get along and Rick is not entirely innocent in this. He has brought a gun to work and took target practice and mistreated people at FC and within his own family and that has to stop. Rick cannot believe that his dad is saying this.

Wyatt tells Nicole that he did not want to run the story but Bill found out and ran it. This is not about Maya but about Rick treating everyone so badly. The Spencer’s protect their own. She says no, the Spencer’s are spoiled little brats. Ridge tells Caroline again that he doesn’t think Rick is the best choice of CEO and he thinks Rick has done enough to break his contract. Eric tells Rick he is very happy with his work performance but Rick knows there is a morality cause in his contract and that could include shooting off a gun or mistreating others. Is he exonerated from abusing his power and losing his way? Eric feels he has a responsibility to step in and change this course…..and to be a father to Rick. He is going to help him get through this and won’t disappoint him again. He wants Rick to step down as CEO. It’s time. Wyatt tells Nicole that she is way too upset now to settle down and see his side of the story. She says he betrayed her trust so find someone else to be his next scoop; she’s out of here. Ridge tells Caroline that he thinks his dad is with Rick right now. Rick tells his dad that he needs his faith now more than ever. Eric says he can not let his emotions take charge. Rick says he hears Ridge’s words in this and he can see him sending him back to Paris. He rants that Ridge stole his mom from him and then Caroline. He knows that he treated people horribly and he is sorry for that. But he has worked hard to pull all of that together. Eric says he needs to step back and let someone else run the company for a while. Rick says he needs to be the one defending Maya and FC and Spencer wins by them running and hiding. It is unacceptable of Eric to ask him to resign and go to Paris. He is Eric Forrester Jr. and he can do anything. He is proud of the man he is and maybe someday Eric will be proud of him too. If Eric puts Ridge in charge he will be looking down at Rick the rest of his life. Rick begs his dad to not take this away from him. He needs this so please stand up for him!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paul wanted Sonny to be honest with him about his feelings.  Will approached them and wanted to know what was going on.  Chad wanted to know why Stefano was interested in him being with Abby.  Jennifer told Abby how long she has known about JJ and Eve and how she caught them together.  Will wanted to know what was going on with Sonny and Paul.  Jennifer blamed herself for why JJ was with Eve.  Abby was upset that she and JJ didn't think about Paige.  JJ tried to explain why he ended up having sex with Eve.  Paige wanted to know how many times JJ and Eve had sex.  Abby continued to come down on Jennifer for keeping Paige in the dark about JJ and Eve.  Paige wanted to know why JJ continued to sleep with Eve if he was upset with Eve.  Will and Paul argued over Paul wanting Sonny.  When Sonny had to take care of something, Paul told Will that he asked Sonny how he felt about him.  JJ told Paige that he loved her and she believed him.  Eve went to see Jennifer.

Will wanted to know why Paul is doing this to him.  Paul reminded Will of everything he did for why he wanted to fight for Sonny.  When Paul was about to leave, Will stopped him.  Chad wanted to be there for Abby.  Eve and Jennifer argued over the truth coming out.  Eve didn't want to argue.  She wanted to know where Paige was.  Paige told JJ that he continued to keep her in the dark.  Will tried to justify the things he's done in order to keep Sonny, but Paul was able to shut him up.  Paige told JJ that she was changing.  He begged her to let him make things right.  He was willing to do anything.  She was going to take him up on it.  Jennifer and Eve continued to argue over their children.  Paige wanted JJ to leave her alone.  Eve blamed Jennifer for losing Paige.  When Eve left, she was determined to make Jennifer pay for what she did.  Paige ripped into JJ again and didn't want to see him ever again.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

TJ tells Shawn that he always knew there was the chance that Shawn could go to jail, but he never imagined that his mother would be the one to put Shawn there. TJ is angry that Jordan chose her career over raising him all these years. He is angry that she didn’t quit when she found herself opposing the man who was raising her son. When TJ is about to call Jordan a name, Shawn tells TJ not to disrespect his mother. Jordan goes to Shawn’s cell and tells him that Scott Baldwin has a deal on the table for Shawn to walk away with just probation in exchange for his testimony that Sonny ordered the hit on Jake. Shawn won’t flip on Sonny. Jordan tells Shawn that he can’t go to prison because TJ needs him. She reveals that Shawn is TJ’s father.

