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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the cabin Rick tells Maya there is a whole big world out there and he wants to show it all to her. She says they really can do anything, overcoming all odds and she is counting on that. She loves it here and feels they are the only two people in the world. It feels so pure and simple and she wishes it could always be this way. He says it will. Brooke confronts Ridge and they discuss that neither have heard from Rick. She just hopes that he is in Big Bear by now and Maya has told him that she is transgender before someone else does. Ridge muses that will be difficult now that Nicole has brought Wyatt into the loop by divulging the secret to him. Brooke knows that is not good. This could get to Bill and this should not be splashed around in the media. Ridge agrees. He wants Rick to go down but not because of Bill. Brooke says Rick needs to find out from Maya not from the press hounding him and camping out on his doorstep. Wyatt asks Nicole if she is a bit jangly. She says that sounds irritating and she hates feeling this way but she wonders if it was a mistake her telling him about her sister. She knows Carter also knows but he is not going to tell. Wyatt is not so sure since Maya hurt him and this could be payback. Nicole says it won’t matter long as it is going down tonight. Rick will propose.

Bill calls Justin into his office and tells him to sit down before he falls down. Despite Justin thinking Bill is pulling a good joke on him, Bill proceeds to tell him that Maya was born Myron, a dude. Katie walks in on them and is displeased when she hears the subject matter and how Bill seems to be ganging up on Maya. Bill uses Justin as an excuse of being the in house lawyer and had a right to know since they were in the middle of a hostile takeover. She says they agreed that he and Liam were not going to do this. She points her finger and says this is between Rick and Maya and has nothing to do with Liam or Bill. She agrees that she has no problem with them going after Rick for something else. But this is intensely personal and she is not going to let them make a circus out of his private life. Maya tells Rick that this is all happening so rapidly and nothing is perfect but this is as close as she has ever been. This right here and right now could last a lifetime. Brooke and Ridge walk in on Nicole and Wyatt. She wants to know if it is true, that she told Wyatt and why. Nicole admits that yes she did and the fact that he is Bill’s son has nothing to do with them as they see each other. Ridge says she is being naïve. Nicole says she and Wyatt are honest with each other. They trust each other and he won’t say anything. Brooke hopes Nicole is right as Bill is a ruthless business man who will do whatever to get his results. This is personal and private with Maya and should not be used by Bill or Spencer Publications. Wyatt is quiet but seems to indicate he is on board with Brooke and won’t say anything. Wisely Justin leaves Bill and Katie to their debate. She tells Bill not to play so innocent. This is about gender identity which neither of them know much about. This is not something they are going to use to oust Rick out of his job. Bill says she can not take this moral high ground and be so namby pamby. They have to do whatever it takes to get Rick out of office. It is fair game just like it is for celebrities, actors, athletes and politicians….and also Forrester spokes models. She says no, this is too personal, they can not publish this. It is Maya’s story to tell. This is wrong and Bill can not talk his way out of wrong. He says again this is news and they publish news and they will run with the Maya story. Rick tells Maya that she says he has changed her life but she has changed his as well. He never wants to live without her again. No secrets, honest truth. He wants that. He wants her forever. He wants to hear that she feels the same and spend the rest of her life with him. He gets down on one knee and proposes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope and Rafe talked about her problems with Aiden over Clyde.  Marlena got drugged by one of the henchman so she could be questioned about Kristenís death.  Kate and Chad argued about him hiring Lucas.  Paul went to see Sonny.  Sonny told Paul that he didnít tell Will that he was coming to Salem.  Sonny told Paul that he wanted to be with Will and Paul accepted Sonnyís choice.  Rafe advised Hope to make things work with Aiden and not worry about Clyde.  Abby talked to Melanie about her situation with Chad and Ben.  They decided to go over to Sonny and Willís apartment to give Arianna a birthday gift.

