Tuesday 5/5/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Ridge that he is miffed and only trying to get to him by going after Maya. Ridge says he is not going against Maya but she is definitely not who Rick thinks she is and he knows how he values honesty. Carter thinks over what he just told Ridge about Maya being transgender. Nicole walks in and sees him in this state. He admits that Ridge just told him he is going to resign. Rick says he is not going to put up with any trash against Maya. Ridge says he knows he does not want to hear this. Maya walks in and Rick tells her all is okay but once again Ridge is telling him that Maya is not the woman he thinks she is. He will not put up with this. Rick says he does not have to ask Maya what she wants as he knows who she supports. Maya does not have to explain herself. He knows who Maya is and that is all he has to say about that. He orders Ridge out of his office. Katie and Liam discuss Maya when Wyatt walks in and they wonder how he is going to figure out what they might have again Maya. They know he is the man on the inside. Bill tells him to make the time when Wyatt says he is trying but he has to stay there and keep his job as well. They all encourage him to call Nicole, even put her on speaker phone. Wyatt calls but no answer. Bill tells him to wait but step his game up. Do not send flowers and no burgers. Take her on the jet again to the most expensive place he can find and look at the menu and pick the most expensive item.

Nicole tells Carter that she will not let this with Maya spoil her chance with Wyatt. She can not tell Rick her secret. Eric tells Brooke there seems to be a little tension between Maya and her sister. Eric says Rick is jumping in a little fast with another marriage but maybe Maya will be the person to bring peace between Ridge and Rick. Ridge walks in and Eric says he is glad to have another chance to talk to him. Brooke says he is not quitting, this is too important. Rick tells Maya that Ridge is just trying to undermine him and he is not going to let that get to him especially with their trip coming up to Big Bear. Maya says she does not want to think about Ridge either but she can not ignore him. Rick says sooner or later Ridge will realize that Maya has stole his heart and he really loves her…..especially with the scandals in Ridge’s life. This trip is sounding more and more like a good thing. Eric tells Ridge that he understands he thinks Rick is a tyrant but he isn’t and neither is Maya. Ridge says this is important. He wants to know more abut Maya and Rick’s relationship, like are they going to get married. Ridge says he thinks Rick should go back to International. Eric says Rick is happy for the first time in his life and Ridge can not begrudge him for that. He stays here. Ridge finally says that Rick has gotten himself in a bit of a situation, something he does not think he can handle. He is safe and secure now because Maya has convinced him that she is flawless, a paragon of honesty. Something that he thinks they need to know too…..Maya was not born a woman. They both are in shock when he says she is a transgender.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope and Rafe talked about Gabi.  Will went to see Aiden about Clyde.  Nicole wasn't willing to make things work with Daniel.  Adrienne met Lucas at his hotel so they could talk.  Kate thought Stefano wanted the article done on Clyde to get to her, but Clyde thought Stefano was still in love with her.  Justin went to see Sonny.  Justin told Sonny that he went to see Paul.  Aiden thought Hope put Will up to questioning him about the article.  will said she didn't.  When Aiden wouldn't answer Will's questions, Will was suspicious of Clyde.  Aiden threw Will out.  Hope and Rafe talked about Aiden and her problems with him.  Clyde wondered if Kate was interested in Stefano.  Daniel wanted to fix things with Nicole, but she wanted him out of her face.  Hope and Rafe were suspicious of Victor's connection to Clyde.  Rafe also warned Hope to be careful.  Justin told Sonny that he told Paul to come back to Salem.  Lucas told Adrienne that he wanted to be friends instead of lovers.