Carlos’ apparition torments Anna. Anna tells Sabrina that Carlos got away. Jake tells Commissioner Sloane that he is quitting because he’d rather go to prison than see anyone else shot because of him. Sloane tells Scott that he needs to file charges against a Jerome associate. Jake goes to Elizabeth’s house and sees a picture of Jason and Elizabeth face down on the dining room table.

Alexis tells Julian that she will stay by his side while he gets out of the business. Julian tells Lucas that the baby died. Lucas calls Sam and Kiki to relay the bad news. Sam thinks it is her fault that Olivia went into premature labor because she badgered her. Sam tells Patrick about her stillborn daughter. Patrick appreciates that Sam was there for him when he lost Gabriel. Patrick tells Sam that he loves her. She says it back. Morgan, Kiki, and Sam join Lucas and Alexis at Julian’s penthouse to support him. Julian announces that he is finished with the mob. Lucas answers Julian’s door to a brunette woman with a thick New York accent who looks just exactly Ava.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club bar, Lily and Hilary discuss the party that Jack is throwing for the Newman & Abbott families. Lily looks away for just a moment and sees Devon and Hilary walk into the foyer, so she joins them. At the Newman ranch, Neil warns Victor about letting Nikki come to this party. Nikki interrupts them. In the lab at Jabot, Jack invites all his family to attend the party celebrating the merger. In a foreign country, the officer calls Victor to let him know that Kelly is dead and Jack is gone. As Sharon frantically looks for her keys, Dylan finds them on a table behind the couch. Dylan asks why she is so upset, but she will not tell him. Dylan asks her how she really feels about Nick and Sage having a baby. Sharon blows it off as though it doesn’t really matter. Nick visits Cassie’s grave to talk to her about the baby that he is having with Sage. Lily confronts Devon and Hilary about them still seeing each other and then appearing at this party. Lily mentions to Hilary that it wasn’t enough that she had wanted to avenge her mother’s death. Hilary lashes out at Lily and tells her not to mention her mother. Phyllis interrupts them to stop the argument. Sharon interrupts Nick at Cassie’s grave and offers to leave, but he urges her to stay. They reminisce about Cassie when she was a child. Billy tells Jack that Chelsea and Gabriel are not attending the party and it is just as well. When Jack asks Victoria if she is attending, she wonders why the rush for this party. After Jack explains things to them, the whole family agrees to attend. Neil and Nikki discuss the party that Jack is throwing. Victor orders the police officer to find Jack or else. Someone watches Victor from outside the door. Phyllis tries to calm Lily and Hilary. Nick tells Sharon that their memories of Cassie will be all theirs alone.

Nikki tells Victor and Neil that she will be attending. In the lab, Ben assures Abby that he will take care of her at the party. Abby asks Ben about Ashley’s sudden change of attitude. At the Coffeehouse, Sharon finds out that Dylan followed her to the cemetery. Sharon regrets that she didn’t tell him where she was going. Sharon also tells him about her being invited to Jack’s party. Dylan promises to be there with her. Victoria tells Billy that she doesn’t want to attend the party, and she wants him to keep his distance. Gwen, Neil, and Lily talk. Gwen leaves them for just a moment to get a drink. Neil tells Lily that he and Gwen have feelings for each other. At the bar, Gwen and Hilary have a confrontation over Neil. Devon interrupts them but things soon become loud. In the foyer of the Athletic Club, Ben and Ashley have a confrontation over what happened with them in the shower when Ashley thought it meant something, but it must not have. Nick lets the family know that he and Sage are having a baby. Victoria asks if it's his. Nikki is stunned by the news. Victor gets a call from the officer that Jack cannot be found. Sharon and Dylan arrive at the party. Jack tells Victor not to worry about Sharon attending. Abby asks Ben about his talk with Ashley, but he makes up some excuse so he won’t have to tell her what was really said between him and Ashley. Glancing over at Ashley, Ben makes up an excuse to leave the party to do some work in the lab. Nikki has a talk with Dylan and finds out that he's been seeing Sharon since he and Avery broke up. Dylan goes off to find Sharon. Nikki takes a drink. Jack makes a speech and tells the family that he is donating a wing at the hospital in memory of Cassie. Both Nick and Sharon thank him. When someone walks into the party, Victor steps up and tells the person that they shouldn’t be there.

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