Monday 5/11/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 5/11/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Liam that he took a gamble and told Nicole and he knew she was hiding something huge. Liam will not believe this. Liam thinks she must be an alien from another planet, tell him already! Rick welcomes Nick and says any friend of Maya’s is a friend of his. She has changed his life and he has learned to trust her, so Nick is welcome to the Forrester house on the hill. Brooke tells Ridge this is a very delicate matter but she has been very straight forward to Maya that she has to tell Rick she is transgender or she will. She tells Ridge that Rick has to have a year or Ridge would spend all that time trying to bring him down. Rick tells Maya he has to go attend to something. It is either now or be interrupted on their trip and he does not want that. Nick tells Maya that if Rick proposes tonight and she tells him everything, still he might freak out at first. Nick says violence against trans women are very high. Maya says Rick is not like that and she believes he will accept it well as long as he hears it from her and no one else. Carter asks Nicole why the long face. She said she did something that felt good at the time but now she is not so sure. She is pretty sure Rick is going to propose tonight. And Wyatt could be her Rick and she is keeping a huge secret and she told him about Maya’s past.

Liam is stunned when Wyatt tells him that Maya did not steal someone’s identity but she did change her name from Myron to Maya. She is transgender. Liam thinks he is joking. Wyatt says he feels badly about getting this out of Nicole but she needed to tell someone and he was there. Liam wonders if he feels badly enough now not to want to use this information against Rick. Ridge tells Brooke that Rick is not just going to see past this with Maya. If he could not accept Caroline kissing Ridge, this will really push him over the edge. Poor Ricky will finally get his comeuppance. Maya has flashbacks of her telling Carter and Nicole that she will tell Rick when the time is right….and them telling her do not tell Rick, there is no need for him to know. Rick meets up with Maya later and tells her it is time to go, destiny awaits. Brooke tells Ridge that Rick and Caroline would still be together if it had not been for Ridge. And the more Rick falls, the more Ridge will like it. This is personal. Ridge says no, if that were the case he would have gone directly to Rick with this information, Brooke says Maya has to be the one to give Rick the truth. Carter is livid. Nicole says she did not go over to Wyatt’s ready to tell him, it just came out. Wyatt ways no, he is not letting Rick off the hook. They must use this information now to take down Rick for good. Liam agrees that Maya is just as insufferable as Rick but how is this going to hurt Rick. Nicole tells Carter that she told Wyatt not to tell anyone, she trusts him. Carter is not so sure….some little sister. Carter says he always felt Maya should have told Rick long ago. Wyatt tells Liam that he has been building the entire FC around Maya and when this comes out…….think about everything he has done and this is their chance to take him down or at least off kilter so they can swoop in. They cannot back down now. Brooke tells Ridge now it is up to Maya to tell Rick the truth and whatever happens after that is up to Rick. Rick and Maya arrive at the cabin. She says it is so beautiful and peaceful, like another world. He says that is what happens when you get out of that rat race. He is through defending her, he only wants to be with her. She says no matter what happens she believes they can overcome anything no matter what. Wyatt tells Liam that Maya’s secret could take down Rick…..and ruin her life.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena asked Chad if he wanted to know what happened to Kristen.  Theresa admitted to Eve that she still hated Melanie.  Brady told John about the baby.  Roman went to Jenniferís house to talk to JJ about dealing drugs.  JJ denied it.  Brady told John Theresa is the babyís mother.  Theresa said she wasnít interested in Brady.  She was worried about her son.  Roman wanted to talk to Roman alone, but JJ wanted to talk in front of everyone.  Kate didnít like Lucas talking to someone who worked at Mad World.  Lucas said Audra worked for him.  He also told her that he was her competition.  Marlena told Chad she was with Kristen when she died.  Eve suspected that Theresa was after Brady despite Theresaís explanation.  Roman said he got an anonymous tip about JJ.  JJ told Roman he wasnít dealing drugs.  JJ told him to search his bag, but Roman didnít want to search it.  

