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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that she did go see Maya last night but she just couldn’t do it…could not bring herself to ask Maya if she was transgender. She wanted a chance for Maya to explain why she is going to let Rick propose, move her into his house and let it go on this long. Brooke says she has a new resolve today and Maya will listen to her. Nicole tells Maya again there is no good reason for Rick to ever know the secret so do not tell him. He walks in just as she says that and wonders what she is talking about. They blow it off that they were talking family business. Liam tells Wyatt that he doesn’t want to pressure him or anything but he needs to get a move on to get this secret out of Nicole. Wyatt admits he has done all he knows how to do. Liam hands him the phone and insists that he call. Wyatt says he is taking a big risk here and he wants it all to be right. He calls and invites Nicole to come over to the house where he is working and they can go surfing or play beach volleyball. She asks Rick and Maya if she can borrow a bikini from downstairs. Brooke tells Ridge that Rick loves Maya and she should have told him a long time ago. She can symphathize her being transgender, being born in one body and feel like she should be another. But she can not forgive her for not telling Rick since he holds such a value on honesty. Rick is happy for Nicole and says she can throw a party and invite anybody she wants while he is gone. He just wants to slip away and have a good trip. Nicole tells Maya she is certain Rick is going to propose at Big Bear and she wants nothing to ruin that. She urges Maya not to tell Rick if she ever wants him to be her husband. Maya gushes that Brooke Logan will be her mother-in-law. Nicole says yes but only if Maya keeps quiet and doesn’t ruin things. Nicole also doesn’t want her relationship with Wyatt to be jeopardized. Maya says it won’t. It should not matter to him what is on Maya’s birth certificate. After more urging from Liam, Wyatt tells him to get out of there. He knows what is at stake and he will do all he can to get this secret out of Nicole by the end of the day. Maya shows up via Brooke’s text and she says Brooke can feel good that Rick has all that love and support. She thinks they are a good match…..based on love with honesty and trust. Brooke says that is reassuring but looks right into her eyes and calls her Myron.

Nicole shows up at Wyatt’s and he is impressed with her swimsuit and her secret is safe with him that she borrowed it. Rick finds Ridge in his office and scoffs at the idea if they had an appointment. He is too busy otherwise as he is ready to go to Big Bear. Ridge says great, he can take care of the office. Rick says as tempting as that is he thinks he can run it remotely. He tells Ridge that he can start with calling Maya Mrs. Forrester as that is who she will be someday soon. She is a beautiful, honest, caring woman who deserves Ridge’s respect so start giving it. Maya says she does not know what Brooke has heard. Brooke responds that Rick has been deceived. The woman who was so honest with him is not a woman after all. Maya counters with yes she has been. She is a woman and there is nothing Brooke can say to make her ashamed. Brooke answers that she is not trying to make Maya ashamed, but she cares about her son and this whole persona is a lie. He made her his lead model and moved her into his house. Does Maya think it would have gone this far if he knew the truth. Maya says yes she does. He loves her. Brooke says yes but a person he is building his future around a person that he does not even know. Brooke says she is sure Maya has a sweet little speech and is biding her time and planning everything perfectly and waiting until there is no way out for Rick. She has been dishonest with him just like all the others. Maya is shocked to find Ridge knows. Brooke says that Rick will know soon too and all the others. Maya declares no, she will tell him. That was always her intention. Brooke points her finger at Maya and says she should have told him when she first kissed him and started dating, when he invited her into his house to stay there and when he made her the lead model. She could have told him all those times and didn’t. Maya stammers it is her decision when to tell him and no one else’s and it isn’t as easy as Brooke makes it sound. She says she is not pretending. She is not Myron and really never was. The only person that needs to know all of this is her doctor. She knows that Brooke would not have said these things to her yesterday but now Brooke thinks she is lower than life. Brooke responds that she is sure Maya has thought long and hard about this but Rick needs to know the truth now. Maya says and she will, that has always been the plan. She will not marry Rick without telling him so Brooke can forget that right now. If Rick proposes she will not accept until he accepts her. Brooke says the word IF. No Maya is not going to wait that long. She is going to tell him before he proposes. She shouts at Maya that she will not humiliate Rick like that, down on one knee with ring in his hand. She will not treat him like that. She shakes her finger at her again and says Maya will tell him the truth today that she is transgender. If she doesn’t, then Brooke will.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden overheard Hope talking about Clyde.  Xander wanted to meet Nicole privately so no one would get hurt.  Jennifer told Daniel that Eve took the coat JJ wore.  Jennifer was afraid that Eve had feelings for JJ.  Eve met with Cole so they could get rid of JJ. Aiden wasnít upset about Hope talking about Clyde.  Nicole agreed to meet with Xander so she could investigate Serena.  Daniel advised Jennifer to tell Paige the truth about Eve and JJ.  Jennifer didnít want to tell Paige the truth.  Daniel had another idea.  JJ wanted to move to California with Paige, but she wasnít sure if she wanted to move.  Eve and Cole came up with a plan to ruin JJ. 

