Tuesday 5/19/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/19/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All hell breaks loose as more see the bit on the internet about Maya being born a Myron. Brooke can not believe Ridge would do this. Ridge comes in and suspects Bill and Brooke then wants to go talk to Bill. Katie rails to Bill that this is her family; how could he? Nick walks back in after hearing it on his radio. Nicole comes in and admits that she told Wyatt after he told her he would not mention it to anyone. She came to town and pushed Maya to tell her secret but she did not mean to harm her in any way. They are all up in arms what to do now. Rick calls his dad and says he has run into a problem. Eric says they have all heard. Rick tells Eric that he loves Maya and they will work through this. He’s going to do all in his power that FC stays intact. And swears they will get through this untarnished. Eric says he knows he will; he just wants him to be okay.

Rick calls Bill and reads him the riot act and demands that he re-tract this about Maya. Bill informs him that he runs his company the way he chooses just as Rick does FC. Maya tells Rick that she spent too many years being ashamed and she is not going back there now. She needs to know that he is in her corner. Rick says he is but this is so humiliating. Katie blasts at Bill and says she loves him and she expects him to do the right thing but he is making her so mad now. Holding Maya up to public ridicule will never be right – never. Maya starts the car up and says she is leaving despite Rick chasing after her and trying to stop her. In another car on a long stretch of lonely road, Rick gets closer and Maya puts her foot to the medal. Eric calls Bill and Bill is sarcastic when he asks how he might help him at this hour. Eric says he thinks Bill has done enough. Eric tells Bill that he might ask Karen, his sister, who is one of GLAAD’s biggest contributors. They might have an issue with Bill’s publications spewing all of this ugliness. Nicole tells the others that Maya will never forgive her now. Rick is right on Maya’s tail and calls her on the cell; she turns it off. He calls again and she answers. He tells her to turn off at the next exit and they can work this out. He asked her to marry him tonight and nothing has changed. She says a lot has changed and she desperately needs to hear him say that he still wants to marry her now. Time runs out and the call is ended. Rick’s car ends up smashed against a tree and he is unconscious trapped inside.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ confronted Eve about setting him up.  When JJ showed her proof, she took it from him.  He said he had the proof backed up.  He threatened to go to the police unless they met in private.  Will was upset that Paul was back.  Eve and JJ went back to her apartment.  He wanted her to leave him alone or else he would go to the cops.  She wasnít worried until he said Cole would testify against her.  When he said he would go to the police again, she threatened to tell Paige the truth.  When Will insulted Paulís mother, Paul punched him.  Sonny walked in on them.  JJ wasnít worried about Eve telling Paige the truth.  Will pretended to be hurt by Paulís punch which caused Sonny to throw Paul out without explaining what happened.

Sonny wanted to take Will to the hospital, but Will didnít want to go.  Will made it seem as if Paul hit him because of Sonny.  Will questioned Sonny about Paul being at the apartment.  Will wanted to know what would have happened if he didnít come home.  Eve and JJ continued to go back and forth about what they had on each other.  When he told her that she didnít have any proof, he had the edge over her.  She eventually agreed not to say anything.  He dropped the bomb on her that he and Paige were going to California.  Will answered Sonnyís phone and told him to stay away.  Eve was upset that JJ was going with Paige.  He let her know that she couldnít do anything to come between him and Paige.  When JJ left, Eve noticed Paige in the room.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ned, Olivia, and Dr. Obrecht convince Julian that his son with Olivia died. Franco tries to convince Nina to go with him to see Scott so that they can petition to annul her marriage to Ric. She doesn’t want to. They have a big argument. Shawn is arrested and calls Ric who calls Sonny. Sonny tells Carly that Shawn was arrested and that Hayden was shot instead of Jake. Carly warns Sonny that if he tries again to have Jake killed, he will be caught and go to prison. Shawn goes on a tirade about how Jordan did him wrong. Jordan tells Shawn that Duke sent Bruce to kill her. Shawn tells Ric that Jordan is a cop. Ric relays the information to Sonny and Carly. Jordan tells TJ that she is an undercover cop and that she had to arrest Shawn. She tries to explain that her target was Julian, but that she couldn’t stand by and let Shawn shoot someone. TJ is angry that Jordan lied to him for all this time. He is angry that Shawn is the one that got arrested and not Julian or Sonny. He walks out on her.

Nikolas’ associate assures him that no one will ever know that he ordered the hit on Hayden. Nikolas tells Valerie that he kicked Hayden out because she was rude to Lulu and Elizabeth. Sam tells Elizabeth that Hayden was about to tell Jake something about who he is when she was shot. Jake wonders how Hayden can know who he is and wonders who she got her information from. Sam thinks it was Ric. Elizabeth and Jake don’t think so. Hayden asks for Jake. Sam observes that Elizabeth doesn’t seem to want Jake to hear what Hayden has to say. She tells Elizabeth that Jake had a life before he came to Port Charles and that he probably has family out there missing him. Elizabeth goes to Wyndemere and tells Nikolas that Sonny sent someone to kill Jake and that Hayden got hit instead. She says Hayden was hit in the head, but that Patrick is going to remove the bullet so there is still a chance that she will be able to tell Jake who he is. Hayden tries to talk to Jake, but has a seizure.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Fake Jack calls a family meeting to assure his family that he is back at Jabot. He rehires Billy. Later, in another meeting, Gabe fights to double Chelsea's budget. Ashley wants more money for Hex. Sage is scared of Sharon's reaction when she finds out about the baby, but Sharon is supportive when Nick tells her. Nikki reserves a room at the Athletic Club because she is feeling guilty about signing as a witness to the merger. Neil comes to her room and finds that she'd been drinking. He throws out all the alcohol and orders some coffee. Kyle tells Fake Jack that the police have a lead in the murder case. Victor overhears them. Chelsea and Gabe hear Nick and Sage talking about the baby.

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