Marlena wanted to tell Chad what happened with Kristen.  Theresa explained to Eve that she wasnít interested in Brady.  John wanted to talk to Brady about Paul.  Paul was there and assumed John told him.  Roman explained why he was at Jenniferís house, but Jennifer wanted to set things straight.  Marlena told Chad what Kristen did to Theresa and the baby.  Brady and Theresa didnít want Paul at the hospital.  Jennifer defended JJ to Roman.  Jennifer practically threw Roman out of her house.  Cole went to see Eve.  Marlena told Chad what she did to Kristen.  Paige suspected that Eve gave the tip about JJ.  Cole told Eve that the plan was done.  While Theresa was yelling at Paul, John blurted out that Paul is his son.  Lucas told Kate how he stole her employee.  Cole told Eve how he set up JJ, but she was upset about the plan.  When Eve threw Cole out, Paige saw them together.  JJ found the weed in his bag.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

When Duke arrives at their meeting place on the pier, Anna sees that he has been shot. He tries to warn her that Jordan is in danger. She tells him that the hit was already attempted and that the hit man is dead. Anna assures him that they will fix everything and then go away together as planned. Commissioner Kyle Sloan issues an APB for Duke and Anna. Shawn is shocked to see the Commissioner at Jordan’s apartment and a body bag being wheeled out. Sloan says he responded to a 9-1-1 call from a neighbor and that someone had tried to kill Jordan. Jordan tells Shawn that it was a Jerome. She convinces him that it would be unwise to retaliate right now.

Nathan informs Jake that Duke was shot and suggests that Jake was the shooter on Julian’s order. Nathan calls Sloan and tells him that Duke was shot, Anna is with him, and that Jake Doe is in custody. Jake tells Sloan that he didn’t shoot Duke and that he thinks Carlos did. Sloan tells Jake that he is going to let everyone believe Jake was the shooter. Carlos goes to Sabrina’s apartment seeking refuge. He tells her that he is skipping town before his trial tomorrow for shooting Ava Jerome. She wonders why he is suddenly worried about his trial. He lies that a witness came forward. She agrees to let him spend the night. He says she will never see him again.

Tracy asks Michael if he thinks it is wise to get into a personal relationship with his employee. She warns him that if he pursues a relationship with Sabrina, it will only strengthen Ned’s position to take over as CEO of ELQ. Michael reveals that Ned’s position isn’t as strong as she thinks because Ned gave away his 11 percent of ELQ to Franco to protect Olivia. Julian and Alexis go to General Hospital to intercept Olivia and the baby. Patrick tells Olivia that the baby’s lungs are not developed yet and that a machine is breathing for him. When Duke arrives, Patrick goes to help Duke. Julian is annoyed that the other doctor in Olivia’s room is young. The doctor specializes in neonatal surgery, but Julian demands a “real” doctor. After he is kicked out of the room, Alexis informs Julian that Duke was shot and asks him what he knows about it. When she is kicked out of Duke’s cubicle, Anna sees Julian and slaps him. She tells Sam and Alexis that Julian has had a hit out on Duke for weeks and finally got it done. He denies it. She tells him that she is going to skip due process and make him pay herself. Duke dies. Olivia’s baby is taken to NICU.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon and Hilary tell Neil that they are back together and that she helped him not go to trial after the car accident.  Neil tells Devon to be careful with Hilary because she will soon hurt him and he wishes them nothing but pain.  Neil decides to forget all about Devon and Hilary and move on with his life. He starts by kissing Gwen.  Billy is determined to prove that Jack's signature on the merger contract is a forgery; but when he and Ashley talk to Nikki and Neil, Neil assures Billy that Jack signed the contract.  Hilary looks at the contract and tells Billy and Ashley that she never saw Jack sign it.  Victor lies to both Nikki and Victoria and tells them that Jack signed the contract.  Chelsea has dreams of making love to Gabriel; and when he comes to her place, she tries to deny her feelings for him, but they end up making love.  Chelsea is surprised when Gabriel tells her that she called him Adam when they made love; a fact that makes her realize that Adam is the only man she will ever love, so she asks Gabriel to leave.  Billy tells Victoria that he is a new man, and he will get back Jabot to honor his father and to thank Jack for everything that he has done for him.

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