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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge dodges the press and Eric tells him good, avoid them all he can. They have a debacle on their hands. Rick is not coming in today. Ridge chides him for their fearless leader staying under the covers today. Rick tells Brooke he has a few bruises but he is okay. He has to talk to Maya. Brooke tells Rick no, she needs to talk to him if she wants to. Clearly she does not want to be found. He says that has nothing to do with the woman he loves. Maya is holed up all moody thinking of her last conversation with Rick while he was tailing her in the car and the phone went dead before he finished saying he still wanted to marry her. She did not hear that. She thought he hung up on purpose. Nicole returns and Maya tells her she was not careful enough since she told Wyatt. And she did turn in her resignation and that is the way it has to be. Calls and texts don’t mean a thing now. This is the way it has to be. There are too many complications and a clean break will be the best. It will be what Rick needs. Ridge tells Eric please no compassion for Rick after he attacked him last night. He is unstable and needs help. Rick tells Brooke please do not call Maya a liar, not like Amber and Caroline. Ridge tells Eric that Rick needs to see a shrink. He’s a time bomb ready to go off and now today he is taking the day off instead of coming to work. Eric needs to make him go, it’s time. Eric says what he sees is his son is hurting right now. This is not a scandal, just a smear and they have been through worse before. Ridge tells him to stop thinking of him as the bad guy and make him CEO. Maya quit last night so Rick will be more concerned about her than the job.

Rick tells Brooke that he gets that she is trying to help but he loves Maya and wants her in his life. Brooke says that does not mean she has a right to deceive him. He says Maya is completely secure in who she is. That is why she did not want to date him in the beginning. Brooke rants that he just found out what Maya did not tell him sooner and that should be a big red flag. If he knew about the estrogen pills, then he needs to step back and think this over, what Maya kept from him and may not have ever told him if she was not forced to. Ridge tells Eric they have to do something. He wants Eric to look at the morality clause. This place is too much pressure and stress on Rick, they need to do something about it rather than have Rick to stay home with mommy. Brooke tells Rick that she does not like saying this but Maya waited until Rick was hopelessly in love before she told him, so please stay away from that woman. She is more resourceful than any of them thought possible. Both Maya and Rick are thinking of each other and their romance as they contemplate what to do, what others have told them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Cole went to see Eve.  Paige was surprised that JJ threw her a surprise party.  JJ noticed something was wrong and wanted to know what was going on.  Paul met with John and called him a hypocrite.  Paige didn't want to talk about what was going on just yet.  Stefano let Marlena know that he wasn't taking her home.  He called her out for killing Kristen.  Paul told John that he had to walk away from the man he loves.  Paul threw up in John's face that he had an affair with Marlena.  When JJ told Paige how he felt about her, she thought about him having sex with Eve.  When he handed her the cake, she dropped it out of his hands.  John tried to explain his affair with Marlena, but Paul wouldn't let him.  Stefano and Marlena talked about Kristen.  She wanted him to focus on Chad.  Someone showed up and took her.  Eve told Cole that JJ found out what he did.  He wasn't worried because there was no proof, but she said there was proof.  Paige slapped JJ and told everyone that he slept with Eve.

Paul continued to talk to John about what he did to destroy Marlena's marriage.  Paul thought that was an excuse to be with Sonny.  John didn't think Paul should fight for Sonny because Sonny didn't feel the same way.  Chad met with Stefano, but Stefano wasn't happy with him.  Paige confronted JJ about lying to her.  He tried to deny it, but she said she overheard him and Eve talking about it.  Stefano and Chad argued over Chad trying to stop him from killing Marlena.  Stefano thought it was a sign of weakness.  Paul went to see Sonny and told him why he hit Will.  Eve wanted Cole out of town or he would go to jail.  He said she would go too, but she didn't care because she lost Paige.  Paige wanted JJ to tell everyone that he slept with Eve.  She also wanted him to tell her the truth.  When Jennifer tried to stop Paige from yelling at JJ, Paige figured out that Jennifer knew the truth.  Stefano and Chad argued until Stefano said he would be supportive of him no matter what.  Stefano wanted to know if Chad felt the same way.  John and Marlena reunited with each other.  Sonny didn't believe Paul at first.  JJ finally admitted to what he did to Paige.  Paige ended up leaving the party.  Eve wanted Cole to leave town.  He warned her that he would turn on her if she sold him out.  Abby wanted Jennifer to tell her what was going on with JJ and Eve.  Sonny tried to make excuses for Will's actions, but Paul didn't want to talk about Will.  Paul wanted to talk about them.  Paul wanted to know if Sonny still loved him.  Chad said he would support STefano.  Eve called Paige to make things right.  JJ found Paige in the park.  Paige wanted to know why he was with Eve.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna asks Sloane why he helped he cover up Carlos’ murder. He says he did it because he knows how she feels. She says she has become exactly what she set out to destroy. She observes that she is lucky that Jordan is still alive and worries that Jake might not be so lucky. She tells Sloane that he should release a press release exonerating Jake and indicting Carlos. She says she can’t let Jake get killed in Duke’s name. She reminds Sloane that Sabrina knows that Carlos killed Duke. Sabrina and Michael wait in her apartment for news about Carlos. They get close to taking their relationship to the next level, but they stop and agree to take it slow. Morgan and Kiki argue and then make love. They decide to get back together.