Nicole met Xander at his hotel.  He wanted to know where they stood.  He offered to help her if she wanted Daniel.  Hope talked to Julie about the problems she and Aiden have when it comes to work.  Julie suggested that Hope and Aiden not let it get to them.  Cole saw JJ and Paige kissing.  Cole had drugs in his pocket.  Daniel wanted to suggest that Eve gets help or he would go public about her affair.  Jennifer thought that was a great idea.  Nicole told Xander that she was married to Victor.  Paige kept Cole from planting the drugs in JJís bag.  Xander wanted Nicole to leave his room at first, but changed his mind.  Hope suggested that Aiden drop a client, which made him upset.  Cole broke in Jenniferís house to stash the drugs.  JJ and Paige were on their way to Jenniferís house to tell her that they were moving.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Julian badgers Sam about whether she knows if he is the father of Olivia’s baby. Olivia has contractions. Sam tells Julian that he is the father. Julian proceeds to give Olivia a hard time about lying to him all this time. Olivia’s water breaks. Hayden tells Nikolas that she heard his conversation with Elizabeth about Jake being Jason Morgan and that she would be more than happy to share what she heard with the world if Nikolas doesnít let her stay at Wyndemere. He agrees to let her stay for now, but he has no interest in continuing their trysts. Jake tells Elizabeth that he would like to start over or pick up where they left off. Elizabeth invites him upstairs. After they make love, he observes that it seems familiar, then he leaves.

Anna stops by her place to pack a bag so she can go away with Duke. Sloane goes to Anna’s room to tell her that he has intelligence that suggests that Duke ordered the hit on Jordan. Anna doesn’t want to consider that option. She admits to Sloane that she and Duke still love each other and that they are planning to go away together. Duke tries to get a hold of Bruce to call off the hit on Jordan. Bruce thinks Duke is being impatient, so he ignores the calls so that he can focus on the task at hand. In order to get Shawn away from Jordan, Bruce calls him and tells him that Duke wants him to oversee a shipment on the docks. Carlos finds Duke alone in the Metro Court parking garage and informs him that he is there to carry out a hit. Duke and Carlos struggle over the gun. The gun goes off. Jake sees a gun and a puddle of blood at the Metro Court on the parking garage floor.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Avery encourages Joe to take a few more steps. Dylan arrives home and finds out from Michael that Sharon is in jail. Christine and Paul discuss Sharon's innocence. Christine visits Sharon in the interrogation room. At the Athletic Club dining room, Lily is impressed that Neil is now CEO of Newman. Lily and Neil discuss Hilary and how Jack and Victor are getting along. Jack wakes up and mumbles the name “Victor.” Phyllis is surprised. Ashley and Billy arrive and ask Victor how Jack is. Joe orders Avery to leave and go home to Dylan. Avery tells Joe that Sharon is Dylan’s number one priority. Joe tells Avery he doesn’t want her here. Michael and Dylan argue over the fact that Sharon violated the terms of her house arrest. Sharon pleads her case to Christine. Ashley, Billy, and Victor go to see Jack but his heart monitor begins to beep. Dylan pleads Sharon’s case to Paul that she is being set up. Dylan asks to see Sharon but Paul tells him that Christine is in with her now. Dylan visits Sharon and tells her that he will get her out of there. Joe assures Avery that Dylan loves her and she should go home to him. Neil, Cane, and Lily discuss the fact that Devon and Hilary could be seeing each other again. Michael and Lauren meet in the foyer of the Athletic Club. Lauren begs Michael to come home, but he refuses. Cane and Lily join them and Cane attempts to calm Michael down. Phyllis asks Dr. Shelby about Jack’s condition, but he is hesitant to tell her.

Phyllis talks to Jack about things in their past. Michael refuses to go home with Lauren as he heads upstairs. Dylan refuses to leave Sharon until she can go home with him. Sharon sees Dylan’s cell phone and attempts to do him a favor by sending a text to Avery. Dylan rejoins Sharon and asks her why she didn’t tell him. Paul and Christine join them and tell Sharon that the charges against her are dropped. Dylan and Sharon kiss. Billy urges Phyllis to go home, but she refuses. Billy does persuade her to go and get a bite to eat with Ashley. Billy tells Jack that he needs to wake up. Victor and Neil discuss business and backing up his story. Cane apologizes to Lily for ruining their romantic evening. Felicity visits Michael for sexual purposes but he changes his mind. Avery sees the text from Dylan that she made her choice. Avery tells Joe. When she starts to leave, Joe stops her.

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