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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick gets Maya a drink and he wants her to continue. She says she wants to say yes but only after she tells him more about her past. Ridge tells Brooke and Eric that he went to Bill and told him to keep this quiet. Brooke also wants to talk to Bill as he might not listen to Ridge. Ridge says Katie knows and he doesn’t think she will go along. Bill tells Justin that he will handle Katie. He wants the world to know about Rick’s “girlfriend” - so run the story. And Liam doesn’t have to know about this yet. They will sell a ton of magazines. No one cares if one is transgender but the housewives will care when they are in the checkout line. Rick will go down and either end up in mental hospital or at very least out of FC, either works for him. Katie walks in and knows they are up to something. Justin leaves them alone and she tells Bill that he is a smart man and he will know what sort of trouble he will be in if he publishes this story about Maya. Brooke and Eric thank Ridge for having Bill pull the story. Rick is a bully and dictator and this is karma. Eric refutes that. Maya kept Rick in the dark and Rick will not like that. Eric says maybe Rick will forgive her. Caroline was different. She was exposed and Maya has not been.

Maya tells Rick that she finally knows who she is and is at home with him. She is the woman she wanted to be….and that is what she has to explain. She says this is more than typical strict parental upbringing. She felt different inside but she is proud of who she is now, not then….just trying to please her parents. When she was old enough she went to L.A. and became who she wanted to be. Now she is forced to face that past if they are to have a future so she is grateful that Nicole came to L.A. and looked her up. Rick says he has countless stories he could tell her so they do not have to have this conversation. She says yes, when they marry, if they marry then he needs to know exactly what happened. He says do not feel obligated to tell him how she grew up. He is marrying the Maya of today, not then. He is not going to judge her for a lifestyle she did not chose. He would never bale on her. She starts – she came to L.A. to act but more for herself. She knew if she moved to L.A. she could become the woman she was meant to be. Justin returns to Bill and asks if the coast is clear. Bill is working on his article and makes fun of some trans words. He tells Justin that he will not focus on Maya though, just Rick. He has a photo of Maya though, the one hanging over the mantel at Eric’s…..headline – this lady, the matrix of the family now once was a man. Maya continues that she came from a small town, one where a doctor could not help her. He guesses the estrogen pills she needed to live. She says not in the way he means, but yes. She came to L.A. for a specific kind of doctor because the way she was living before was wrong. He’s confused. She says there was no Maya Avant until she came to L.A. The birth certificate was not the one she had. Her name on it was Myron. She was raised as a boy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena wanted Stefano to stop his goons from throwing her out of the window, but he didn't do anything.  Chad told Abe that he couldn't get through to Stefano.  Jeremiah told Will that he didn't know anything about Clyde.  Stefano told his goons to throw Marlena out of the window.  Roman showed up at the DiMera mansion with a warrant to search it.  Marlena begged Stefano not to throw her out of the window.  Stefano answered the phone when Chad put that it was an emergency.  Marlena screamed in the background that Stefano was trying to kill her.  Chad said he wasn't going to let Stefano kill her.  Chad tried to convince Stefano not to kill Marlena.  Daniel tried to talk Melanie into seeing Brady and his baby, but it didn't work at first.  Theresa wanted Brady to stay with her.

Chad threatened to tell the world that Stefano killed Marlena.  Chad also said Stefano would be responsible for the end of the DiMera family.  Melanie decided to go see Brady.  Theresa told Melanie that she was happy to see her.  Xander suspected that Nicole and Daniel weren't finished the way she claimed.  Stefano lied to Chad about where Marlena was.  Nicole lied to Xander about her relationship with Daniel.  Theresa and Brady told Melanie that the baby's name.  They named the baby Tate in honor of Melanie.  Jeremiah told Will that Clyde was a mean man who did terrible things to his children.  Jeremiah wanted Will to tell the truth about Clyde, but he couldn't.  Stefano told his goons to let Marlena go.  When Stefano and Marlena were on the plane, she wanted to know what Chad said to change his mind.  He wouldn't tell her, but he did tell her to thank his son for her life.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco gives Nina Heather’s painting, "The Egg Salad," as an apology. Nina is not impressed. Nina puts on a wedding dress and tells Franco that she is getting married today. He concludes that she is either out of touch with reality or she is messing with him. She says she has a real fiancé who will be there any minute. When there is a knock on the door, Franco thinks it is maintenance to fix Nina’s broken table, but it isn’t maintenance.

