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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Maya that this place at Big Bear has meant so much to him since he was a kid. He wants her to enjoy it too. She says she will even if it is only temporary. He tells her it is not temporary and all the doubters will soon go away. He’s proud of Maya and is tired of Ridge always telling him that she is not who he thinks she is and always judging her. That is all old news with her being in jail and has made her stronger. She says she would not change what she has gone through for anything in the world, no regrets. He proposes a walk in the woods while the sun is still out. She is impressed by all the family history and he says she will have all of that someday too….the beautiful woman in his life. Carter expresses to Nicole that the person she told was a guy who she has gone like on two dates with….and the son of a publishing mogul, so this is dangerous. Nicole herself reveals she hopes she has not screwed up but Wyatt said he would not tell anyone. Ridge walks in and lets her know that he knows…so does Brooke and now Wyatt and he is sure he will tell all the Spencer’s. Those are the little magazines you find in the supermarket. Bill is one of the most ruthless men he knows and he will dive right into this with Maya news.

Ridge says like it or not this involves Rick, his family, and Nicole had no right to share this secret. Liam and Wyatt are discussing Myron when Bill walks in and wants to know who they are talking about. Wyatt is reluctant but finally tells Bill that he got Nicole to open up. Liam breaks the news to Katie and Bill who are shocked to hear that Maya is transgender. Katie thinks Liam is doing this for a giggle. Bill can not believe he got this directly from Nicole and she does not believe Wyatt will share it with anyone else. Bill says good job. Liam doesn’t see how this will help them. Rick does not even know this yet. Katie says this is a personal issue and they will not go near this. Bill says no way not to use it, this is huge and could knock Rick off his high horse. This is first page news. Ignorance is bliss. The story is gold. Their competitors will eventually hear it and will use it, so they will too. Mr. Whoopee Do Forrester will catch a big surprise. Nicole looks in on Wyatt and says she hates feeling this way and hopes she is wrong. She says she likes Wyatt and she got caught up by telling him things about Maya. Now she needs to know if Wyatt told the rest of the Spencer’s. Liam tells Bill that by throwing Nicole and Maya under the bus does not mean it will topple Rick and just makes them look bad for exposing it. Katie reminds them this is about her family and should be private and can be dangerous for both Rick and Maya. Liam muses that transgender people are murdered all the time just for being. Katie wants to be sure Bill is clear about this. This is off limits. Rick tells Maya that she has been the constant source of his strength with her honesty and grace. He loves her. She says she loves him too and how valued and loved he has made her feel. Bill looks at the cover of Eye on Fashion and picks up the phone and calls Justin. He tells him get in here ASAP. He has a huge story for him to publish….one that will rock Rick and the entire Forrester Creations.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer told Abby that Kristen was dead.  Abby wanted to see Chad.  Stefano called Chad with terrible news, but Chad already knew what he was going to say.  Three men approached Marlena.  Paige saw Eve and Cole together.  JJ found the weed in his bag.  JJ accused Eve of planting the weed, but Rory thought it was Cole.  Theresa wasnít okay with Daniel being Christopherís doctor.  Daniel offered to get another doctor for the baby.  When Brady left, Theresa let Daniel know that she and Brady were comforting each other.  She also said she didnít want him near her or her baby.  He didnít want to talk about it, but she kept it going.  When Cole left, Paige questioned her about him.

Abby went to see Chad.  She wanted to know why he didnít tell her.  She thought he needed his friends.  Paige told Eve that there was a tip about JJ.  When Paige left, Eve said Coleís mess had to be fixed.  Jennifer wanted to help JJ figure out who set him up, but he wanted to handle it himself.  Chad told Abby about his issues of being the only DiMera child left.  She ended up comforting him.  Marlena was on a plane and agreed to answer questions about what happened to Kristen.  Eve warned Cole to cover his tracks or he would be the one going to jail.  JJ told Paige that he threw out the drugs.  Paige told JJ that Cole set him up.  While Abby was comforting Chad, they kissed.  Eve warned Cole not to contact her again.  Chad and Abby almost got carried away when they kissed.  Eve wanted to call a truce with Jennifer when she thought Jennifer overheard her conversation.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia tells Dante that Julian is her baby’s father. Dante tells Olivia that Duke Lavery was murdered and that they believe one of Julian’s guys did it. Olivia fears that Julian is going to use his family as human shields when Sonny retaliates. Dante tells her that he is going to protect them. Olivia asks Dante to help her and the baby to disappear.

