Wednesday 5/20/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick wakes up in bed and is desperate to find Maya. Eric thanks Scott for being near the crash and bringing him home. Rick rambles that he has to speak to Maya to explain. He can handle all the humiliation, mockery and scandal. He has been through it many times and he knows this may seem like a disaster in the short term but he swears to his dad that he will bring the company through this somehow untarnished. He keeps wanting to get out of bed and to find Maya. Eric tells him to please rest and do as the doctor says. He is lucky he did not have a head injury. Brooke too has to restrain him. Rick says he must explain, he remembers things he said to her. Brooke says she knows but Maya lied to him and kept things from him. Rick insists Maya did not lie to him so Brooke should quit saying that. Yes things took too long to tell him but he is very clear that she never lied to him even if Brooke is not clear about that. He says he still loves her and she needs to know that. Nicole finds Maya holed up in her old room. She says this is where she is living now. Pam tells Ridge the news is everywhere now, Maya is transgender. Even Charlie knew but she just thought he was joking. She gets a text from Eric that Rick was in an accident. She tells Ridge that Maya was not with him. Ridge says he knew it; Rick has totally freaked out. Maya is stunned when Nicole tells her that she told Wyatt, but he promised he would not say anything. Maya can’t believe she did that when Wyatt’s dad is the biggest media mogul on the planet. Nicole apologizes and says she never meant to hurt Maya nor wanted this to happen. Maya calms down and says it was not all Nicole’s fault. Nicole asks if Rick proposed and Maya says yes; it was the most beautiful, romantic moment of her life. She wanted to say yes but not until she had told him everything. He was shocked and disappointed but he understood and he told her that he still loved her. She says she tried to explain but the phone kept buzzing and then Rick called Bill and his dad and the way he talked about shame and embarrassment, she would not stay and listen to that so she left. She says she can handle the fallout but Rick should not have to so that is why she left. He is better off without her. Jake hands Ridge an e-mail he should see – Maya has sent in her resignation. Several more times Rick tries to get up and leave and go find Maya. He must explain. He still loves her and accepts her as she is; he does not care about her past. He tells Brooke that he proposed. She asks if he is engaged and he says no, Maya would not accept until she told him about herself. Brooke says what Bill did was inexcusable but Maya is not blameless either. She should have told him a long time ago. Rick is enraged that most everyone but him knew about it and was talking behind his back. Brooke reminds him again to calm down. She and Eric will be downstairs if he needs anything.

Nicole tells Maya that she can’t quit. She made a life for herself at Forrester and she can not give that up. Maya said she wanted it and a life with Rick. They were a team and now this press and backlash. She says she tried to talk to him while they were in their cars and she gave him every opportunity to say he still loved her and wanted to get married, but he hung up. Ridge slips past Brooke and Eric in the living room and goes up to Rick’s bedroom. Rick feels he is there to lord it over him that everyone knew but him. Ridge says they do need to take control of the situation and if Rick is too tied up with personal problems then he can take over. Brooke tells Eric that if Maya wanted to talk to Rick she would be here now. She is not going to judge Maya for the decision to be who she is now but she has been involved with Rick for a very long time now and should have told him before Bill publicized it. Rick trusted her but she turned out to be just like every other woman in Rick’s life, Caroline and Amber….she let him down. Rick reminds Ridge that he is still CEO but Ridge counters that really as it looks right now that he is hiding under the covers. Rick says he does not have to tell Ridge anything. Ridge fires back that no he doesn’t as he already knew. He knew before Rick did. But Rick always thinks he knows best and no one tells him what to do. That’s just how arrogant he is….and now the portrait downstairs on the wall with the new matriarch….the woman behind the man. But Rick freaked out just like he did with Caroline and could not face it. His girlfriend told him she was transgender and he could not handle that and he snapped. He lost it just like he loses it with every woman in his life. He turns to leave and says Ricky boy brought this on himself. Rick gets up and lunges after him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve noticed Paige watching her.  Adrienne overheard Justin on the phone.  Paige told Eve that she was in the apartment all along.  JJ told Jennifer that Eve wasn't going to be a problem.  Paige asked Eve if someone was in the apartment.  When Eve said no, Paige said she heard her.  Justin and Adrienne argued over his affair.  Eve lied about the voice Paige heard.  Paige said the voice was JJ's.  Adrienne and Justin argued over Sonny's marriage which led to an argument over their affairs.  Paige asked why Eve and JJ were arguing.  When Eve tried to give Paige her gift, Paige gripped her and told her she knew the truth.

