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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke accuses that Ridge will say anything just to be against Rick. Eric says he can not do this….start spreading rumors about Maya. Ridge says he isn't. Maya was not born with that name. She was a male at birth. And he has it from Carter, a very good authority since he was engaged at one time to Maya. Someone will have to tell Rick. Oliver tells Nicole that she will take better pictures if she stands still, not move around so much. Maya walks in and shows her a few tricks. Nicole tries again and does better. Rick calls Carter in and asks him to close the door. He has something more important than just FC stuff. He knows they are not exactly buddies but they have a lot in common, most importantly Maya. He will get right to the point. He knows they were engaged at one time. Carter says he had his doubts about Maya ever going through with marriage. She seemed to be afraid to set a date. He wonders if Rick is preparing to propose. Rick says if they were friends would he have any advice for him. Does he think it would be a mistake if he asks Maya to marry him. Carter says no, not if he loves her. Rick thanks him for humoring him as he had no one else to ask. He is ready to take the plunge. He has no reservations about Maya but again he does not want to be surprised.

Eric wants to be sure all of this is absolutely true. He says she may have changed her name but maybe not for the reason Ridge is thinking. Eric says Maya is feminine enough for legality reasons so maybe Rick will be okay with this. Brooke asks if this is the opportunity Ridge has been waiting for. He says they are not going after Maya with a pitchfork but certainly Rick may not be able to handle this and they need to be prepared for any fallout. Maya confides in Nicole that there is nothing she thinks that can not happen to her future plans. Nicole says Rick does not need to know so all her plans can come true. Maya says she will be all right; both of them will be all right. Brooke says the problem is that Maya has not told Rick although she needs to be the one to do so. Brooke muses that Rick plans to propose at Big Bear and it will hurt him no matter who tells him. His world could completely fall apart. Nicole tells Maya that she knows she is the one who came along and hurt her by all of this coming out. Maya says no, she thought she would never have family again and Nicole is gorgeous and fun and her life is so much richer and she can talk to her like no one else. They are blood and belong together and she loves her. They hug and Nicole tells her to please just be happy. Maya says Rick will propose and she may lose him but she will not lose her self respect. No one else must tell him, just her. Ridge tells Rick that he heard he wanted to see him. Rick says close the door. Here’s the thing, he is about to become the happiest man on the planet so he thinks they need to work things out and get along. He’d like Ridge to apologize to Maya. Ridge says he doesn’t feel like being that domestic. Rick wants to know what he holds against Maya. Ridge says he would dearly love to tell him. Brooke walks in to see Maya and starts slowly about her growing up and then suddenly becoming a model…..people who like to be seen, hold themselves apart. And sometimes you can look right at them and not know what you are looking at. Brooke walks up much closer and stares at her and says, "I KNOW!"

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin busted Adrienne and Lucas kissing.  Justin wanted to talk to the two of them.  Paul told Sonny that he might go back to Salem.  Kate went to see Chad.  Clyde went to talk to Will.  Kate wanted to know if Chad talked Stefano into buying Sonix.  Will told Clyde that he didn't have time to write the article on him, but Clyde thought it was a mistake to let someone else do it.  Kate wondered why Chad was sad.  John and Tori talked about Paul.  Tori wanted Paul to get to know John.  Paul talked to Sonny about making things right with John.  Justin confronted Lucas and Adrienne about their affair.  Justin and Lucas ended up arguing.  Adrienne wanted to talk to Justin in private.  They went home to talk.  Clyde told Will that he wanted him to write the article.  Kate warned Chad not to mess with Clyde.