Alexis tells Julian that Duke died. He confirms that he ordered the hit. She breaks up with him. Anna sits with Duke’s body. Ironically, Obrecht comforts Anna as she cries. Obrecht tells Anna that the police have a suspect in custody. Elizabeth tries to reach Jake. Obrecht tells Elizabeth that Jake is in police custody for the murder of Duke Lavery. Sloan tells Jake that he is going to keep him in jail so that Julian will believe Jake is taking one for the team to protect the organization. He assures Jake that Carlos will pay for Duke’s murder, but not at the expense of the operation to take down the whole Jerome operation. Anna goes to the police station, goes into the interview room with Jake and pulls her gun on him. Sloan stops Anna, revealing that Jake is the undercover operative. Anna vows to find Duke’s killer. Jake goes to General Hospital to find Elizabeth.

Carly tells Sonny that destroyed Elizabeth and Ric’s relationship as a favor to Jake. Sonny tells her that Julian is going to make Jake a soldier and then he will have to be taken out. Shawn and Jordan tell Sonny that Julian took another shot at Jordan and that they cannot get in touch with Duke or Bruce. Sonny calls Duke’s private cell phone number. Commissioner Sloan answers and tells Sonny that Duke was murdered last night. Sonny tells Carly and Jordan to stay at his house while he and Shawn go to confront Julian. He orders bodyguards to Carly’s house and one to tail TJ. Sonny and Shawn find Julian at General Hospital.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Underground, Nick tells Sage how stubborn she is. Sage is quite put out by Nick hovering over her so much. At Newman Enterprises, Gabriel and Victor discuss how very much alike they are. Victor wants to use Gabriel as a liaison between the Newman and Abbott families. Chelsea joins Billy and Victoria at Jabot. Ashley tells them about the merger between Victor and Jack. Jack wakes up but doesn’t recognize Phyllis. Dr. Shelby comes in to examine Jack. Out in the corridor, Dr. Shelby tells Phyllis that Jack is suffering a memory loss. At the GCPD the charges against Sharon are officially dropped. Nick orders Sage to go home. Gabriel joins Sage at the bar and tells her about his talk with Victor. Sage senses that he and Chelsea have made love again. Gabriel admits that when they made love, she called him Adam. Nick lets Sage know that the charges against Sharon have been dropped. Sage encourages him to go home and celebrate with his family. The real Jack is with Kelly, but she still has him tied up. Kelly offers him some more drugs to help him to relax but he refuses them.

Kelly reminds Jack of their wedding vows when they were married. She explains that Phyllis was in a coma. Victor joins the Abbott family at the hospital. Kyle explains to Victor about a phone call he received the night of the accident. Dr. Shelby lets the family see Jack. Sage urges Gabriel to tell Chelsea the truth. Dylan brings Sharon home to her loving family for a celebration. Chelsea joins Gabriel at the Underground and tells him about Jack waking up. Gabriel leaves to go see Jack thus leaving Chelsea alone with Sage. Sage wants to blame Gabriel for her losing Billy but Chelsea refuses to blame Gabriel. Kyle apologizes to Jack for having caused the accident. Victor visits Jack and tells him who he is, but Jack begins to laugh and tells him that he is a better Jack than the real Jack is. Kelly is thrilled that Jack remembers their vows. After the celebration, Nick wants to take Faith home, but she wants to stay with Sharon. Sharon encourages her to go home with Nick. Jack discusses his options with Victor who has something else in mind since he has Jack’s signature on the contract. Victor plans on killing Jack. Sharon encourages Dylan to go see Avery, but he refuses. Sharon and Dylan kiss. Victor picks up the syringe and is about to give Jack a lethal injection when Gabriel walks in and wants to know what he is doing.

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