Eve tried to lie about her affair, but Paige didn't want to hear it.  Adrienne went to see Lucas.  Eve lied about sleeping with JJ.  She tried to say Paige was having a nightmare.  Paige wanted Eve to stop lying to her because she heard everything.  She heard everything Eve and JJ said about the affair and blackmail.  Paige gave her one last chance to tell the truth.  Eve ended up confessing to sleeping with JJ.  Lucas and Adrienne made love and talked about their relationship.  Paige ripped into Eve.  Paige was done with her.  Paige ended up slapping Eve.  Justin said he was going back to Dubai.  JJ talked to Daniel about sleeping with Eve.  Daniel suggested that JJ tell the truth, but he didn't want to do it.  Paige told Eve that she wasn't her mother anymore.  Paige showed up at the surprise party.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Julian finds Alexis in his apartment and hopes she has changed her mind about breaking up with him. She informs him that she is there to pick up her things. He tells her that his baby died. He tells her that Obrecht showed him the cremated remains. Alexis says she can sue the hospital for cremating the baby when the parents wanted him buried. Julian doesn’t see the point in suing when it won’t bring his son back. Olivia tells Dante that they baby is no longer at General Hospital and that Ned took him to a private hospital outside of Port Charles.

Morgan wonders why Kiki has been ignoring him. She says she has had a lot on her mind since finding out that she has a new cousin through her uncle, Julian. Morgan doesn’t believe that is the reason. She tells him that she is angry with him because he came up with the stupid plan to drug Michael and it almost landed them in prison and they lost Avery to Michael. He tells her that she is an adult and she could have chosen not to go along with the plan but instead, played her part in it, including kissing him. He accuses her of still having feelings for Michael. They kiss.

Sabrina watches the TV new waiting for a report about Carlos being arrested. Michael suggests that they order in instead of going out to dinner so that they can wait together for news. Anna and Commissioner Sloane dump Carlos’ body into the harbor. Elizabeth runs into Anna and Sloan. She apologizes to Anna for not going to Duke’s service, explaining that she didn’t think it was appropriate considering her relationship with Jake. She tells Anna and Sloane about the attempted hit on Jake that hit Hayden instead. Anna is upset that an innocent woman was shot and Jordan’s cover was blown because Sloan was busy seeing about her. Sloan observes that they can’t exonerate Jake now because they can’t bring charges against Carlos. Jake blames himself for Hayden being shot. He concludes to Sam that if he doesn’t remember the people who love him, then he isn’t the person they lost. Sam tells Jake about her past as a con. She tells him that she never had stability in her life until she knew Jason. Patrick tells Jake, Sam, and Elizabeth that he was able to remove the bullet from Hayden’s head, but that she is comatose.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

When Nick and Sage tell Gabe and Chelsea that she is pregnant, Adam suspects that he could be the father and demands a paternity test even though Sage tells him that Nick is the father of her child. Gabe suggests that Chelsea talk to Jack about doubling the budget for the fashion line and tell him that Victoria said no, because she is mad that she cheated on Billy with him. Paul tells the cabin group that further DNA testing by the FBI reveals that Marco, the Mexican mob boss, isn't the killer. Kevin suspects the FBI lied to Paul and plans to hack into the FBI computer and find out the truth.

Paul and Christine celebrate Paul's birthday quietly and decide to take a working vacation to Washington because Paul suspects that the FBI lied to him about Marco not being a DNA match for the killer. Marco tells Victor that he didn't kill Austin and Courtney and suggests that Victor had more of a motive to kill them. Victor gives Marco a final warning that he better obey orders or he will send him to jail. Chelsea goes to talk to Jack and he promises that he will talk to Victoria and she will double her budget so she can do the children and the men's fashion lines. Jack also tells Chelsea that he is reconsidering the merger, but she shouldn't tell anyone. Neil and Victor try to persuade Nikki to go to rehab, but she refuses and tells Victor that she drinks because of him and all the stress he puts on her with all the dirty dealings and how he hurts their children.

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