Sam tells Patrick that she thinks it is best that Jason died when Danny was too young to have had to grieve even though it means Danny will never know his father. Patrick asks her why she was at the garage when Hayden was shot. She tells him that she heard Dante and Nathan talking about probability that Jake killed Duke so she went to the garage to ask Jake about it. She says she believes Jake didn’t do it. Patrick wonders why Jake seems to be trying so hard to make people believe that he did. He asks her to keep her distance from Jake until the danger has passed. Elizabeth tries to convince Jake that Hayden won’t be able to tell him who he is if and when she wakes up. She reminds him that before Hayden came into their lives, he had decided to go forward with his life as the person he is now. He tells her that he can’t see her anymore because he is going to prison. He tells her about his deal with Sloane. He tells her that seeing Hayden take a bullet meant for him made it clear that he has to be done with Sloane, even if it means losing Elizabeth. She sees that she can’t convince him to change his mind. They decide to spend their last night making love.

Julian doesn’t want to be alone to grieve his son. Alexis doesn’t want to stay with him because she can’t reconcile his killing Duke for business. He tells her that he is ready to leave the mob. He asks her to stay with him during the transition phase. She says she can’t fall for it again. He assures her that he means it. She agrees to stay with him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy comes back to Chelsea’s condo with Connor. He yells for her but there is no answer. He tries to call Chelsea but only gets her voicemail. Billy starts to leave but when he opens up the door, Gabriel is standing there with a shopping bag and a bottle of wine. In his office at Jabot, Jack holds Chelsea’s hand, but she feels awfully uncomfortable by his sudden attention and is even more uncomfortable when he asks her to take care of a party he is giving to celebrate the merger between Jabot and Newman. Chelsea asks him why he is being so friendly to her after what she did to Billy. Ashley walks in, wanting to know the same thing. At the rehab hospital in Chicago, Avery watches Joe as he works with his therapist. Avery walks out in the corridor and sees Phyllis. Kelly sits on the bed beside Jack and feeds him. Jack thanks her for what she is doing for him. Gabriel tells Billy that he has a special dinner for Chelsea. Gabriel wonders what Billy is doing here with Connor. Billy explains that he took Connor to the doctor for an ear infection. In his office, Jack gets a call from Billy, who is looking for Chelsea. Jack hands her the phone. Billy asks her to get home right away. Chelsea thanks Jack for helping her with her ideas. Jack assures her that she can trust him. Kelly leaves Jack alone for a few moments, but she watches him from a computer as he gets up out of the bed and walks over to the table. He picks up the knife and looks at it but then cuts off a piece of apple. Kelly smiles to herself.

Chelsea comes home to a confrontation between Billy and Gabriel. After Billy leaves, Chelsea warns Gabriel not to antagonize him. Phyllis talks to Joe about Avery and her feelings for Dylan. She thinks that Joe is using her. Avery walks in and sees Phyllis talking to Joe. Jack tells Kelly he loves her as he begins to kiss her. Avery orders Phyllis to go back home. Phyllis tells Avery about a party that Jack is having to celebrate the union between Jabot and Newman. Phyllis invites Avery to the party, but she declines. In the lab, Ashley tells Billy that she is sorry Connor is sick. Billy talks about his feelings for Connor. Chelsea orders Gabriel to stop fighting with Billy. Billy tells Ashley how Gabriel was going on about Adam being a misunderstood guy. Gabriel tells Chelsea they have a deep attraction, and they were meant to be together, but she doesn’t believe him. Avery tells Joe how Phyllis wanted her to go home but she refused. Jack wakes up and finds blood on his hands. He looks over and sees Kelly dead.

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