Monday 5/18/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick doesn’t understand why a parent would give a little girl an old man’s name. Maya explains sometimes it is not a fit and she did change her name. Nick drops in to see Maya but runs into Ridge who wants to know what he wants – to wish her luck. Nick says you do not wait around and expect luck and he thinks Maya will be just fine. Ridge says she lied to his brother and he doesn’t think she will be back at his dad’s house. Maya tells Rick that he can look at her. There is no boy here and she never has been a man. She had procedures that were important to her and she doesn’t feel he needs an explanation about those. He said the person he knew an hour ago would have told him before now and he can not understand why she didn’t. Eric tells Brooke that Rick will call if he needs help or support; just give them time. There is only so much a parent can do. This is a private matter and it should stay that way. Whatever happens at Big Bear should stay there.

Bill tells his magazine people about Maya’s transgender and neither want to go along with the story being published. Bill demands they get on it right now, he has the headlines, they need to get it out in 30 minutes. Nick tells Ridge that coming out can make gay people feel whole, so it will be too for Maya to admit she is transgender. Rick tells Maya that he does not think she understands. She lied to him, he asked her about her estrogen pills and she knew that he wanted to marry and have children. Then he freaks when he finds she did not even tell Carter when they were engaged. She justifies that she had to re-invent herself to have a career and she was afraid of losing Rick. He looks at her in disdain. She starts to leave and he says he does not deserve that. She says she knew he would look at her differently and she wanted to put it off as long as she could. But she was never false or unfaithful to him. He asked when did it start. She answers in her teens. She left home and did stupid things like getting the needed drugs on the street until she met a good guy who helped her at a good clinic. She cries it is so hard to accept yourself when you are told your whole life that no one will love you. She says she is sorry that she wasn’t stronger sooner. As she starts to go, Rick asks her to stay. Nick tells Ridge that it’s time that he joined the 21st century. Firing Maya for being transgender is against the law. Bill gives the okay to Justin to run with their headlines and Brooke and Eric see it instantly online. Rick tells Maya that all his life people loved his name and he just wanted to be liked for himself so he did not tell her when they met. She is right and he did feel betrayed. But he knows her now and she always put him first. Everybody else hates him. He is glad she told hm. This is the woman he knows so nothing has changed. He doesn’t care who she is named after. He just wants to spend the rest of his life with her, so please do not walk away.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin talked to Sonny about Adrienne.  Justin wondered how Sonny and Will were doing with Paul back in town.  Paige confronted Cole about setting up JJ.  Serena told Daniel that Nicole and Xander were working together.  Justin wanted to know why Sonny didnít tell Will about Paul, but it led to an argument.  Justin figured out that Sonny saw Paul.  John and Paul talked about seeing Sonny.  JJ wanted Jennifer to invite Eve to Paigeís party.  JJ sent Eve a text, but she ignored it.  Justin and Sonny argued over Will.  Ariannaís sitter told Paul she had to take the baby to the hospital.  Daniel wanted Serena to tell him about Xander.  She said he wasnít what he appeared to be.  Paige threatened to call the police on him.

Ariannaís babysitter had to go to the hospital for her sister.  Paul offered to stay with Arianna.  Serena told Daniel that Xander is different with women. She said he was a player.  Paige confronted Cole about when he planted the drugs in JJís house.  Cole let it slip that he was there.  JJ texted Eve while Jennifer was at her apartment.  Eve sent a text back balling him Cole.  Eve agreed to go to Jenniferís party before she threw her out.  JJ and Eve continued to text.  Cole agreed to tell Paige the truth.  Before he could tell her, she told him to stay away from her and JJ.  JJ wanted Eve to give him money to leave her alone.  Eve agreed until she realized it was Cole.  Daniel was upset with Nicole when she went to see him.  Will came home and saw Paul with Arianna.  JJ took a picture of Eve at the park.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ric Lansing goes to Franco’s suite to meet Nina, who is wearing a wedding dress. He tells Franco that he met Nina at the Floating Rib, they started talking, he proposed and she said yes. He takes one knee and repeats his proposal, this time with the ring that he had intended for Elizabeth. Nina accepts the ring. Franco tells her not to marry Ric and asks her to marry him instead. Ric says he already has a marriage license. The justice of the peace arrives. Franco repeatedly objects to the marriage ceremony, but the ceremony goes on to completion.