Rafe overheard Will saying he's going to Clyde's hometown.  Kate said she wasn't interested in Stefano.  Clyde thought there was a way to get back at Stefano.  Sonny was upset that Justin told Paul to come back to Salem.  While Sonny was upset, he mentioned Justin and Adrienne cheating on each other.  Adrienne was upset about Lucas dumping her, but they ended up kissing.  Nicole wanted to go out with Xander when he showed up at her office, but he didn't think it was a good idea.  Lucas and Adrienne made love.  Justin thought Sonny should be with the man that made him happy.  Rafe warned Will to stay away from Clyde, but Will wanted to know why.  Rafe said Clyde was bad news.  Will decided not to do the article on Clyde.  Clyde went to see Will.  Justin caught Adrienne and Lucas kissing each other.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Elizabeth grabs the mic from Lucy and announces she wants to talk about Jason. After a long pause, she recalls Robin announcing she had AIDS at the Nurses' Ball a long time ago and how Jason picked her up and carried her off after she broke down. Standing in the back of the room, Jake realizes who Jason really was. As Elizabeth runs off, Nikolas goes after her and tries to talk her out of her decision not to divulge Jake's real identity, but she won't be dissuaded from grabbing some happiness for herself as long as she's not hurting anyone. Sloane encourages Anna to go talk to Duke, since she obviously can't stop thinking about him. She finds him backstage, giving his enforcer, Bruce, the go-ahead to kill Jordan that night. Carly finds a moment to talk to Michael and tell him how much like Jason he is. Sloane orders Jake to go to Julian and confront him about what Carlos was doing in his room with a rifle.

At Wyndemere, Spencer is comforted by the spirit of his mother, Courtney, who encourages him to face his injury bravely by removing his mask. Pleased that his burn is smaller than he imagined, Spencer says good-bye to Courtney, who promises to always be with him. Nikolas returns home and is pleased to see the change in his little boy. They hug and watch the Nurses' Ball together. Ned performs a very upbeat version of "This Thing Called Love" with Felix, Sabrina, & Epiphany as back-up. Olivia cheers him on as he twirls her and her pregnant belly a bit. Ellie & Nathan put on a lovey-dovey act to make Spinelli & Maxie jealous. When Spinelli performs a wonderful rendition of "It Might Be You," Maxie notices how touched Ellie is. After Lucy makes her final speech thanking everyone for their hard work and support, Felix presents her with a large bouquet. Everyone applauds the fantastic job she's done again this year. As Sabrina & Epiphany sing "You Are Not Alone" to end the Nurses' Ball, couples join them onstage and dance. Jake finally finds Elizabeth.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Jack, Phyllis, and Kyle have dinner and he tells them about the dinner that he planned for himself and Summer, but when he gave her an expensive necklace she refused it. Summer joins them, but when Phyllis asks her to join them at the Underground, Summer declines the invitation. Kelly demands an apology from Jack before she will give him something to drink and then she demands a thank you. Sharon gives Michael some tea and asks him to take a break. Noah comes in with some good news about her case. Nick and Faith come into the Underground, and she doesn’t really see a change in it from before. Kevin and Mariah join them. All is smiles until Faith sees Sage and wants to know why she is there. Nick disciplines her for being rude to Sage. Faith tells Sage she is sorry but then tells Nick that she thought that he had quit seeing her. Faith asks Sage why she is here. At the Coffeehouse, Abby rants and raves about what kind of person she is and won’t let Ben get a word in edgewise. Ben interrupts her to have his say. When Jack won’t do as Kelly asks, she threatens to leave him alone without food or water. Jack apologizes to her, and she soon forgives him and asks him to write her a love letter. Victor reprimands Jack for not being at work. Kyle overhears and reprimands Victor for his treatment of Jack. Kyle asks Victor where he gets off talking to Jack like that. Victor lets him know that this is just business. Jack also defends Victor’s actions. Kevin asks Nick if he's heard the latest about Sharon. Noah comes in with some good news that Paul may be dropping the charges against her and reopening the investigation into the murders. Ben and Abby decide that they are a couple and plan on attending the reopening of the Underground.

Michael urges Sharon not to get her hopes up but it is already too late. Noah apologizes to Sharon for not believing her. Phyllis and Summer have a chat about Kyle and how he has changed. Phyllis confesses that she has also seen a change in Jack. Jack gives Kyle some advice about Summer and then offers to let him drive his Ferrari. Jack gives Kelly the love note, and she thinks it is beautiful. When she kisses him, he stabs her in the neck. Jack rummages through Kelly’s purse and finds a cell phone. He attempts to call Kyle but fake Jack intercepts the call. Fake Jack asks who he is and Jack tells him “Jack Abbott.” Fake Jack tries to grab the steering wheel which leads him and Kyle to crash. Sharon finds Michael asleep, and she sneaks out of the house. Everyone is gathering for the grand opening of the Underground when Sharon appears. Everyone wonders what she is doing there.

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