Justin told Adrienne that he talked to Paul about not giving up on Sonny.  Will got a call to go to Clyde's hometown.  Clyde told Will that he wouldn't have anything interesting to write about him.  Justin and Adrienne argued over Will not being good enough for Sonny.  Adrienne thought that Justin was mad over Lucas.  Will told Sonny that he had to go to Clyde's hometown to write the article on him.  Sonny was upset that Will was going to write the article.  Tori tried to convince Paul to give John a  chance.  Paul said he had to go to Salem.  Justin and Adrienne argued over Will and Sonny.  Lucas had a job interview with Chad.  Lucas thought Chad was using him to get back at Kate.  Paul decided to go to Salem with John.  Chad gave Lucas an incentive to take the job.  Stefano found out that Marlena was the one who caused Kristen's death.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is leaving the Nurses' Ball and resuming their respective lives. Elizabeth and Jake are in shock to find out that Ric scammed them into believing that Hayden was Jake's wife and it was all a lie. Jake is happy that nothing is now standing in the way of him being with Elizabeth, but she remembers Nikolas saying that Jake is really Jason Morgan. She struggles with letting all interested parties know, or being happy with Jake Doe. Hayden waits for Nikolas to return home and seduces him. She no longer has a "husband" to provide for her, nor money from Ric since their scam failed, or a place to live since Carly evicted her from the Metro Court. She knows Nikolas is rich. She also reveals to him that she knows that he is keeping the secret about Jake really being Jason Morgan. Nathan and Ellie are able to successfully persuade both Maxie and Spinelli to take them back and regret letting them go by having their respective exes believe they've both moved on...with each other. Spinelli boldly intervenes to confront them and ends up confessing his love for Ellie. Maxie does the same with Nathan.

Duke finds out, for the first time, that Anna is not "seeing" Sloane as he suspected from previous occasions. She finds out he's not "seeing" Lucy. And they both learn that others have encouraged them not to give up on each other. At that point, Duke promises to leave Sonny's organization and go away with Anna. She agrees and wants to do the same. However, he realizes he still has to privately contact Bruce and get him to call off his hit on Jordan, and Anna cannot ever find out about that plan. Sam knows she cannot keep quiet about overhearing Olivia admit to Ned that Julian is really the father of her baby. She tells Olivia she cannot let her father be prevented from knowing that he's having another child. Olivia urges Sam not to reveal the secret to Julian in the interest of the safety of her baby, given what will happen if Julian and others know that her baby is his and not Ned's. Julian overhears his name mentioned in their conversation and asks what that was about.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Kyle stands vigil by Jack’s bedside while the doctor examines him and orders a bunch of tests then orders Kyle to be checked out in the emergency room. In Chicago, Avery urges Joe to try to walk but Joe refuses and leaves her to go to a doctor’s appointment. Avery asks Dylan why he came to see her. Dylan says how much he missed Avery, but she reveals that she checked out of her motel room and moved into a room at the hospital, so she can be near Joe. Noah and Kevin arrive at Sharon’s side and urge her to leave, but she refuses. Nick even orders her to go home but again she refuses by telling him that the charges against her will be dropped. Everyone urges Sharon to go home. Abby volunteers to call the police, but Victor beats her to it and reports that Sharon is violating the conditions of her house arrest. Nick tells Noah to get Sharon out of here before the police arrive, but it's too late. An officer tells Sharon that she is under arrest. Jack manages to get Kelly’s cell phone and calls the police but Kelly tries to stop him. Summer comforts Kyle when she finds out about the accident. Dylan asks Avery how long she plans on staying, but she will not give him a definite time. Dylan and Avery argue over Sharon and Joe. Noah gets a call from Michael that Sharon is gone and tells him that she's with him at the Underground. Phyllis gets a call about Jack. Paul arrests Sharon and takes her to the station. Kyle takes all the blame for the accident since he was distracted by a phone call. The police arrive at the cabin where Kelly and Jack are, pull their guns on Jack, and order him not to move.

Phyllis joins Kyle and Summer. The doctor refuses to let Phyllis see Jack. Jack tries to tell the police how Kelly kidnapped him but they take Kelly’s side and threaten to arrest Jack. Kelly begs them not to arrest Jack. Victor questions Sage about Gabriel. Nick interrupts and calls Gabriel a “jerk.” Victor gets a call about Jack. Michael defends Sharon, but Paul refuses to let her go home. Noah and Mariah try to calm Sharon down and succeed in getting her to take her medication. Joe interrupts Dylan and Avery. Sharon starts to call Dylan, but Paul interrupts to spell out what she's done. Sharon tells Paul that she will stay in jail but for him to find the real killer. Victor arrives at the hospital and overhears Kyle telling Summer about a phone call he received. When a nurse brings Victor Kyle’s things, he finds the cell phone which has the number of the person who called Kyle. Victor calls Kelly and reprimands her for letting Jack get a phone, but she assures him that it is taken care off. Jack has a straitjacket on. Joe is able to take a few steps. Avery hugs him. Dylan sees them hugging.

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