Hayden tells Elizabeth and Nikolas that she will say or do whatever she wants and they won’t do anything about it because they know she will tell Jake who he really is. Nikolas tells her to go ahead. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that there will be consequences, but it will be better than letting Hayden blackmail them forever. He kicks Hayden out. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he is done with liars, con artists, and being taken advantage of. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that they will be the town pariahs when everyone finds out that they knew who Jake was and didn’t say anything.

Anna persuades Sabrina to call Carlos and find out where he is. Jordan meets Sloane on the docks and tells him that Sonny gave Julian 24 hours to give him the name of Duke’s killer. Julian tells Sonny and Shawn that Jake Doe killed Duke to prove himself and that he is alone at the garage. Sonny tells Shawn that he wants Jake to die today. Julian calls Commissioner Sloane and tells him that Jake Doe is about to be hit by Sonny at the garage. Sloane reveals to Jordan that Jake is an undercover operative. Sam goes to the garage and confronts Jake about shooting Duke. She says she has blood on her hands because she got Jake the job with Julian. Jake confides that he didn’t do it, but he is going to let everyone continue to believe that he did because he never paid for any of his crimes. Sam tells him that if Sonny believes Jake is guilty, he will kill him. He asks her why she cares and says she wouldn’t miss him if Sonny does kill him. She tells him not to tell her who she will miss. She says she is going to go tell Sonny the truth. Hayden arrives at the garage and says she has something important to tell Jake that also concerns Sam. When Sloane calls for a team to go to the garage, he is advised that Carlos is at Pier 54. Julian sees Carlos off and tells him that he set up a patsy to take the fall and also set up Sonny to get caught going after the patsy. When Julian leaves, Anna reveals herself to Carlos and advises him that he is under arrest. Carlos says Anna has no evidence and that a jury will never convict him. She agrees that he is probably right so she shoots him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Dylan and Avery break up and she heads back to the clinic to help Joe who takes his first step. Avery arrives and tells him that she has broken up with Dylan and will help him with his recovery, but she will leave as soon as he gets better. Joe sees his doctor again and tells him that he isn't ready to leave the rehab center yet. While Avery is watching, he tries to take a step and has to grab on to the bars to keep from falling. Dylan admits to Sharon he has feelings for her and he and Avery broke up because of it. Dylan tells Sharon he is scared to hurt her. She understands because she feels the same, but they decide to take a chance and make love. Phyllis is worried about Jack and tells Victor that he has been having nightmares and talking in Spanish in his sleep. Victor thinks that Jack is under too much stress and they should cancel the merger, but Jack disagrees. Once Fake Jack and Victor are alone, Victor orders him to put some distance between him and Phyllis before she gets suspicious. Fake Jack refuses to follow orders, and Victor reminds him that he is on the FBI most-wanted list, so if he doesn't follow orders, he will turn him in to the FBI. Fake Jack reminds Victor that he will blow apart his entire scheme, because he is Marco and nobody gives him orders. Victor tells Marco that he is Victor Newman, and he always wins no matter the cost.

Fen tells the cabin group and Paul that an anonymous person has been blackmailing him and forced him to put drugs in the punch the day of Abby's party. Fen tells everyone that he was failing a class in school, and this person found out and threatened to tell his parents if he didn't follow orders. Fen shows Paul the texts from the person and gives him the envelope that the drugs came in. Paul runs tests on the envelope and is able to find a match. He thinks this person could be the killer.

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