Anna kills Carlos. Sloane finds Anna kneeling over Carlos’ body on pier 54. He tells her that their only shot at getting Julian was for Carlos to flip on him. She tells Sloane to arrest her. He says he can’t do that because they have too much work left to do to clean up the city. Carly advises Sonny to wait a while before retaliating for Duke’s murder. Sonny tells her that Jake shot Duke. She says that is impossible and wonders if anyone has seen Carlos. Carly tells Sonny that he had better call of the hit or he is going to alienate her just as much as he alienated Michael when he killed AJ. He tells her that it is business. She says that if it were business, then then he would recognize that Julian ordered the hit and he would take months preparing to go after Julian. She says she is going to go warn Jake. Sonny tells her that it is too late. Carly tells him that Jake isn’t who Sonny thinks he is.

Elizabeth begs Nikolas to stop Hayden from telling Jake the truth about his identity. He refuses. He says he is amazed that no one has figured out that Jake is Jason yet. He tells her that if Jason wants nothing to do with her after he finds out the truth, then he was never hers to keep. Hayden goes to the Xtreme Motors garage to tell Jake who he really is. Jake doesn’t want to know. Hayden suggests that Sam might want to hear what she has to say since it concerns her too. Shawn goes to the Xtreme Motors garage to kill Jake. Jordan pushes Shawn as he pulls the trigger. Hayden is hit instead of Jake. Hayden tells Sam that other people know who Jake is. Jake goes after Shawn with a crowbar. Jordan pulls her gun and tells Jake to move away from Shawn. Jake berates Shawn for pulling the trigger when he didn’t have a clear shot. Shawn concludes that Jordan ruined his shot because she really works for Julian. Jake says Jordan doesn’t work for the Jeromes. When the police and paramedics arrive, Jordan instructs an officer to take Shawn into custody. She explains to Shawn that he was never her target, but she didn’t have a choice when she found out that he was going to kill Jake. When Sam, Jake, Hayden, and the paramedics arrive at General Hospital, Patrick refuses to allow Elizabeth in the cubicle because of her personal feelings toward Hayden. Elizabeth fishes to find out what Jake knows. Sam says Hayden had something to tell her and Jake about Jake’s real identity. A man tells Nikolas that Shawn Butler was at Xtreme Motors with a gun so no one will ever suspect that someone else shot Hayden on a hit ordered by Nikolas.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sage tells Nick that he needs to forget about her moving in with him. At the Athletic Club dining room, Fen and Lauren look at the article on the internet about Michael soliciting a prostitute. Kevin, Kyle, and Summer visit Paul in his office at the police department and discover that the killer is a well-known drug lord, who doesn’t leave any witnesses to the murders. Fen and Lauren go to visit Michael to ask him if it is true that he and Lauren are separated. Fen asks what's going on. Kyle questions Paul as to who the drug lord is and where he is now. Michael tries to explain to Fen why he hasn’t told him sooner about their separation. Fen tries to persuade Michael to come back home but he refuses. Nick tells Sage that he wasn’t asking her to move in with him. Nick and Sage discuss how Sharon and Faith will react to this “baby” news. At Sharon’s home, Dylan and Sharon discuss their relationship and what happened last night. Sharon offers to give Dylan time to deal with his problems and find out where exactly they stand. Sharon reminds Dylan how he stood by her the last few months. Dylan gets a call from Ben that Paul has new evidence in the Austin/Courtney murders. Kevin tells Kyle and Summer that they need to warn Fenmore about these latest developments. Michael tells Lauren that she is suffocating him. Nick tells Sage that the real estate agent is meeting with them to show them a house for sale. Sharon joins them. Mary Lou shows them the property. Sage takes Mary Lou by the arm and they leave. Sharon tells Nick that he must think that she is a real idiot and when was he going to tell her.

Sharon confronts Nick about his moving in with Sage. Nick tells Sharon that there is more to this than that. Dylan joins Paul and asks him about the new evidence he has found. Paul tells him about the drug lord. Dylan asks Paul if there is a photograph. At the Athletic Club, Kevin meets with Fen and tells him about the drug lord blackmailing him, and he should be careful. Michael reminds Lauren about her affair with Carmine and then serves her with divorce papers. Paul meets with an FBI agent about the drug lord. Summer apologizes to Kyle for being upset with Austin and taking it out on him. A man watches Summer and Kyle. When Kyle confronts him, he finds it is Tobias, who was employed at Jabot. Nick and Sharon argue over Sage and his involvement with her. Dylan joins them and asks Nick what he did to Sharon. Nick denies doing anything to her. Sharon tells Dylan that she doesnít know whether or not to trust Nick, since she doesn’t trust anyone right now. Michael orders Lauren to sign the divorce papers but she refuses. Sage opens up to Nick about her feelings and how she is worried about what Sharon might do.

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