Stefano showed up to see Marlena.  Chad thought Kate was trying to come between him and Stefano.  When she said that she was there for him, he rejected her.  Will questioned a waitress about Clyde. She didnít want to answer him.  Abby and Melanie saw Paul at Sonnyís apartment.  Paul told Melanie and Abby that he is Johnís son.  Kate told Chad she would be there for him.  When she left, Chad sent Melanie a text to come to the mansion.  Clyde sent one of his goons to talk to Will.  Stefano threatened to kill Marlena.  Clydeís goon wanted Will to go with him.  Melanie went to see Chad.  He wanted her to tell him everything that happened.  Stefano wanted justice for Kristenís death.  He wanted Marlena to give him a reason why he shouldnít kill her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu is surprised that Hayden is living at Wyndemere. Nikolas tells Lulu that he knows Hayden from years ago and that he just found out last night that she had been pretending to be Jake’s wife. Elizabeth asks Jake about the police suspecting him of killing Duke. He tells her that he can’t talk about it. He tells her that the Corinthos organization is going to retaliate and that he is going to be a target so he can’t endanger her by being involved with her. She refuses to let him break up with her. Lulu tells Elizabeth that Hayden is living with Nikolas. Hayden tells Nikolas not to get all high and mighty on her when he and Elizabeth are stealing the life of a man who is busting his butt working in a garage while his family owns half of Port Charles, whose best friend owns a 5-star hotel, and whose other best friend is the godfather of Port Charles.

Sonny and Shawn run into Julian at General Hospital. Julian tells them that he us the father of Olivia’s newborn baby. Olivia tells Ned that she wants Dante to help her and the baby disappear. Dante and Olivia inform Ned of Duke’s murder. Ned has an idea. Julian tells Sonny that he wouldn’t order a hit over a minor skirmish. He says one of his people may have gotten overly ambitious on his own. Sonny gives Julian 24 hours to hand over the shooter, or else Julian will pay. Dante tells Sonny that Olivia and the baby are fine. He expresses his condolences for Duke’s death. Sonny tells Dante that whoever killed Duke is going to pay. Dante points out that if Sonny retaliates, Michael is going to win permanent custody of Sonny’s daughter. He asks Sonny to let the police handle Duke’s shooter.

While Felix spent the night with red carpet correspondent Donny Sheldon, Sabrina allowed Carlos to spend the night in the apartment. Felix calls Sabrina and tells her that Duke is dead. Sabrina concludes that Carlos shot Duke. He tells her that it wasn’t personal; it was just business. Anna deduces that Carlos killed Duke and concludes that Carlos is probably at Sabrina’s apartment. Anna and Sloan kick in Sabrina’s door and find Sabrina alone in the apartment, duct taped to a chair.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack yells for Kelly. Billy and Victoria discuss Jack and his lapse in memory. Victoria assures Billy that he better have proof that Victor is behind all this forgery. Billy gets a call as proof of Victor’s forging the contract. At the condo, Chelsea talks to Connor about how much he misses Billy. At the Underground, Nick finds out that Sage is pregnant and the baby is his. Nick doesn’t understand how she could be having a child since she told him previously that she could not conceive. Sharon interrupts them and tells Nick that she needs to talk to him. Sage leaves to go to her doctor’s appointment. Sharon asks Nick what's going on with Sage. Billy lets Victoria know that the tests are inconclusive to determine if the document was forged. Gabriel confronts Victor over the syringe and what he was doing with it. Victor tries to convince Gabriel to forget what he saw. Gabriel assures him that he will for a price. At the Abbott home, Phyllis, Summer and Kyle find little items of sentiment which might help Jack get his memory back. Phyllis takes all the items and leaves to see Jack. Kyle is puzzled by Summer’s sudden change of attitude. Summer assures him that she cares about him. Sharon and Nick discuss how Noah is doing after Courtney’s death. Sharon asks Nick if they can go back to sharing joint custody of Faith. Nick is hesitant after all the things Sharon has done in the past. Billy reminds Victoria of all the things that Victor did to break them up. Gabriel tells Victor his conditions if he keeps silent about what he saw. The police call Victor about Kelly and Jack. Victor tells the officer not to make him have to come down there. The officer assures him that everything is fine. Jack yells at the officer to tell his family that he is alive.

Sage gets her test results confirming her pregnancy. Nick tells Sharon that it's hard to forget what she did. Victoria demands proof that Victor is guilty of all this forgery. Chelsea interrupts Billy and Victoria but Victoria tells her that this will have to wait until later. Chelsea and Billy talk about how much Connor misses him. Gabriel visits Jack and asks if Victor knows who he really is. Jack asks him who he is really. Victor tells Jack that he will give Gabriel what he wants, but he needs Jack to find out who Gabriel really is. Sharon asks Nick if he is still seeing Sage and asks him not to see her anymore because of Faith. Sage comes back and tells Nick that she is pregnant, but she will go off on her own and have this baby without expecting anything from him. Nick assures her that he wants to be in the child’s life. When Billy confronts him about the contract, Jack assures him that he remembers signing it. Victoria tells Chelsea that she is ditching the children’s line of clothing and wants Chelsea to concentrate on men’s clothing. Gabriel takes up for Chelsea and tells Victoria not to talk to her like that again.

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