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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge says he will be team Maya from now on. He quips it seems someone has made Maya just for Rick. Rick tells Ridge that not that it is any of his business but he intends to propose to Maya up at Big Bear. So if Ridge thinks he overacts now to how Ridge treats Maya just wait until she is his wife. Maya tells Brooke that she will tell Rick when the time is right. Brooke says that will be today. He deserves to know today before he proposes just who he is asking to marry him, Maya not Myron. Maya repeats again that it is only her right to tell him so she asks Brooke to respect that. Ivy tells Liam that she does not like the idea of Wyatt using Nicole to get Maya’s secret, but Liam says he really has to if they have any chance of learning it. Nicole and Wyatt play volleyball and then dance a little over drinks. Wyatt brings up secrets again. He told her about his dad but she did not reciprocate. He says she does not have to tell him anything she is not comfortable with. Nicole says it is not about her, it is about Maya….something no one else knows. If Rick finds out she does not know what might happen. Liam gets a text from Caroline that she is coming home soon so that is why they have to get Maya out. Brooke tells Maya they know why she is going to Big Bear….Rick will propose. Maya says she loves Rick, she supports him and she is the woman that Brooke has always wanted for her son. Brooke says she owes it to herself and to Rick to tell him before he proposes….from a man that accepts her for all she is. Surely she can do that if she wants to be his wife. Maya embraces Nick, an old transgender friend she has not kept in touch with. She quizzes him when he told his significant other. She tells him Rick’s mother is pressuring her to tell and she thinks the proposal is coming soon, like tonight. She wants to spend the rest of her life with Rick. Nicole tells Wyatt that the secret could easily change things. He says it must be a big secret. She says huge and it could change everything at FC. He says he did overhear some things but he thought it was none of his business so he walked away. But maybe he should not have. He sees how this is affecting Nicole and he does not like this. He thinks she will feel better if she tells him and he will not hold it against Nicole for what Maya did. He promises no one at FC will hear it from him. He just hopes by telling him will give her peace. She opens up – Maya is really Myron, her brother. Maya is transgender.

Brooke joins Ridge and Rick. Ridge tells Brooke that Rick is going to propose tonight. Rick gloats that Brooke already knows and supports him. Ridge asks her if that is true. If not, now is the time to say so. Alone Ridge questions whether Brooke is going to let Rick propose without knowing the truth. Brooke says no, Maya will tell Rick tonight before he proposes or she will answer to Brooke. Maya says she needs to be alone when Rick proposes so she appreciates Nick worrying but Rick is not like that. He would never hurt her. Rick walks out and Maya introduces him to Nick. He tells her he just has a few things to wrap up and then he is ready to go…….a night they will remember the rest of their lives. Wyatt is speechless but thanks Nicole for trusting him. Wyatt says it will definitely make headlines. She asks if this will change anything between them as both she and Maya could be kicked out of FC. He says he is shocked but no it won’t make a difference. He can’t promise Maya won’t get hurt with a secret that big but he will be there for Nicole no matter what happens. When Nicole leaves, he thinks about it for a minute before deciding what to do. Liam walks in and wants to know what he found out. Wyatt says he will not believe this….he feels so bad double crossing Nicole, but this is huge. He wants everyone at SP to get pumped up as this could blow Rick and FC sky high, Liam will never be able to even imagine.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve told Jennifer she would stay out of JJís life.  Victor called Xander and ordered him to come over to the mansion.  John and Marlena showed up at the mansion.  Victor told John that Marlena killed Kristen.  Theresa showed up at the hospital and told Eve about her son.  Brady told Jennifer that Kristen is dead.  Nicole was determined to find out what Xander and Serena were up to.  Marlena told John that Kristen tried to kill her.  Melanie told Maggie and Daniel what Kristen did to Theresa and Bradyís baby.  Brady talked to Jennifer about his feelings about Kristenís death.  Cole managed to hide before JJ and Paige could see him in JJís room.  When JJ and Paige left, Cole put the drugs in JJís book bag.  Victor wanted Xander to make sure the mansion was ready for Brady.

Theresa wanted to thank Melanie in front of everyone.  Victor told Xander that the DiMeras were possibly coming after them.  Marlena told John what happened in Italy.  Cole managed to sneak out of Jenniferís house without JJ and Paige seeing him.  Daniel ran into Nicole at the Kiriakis mansion.  When Nicole noticed Xander watching, she gave him the brush.  Jennifer was happy about JJ and Paige moving to California.  Cole called a tip line and said JJ was selling drugs.  Nicole continued to give Daniel a hard time.  When she walked off, she regretted what she did.  John went to the hospital to meet Bradyís son.  Roman showed up at Jenniferís house to talk to JJ.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

As Duke is ready to resign from the business and run away with Anna, Carlos Rivera finds him in the parking garage and is ready to kill Duke as instructed by Julian. He holds the gun on Duke. They get into a scuffle and the gun goes off. Yet we don't find out what happened to either of them. Jake just happens to notice a gun on the ground and blood stains while he departs from being with Elizabeth. Nathan and Maxie notice him right as they are leaving the nurse's ball and assume the obvious. Although he protests that he did not do anything except stop to notice the gun and blood, and they want to believe him, they still have no answer as t o what happened. Meanwhile, Bruce is ready to eliminate Jordan as he'd been previously instructed by Duke. Although Duke tries to contact him to instruct him to call off the hit, now that he's done with his partnership with Sonny, Bruce does not get the phone message, goes into Jordan's home, attempts to shoot her, yet she, instead shoots him in self-defense. She later calls Anna and Sloane to let them know. Sloane finds out that Bruce tried to kill Jordan and tells them both they need to know that Duke is behind this although Anna does not want to believe it. Anna later finds Duke in the parking garage but he appears to have been shot. Carlos might also be injured or he's in a desperate situation when he goes to find Sabrina and urges her to help him and once again hide him.

