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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Maya to say yes. She says the ring is beautiful and he replies that just like the woman he hopes will wear it. Eric knows Rick took Maya to Big Bear specifically to propose. Brooke says yes but she was specific. She told Maya to tell him before he proposes. Eric does not want this to leave the building. Katie and Bill continue to argue. He calls it news, she calls it gossip and that transgender people are persecuted every day and she will not let him lead the charge. He says he is not judging Maya. He is in the publishing business and they report the news. Rick is destroying that company, their company, they own a piece of it and Rick has to go. He says Maya hid it from Rick and that is the story pure and simple they are going to run with. Maya says there is something Rick does not know about her and she has to tell him. He says nothing she tells him will change things. She hopes not as she always wanted to tell him but was afraid how he would accept it. Ridge approaches Wyatt and says he dodged the question earlier. Has he told Maya’s secret to anyone else, especially Bill as he knows where that can lead. They do not need Wyatt’s father’s involvement. And he does not want Katie in the middle of this either. He is going to go see his daddy.

Eric says everyone seems to know except Rick. If Bill finds out about this then his magazine will make sure the whole world knows. Bill tells Katie to think of this as tough love for Rick. She is adamant that they are not through with this. They are still discussing it when Ridge and Wyatt walk in. Ridge says this is not how this is going down. It is his brother and his problem, not Bill’s. This is a private family matter. Bill says yes his family too, Caroline, Ivy, even Wyatt and he will not let that bully try to bring them down. Katie says Maya is a woman just like Katie is and she will not let him shoot her down. Eric tells Brooke that they have to have faith in Maya that she will tell Rick the truth before anyone else does. Rick states that Maya does not have to say anymore but she insists that he hear her. He kisses her and picks her up and takes her to the bedroom. Bill calls Justin and tells him to pull the Maya story. Brooke tells Eric that hopefully Maya is telling Rick right now but Rick does not deal well with surprises. Eric says he knows but they have to hope Maya will tell him before someone else does. Bill calls Justin back in. He says only one person calls the shots here, him. He wants the whole world to know all about Maya. After their lovemaking, Rick tells Maya their past is behind them. He did not exactly get his answer yet so now is the time. She says she will but not before she tells him something so let her finish. He says it is not important as he knows she is the only one he wants to spend his life with. He wouldn’t change a thing about her. Slowly she says this is about the woman he loves, how she became Maya.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad wanted Melanie to tell him what happened.  Stefano wanted justice on Marlena for what she did to Kristen.  Melanie told Chad how she figured out what Kristen did to Theresa.  Chad wondered if Melanie regretted what she did.  Roman told Abe that he hasn't been in touch with Marlena.  Roman thought something was going on.  Marlena thought Stefano wanted revenge to get back at her and not for Kristen.  Melanie told Chad that Kristen hold held her, Brady, and Theresa at the castle.  She also told him that Marlena didn't kill Kristen on purpose.  Roman thought Stefano had Marlena.  Stefano and Marlena reminisced about the past.  He told her he had no problem killing her.  Melanie apologized for telling him the truth.  Chad felt sorry for himself, but Melanie tried to make him feel better.  Marlena called Stefano out on his obsession with her.

Melanie tried to convince Chad that he wasn't like the other DiMeras, but he said he was.  She wanted him to stop feeling sorry for himself.  He wanted things to work out between her and Brady.  Stefano called Marlena out for her wrongdoing.  She flashed back to all of the bad things she has done.  Abe went to see Chad to ask about Stefano.  Chad wanted to know what was going on.  Abe said he thought Stefano had Marlena.  Marlena tried to convince Stefano not to kill her.  She said their grandchildren wouldn't like that he killed their grandmother.  Abe convinced Chad to get in touch with Stefano.  Stefano ordered his henchmen to throw Marlena out of the window.  Marlena begged Stefano not to let them through her out of the window.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny dreams that Duke’s death was faked. Sonny tells Carly that Julian denied ordering the hit on Duke and that he claimed one of his men may have gone rogue. Sonny tells Carly that if Julian doesn’t give up the shooter today, then Julian will die. Carly calls Jake to tell him to be careful because Sonny is out for blood. Sloan tells Anna that Sabrina Santiago confirmed that Carlos was Duke’s killer. Anna hears Duke’s last voicemail messages on Bruce’s phone, ordering Bruce to call off the hit on Jordan. Duke’s loved ones gather at the church for his funeral. Sonny assures Anna that Duke’s death will not go unpunished. She assures him that she will be the one doing the punishing. Carly tells Sonny not to die the way Duke did. Anna reflects on moments of her life with Duke.

Sam thinks about Jason when she sees the canister that contains their wedding rings. Elizabeth confronts Nikolas about Hayden living at Wyndemere. He tells her that Hayden knows that Jake is Jason. She tells him that she and Jason got together and that everything was perfect until Jason left her house and went to kill Duke Lavery. She concedes that she doesn’t know for sure that Jason did it, but she knows that he is capable of it. She tells Nikolas that Jason wanted to break things off with her to keep her safe, but that she refuses to let him go. She says she isn’t going to let some two-bit con woman get in the way of her happiness with Jason. Hayden walks in and asks Elizabeth what she is going to do about it.

Julian wants to know exactly what Jake told the police to get them to let him go when all the evidence pointed to him being Duke’s killer. Jake says the police never read him his rights or let him talk to a lawyer so they had to let him go, whether they think he killed Duke or not. Julian wants to know why Jake is willing to let the heat fall on him. Jake says Julian gave him a chance when no one else would so he feels that he owes him. Julian tells Jake that if Sonny thinks Jake killed Duke, he is going to come after him in retaliation. He says he is going to arrange for a couple of soldiers to guard Jake just in case he needs protection. Julian goes to Sonny’s house to tell him who killed Duke. Sam goes to the garage.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Gabe tells Victor he wants a higher position in the company than Victoria in exchange for keeping quiet about seeing Victor plotting to kill Jack. Fake Jack pretends to regain his memory in front of his family and tells them he remembers signing the merger contract. They remain suspicious as does Victoria, who is surprised to find that Gabe has been given a high position at Newman-Abbott. Dylan leaves Sharon's house leaving his wallet behind. When he comes back for it, Avery is there. Sharon admits she sent a text from Dylan's phone. Avery returns Dylan's ring. Abby, Kyle, Summer, Mariah, Kevin, and Noah receive messages to meet at the cabin. There, they find Fen, who admits he has been in contact with the killer from the beginning.

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