Nathan and Maxie are happy to have their relationship back on track. Olivia’s water breaks. Her contractions are too close together for her to get to the hospital. Olivia kicks Julian out. Alexis and Sam assist in seeing that Julian leaves. Sam assists Patrick with the delivery while Ned assists Olivia. Julian listens to Olivia’s screams from outside the door. They deliver a boy. Julian rushes back into the room. The baby doesn’t cry. Michael walks Sabrina to her door just so he can kiss her. He tells her that he wants to pursue a relationship with her. She says she want to take it slow because her relationship with Patrick ended so painfully.

Duke and Carlos struggle over Carlos’s gun. The gun goes off. Nathan and Maxie startle Jake when he is crouched beside Duke’s car trying to figure out why there is a gun and a puddle of blood on the ground. Nathan handcuffs Jake and asks him what he did and to whom. Jake tells Nathan that he saw the gun and the blood when he got there. Nathan calls for backup to take Jake to the station and for CSI to come test the blood.

Anna doesn’t want to hear Sloan’s theory that Duke ordered the hit on Jordan. She tells him that Duke is trough with organized crime and that she and Duke are running away together tonight. Sloan tries to persuade her not to go. On the docks, Shawn wonders why Bruce called him out for nothing. Shawn tells TJ that things are getting serious between Jordan and him. TJ thinks it is great, but is concerned about what Shawn and Jordan do for a living. He says he doesn’t want to lose any more parents to violence. Shawn assures TJ that that won’t happen. Bruce takes a shot at Jordan in her bed. Jordan wasn’t in her bed. She shoots Bruce and then calls Anna. Anna and Sloan go to Jordan’s place expecting to find Carlos’s body, but see that it is Duke’s bodyguard. Anna still doesn’t want to believe Duke ordered the hit. Sloan tells her to cut the crap and tell him where she was planning to meet Duke. Anna refuses to tell and runs off. Sloan calls for two APBs: one for Duke and one for Anna. Anna goes to the dock to meet Duke. She sees that Duke has been shot. Carlos shows up at Sabrina’s door asking for her help.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Kyle and Abby sit beside Jack’s bedside, but Kyle still feels guilty about having caused the wreck. Ashley joins Phyllis in the corridor and tells her that there may not be a Newman-Abbott. Billy talks to Victoria about the contract between Jack and Victor. In his office at Newman, Victor and Neil discuss the contract between Jack and Victor. Nikki interrupts them. Hilary and Devon come into the Coffeehouse after playing a game of tennis. Hilary tells him that she didn’t planned on falling in love with him. At the Athletic Club, Cane and Lauren discuss Michael avoiding her. Michael thanks Felicity for just talking to him the night before. Lily sees Felicity leaving a hotel room and calls the police. Devon and Hilary decide to have lunch at the Athletic Club despite the fact that everyone will see them. An officer brings Michael downstairs and tells Lauren he solicited a call girl. Nikki looks at the merger contract and has second thoughts about signing it, but Victor persuades her to. Kyle apologizes to Jack for causing the wreck. Ashley tells Phyllis there is no contract between Jack and Victor. Phyllis asks Ashley if she wishes that Jack never wakes up so she can gain control of Jabot. Ashley talks to a comatose Jack and tells him her plans for Jabot. Ashley questions Phyllis and Kyle about seeing a contract. They both deny it. Billy tries to get Victoria’s help to spy on Victor to see if there is a contract but Victoria refuses then tells him that she and Ben are broken up. Lily asks Cane why Michael would turn to a prostitute.

At the police station, Lauren asks Michael what happened last night. Michael tells her that he hired a prostitute to have sex with him. Lauren doesn’t understand why Michael is doing this. He tells her that he is tired of fighting. Cane goes to visit Michael and tells him that he needs to assure Lauren that things are over between them. Abby assures Phyllis that Ashley is afraid for Jack. Abby tells Phyllis how Victoria did away with their fragrance that they worked on for months. Victoria refuses to help Billy find the contract. Nikki questions the contract that Jack supposedly signed with Victor. Hilary brings Victor some papers and finds Neil and Nikki there. Neil tells Nikki that things between him and Hilary are over. Lauren joins Lily and tells her that she bailed Michael out of jail. Ashley and Billy join Victoria and Billy and show them the contract. Billy tells Victor that this is not Jack’s signature on the contract. Devon and Hilary make love.

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