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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Carter that he wants Rick and Maya out of here as much as anyone else, but this makes no sense and he does not believe it. Carter is saying Maya is transgender. Carter says he heard Maya herself and she admitted it. Nicole knows too so this is the truth and they have been sworn to secrecy as she does not want Rick to know. Rick tells Maya that Big Bear is so beautiful this time of year and they can celebrate…he will find a reason if she needs one. She says he has been working so hard so she realizes he needs to get away. He tells her she is the one who is so elegant and has handled all the gossip and disgrace that she did not cause. His only obstacle is Ridge. Brooke and Eric discuss Rick proposing. She is a concerned mom and she wants him to be happy but he has not been divorced that long and this is happening so fast. Eric says Maya has had a tough life but that is no reason to reject her. Brooke surely has seen the change in Rick. Maya has helped there. They compliment each other and she has changed Rick from what he was before. She has been right by his side like others have not. He is on the fast track and he wants Maya with him. He needs her. Maya asks if Rick is okay with leaving Ridge alone here while they take their retreat. Rick mouths again how Ridge treated his mom when he was young and how many nights he saw his mom cry. He is pretty good on picking up on secrets until Maya came along….but she has integrity and honesty so none of that with Ridge bothers him now. His whole life has been building up to this and Ridge is not going to take the company from him.

Carter states to Ridge this is the truth. And both of them know this is not the first transgender model….that doesn’t matter to Ridge but this will come as quite a shock to Rick who places such a high value on honesty. Ridge says Ricky boy will be in for the shock of his life. Maya is hesitant but tells Rick that she wants to be everything he needs in a woman….and she is, so she is looking forward to Big Bear. Eric and Brooke agree they do not want Ridge to leave FC so they will sit down and talk to him. Rick has way too work to do so he has no time for a big wedding in the next few months but Eric will not stop the proposal. They can do that. Brooke says it won’t be easy with the history of Rick and Ridge. Carter tells Ridge that is why he told him. They can not let Maya call all the shots. She let Rick fall for her and did not tell the truth. She kept much private and she is only going to tell him now after he proposes. He will have a meltdown and the company could be in trouble. Ridge admits he has already told his dad and Brooke he was leaving but he will take it from here. He will do what needs to be done. Maya walks in on Brooke and Eric and Eric tells her they put a lot of stock in her opinion and honesty. They hope she can give some good intake to Rick about Ridge and they can look out for each other and work together. Ridge gives it a good long time to think this over. Rick comes in while Ridge is looking at Rick’s pictures. Ridge says he was just talking to Carter and it wasn’t about business. Rick says he had to fight his way into this position but he is a happy man…happier than he has ever been. But he admits that Ridge and Caroline have done an amazing job. Then there is Maya. She has given him something immeasurable…she has been upfront and that means the world to him. Ridge says Rick will not like to hear this….Maya has not been open and upfront or honest about herself at all. He hesitates but finally says Maya is not who she says she is.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Serena and Nicole argued over Nicole possibly having feelings for Eric.  Daniel told Eric how he was in love with Nicole.  They also talked about Eric's relationship with Nicole.  Eric wished Daniel and Nicole his best.  Victor wanted Xander's help, but Victor wouldn't tell him what he needed.  Maggie walked in and wondered what they were talking about.  Clyde told Ben that Will was going to write about him.  Kate talked to Will about writing the article on Clyde.  Kate thought Will should have been more focused on saving his marriage and not the article.  Chad wanted to know why Abby was at the mansion.  Will was determined to write his article on Clyde.  Clyde suspected that Will would want to write about Ben's life.  Stefano told Chad not to tell anyone about Kristen's death.  Daniel and Eric continued to talk about their relationships with Nicole.  Nicole and Serena argued until Serena left.

Will told Kate that he was still writing the article, but she wanted to know why.  They ended up arguing over his decision.  He told her that the ownership of the magazine changed hands and Zoe wanted him to write about Clyde.  Chad apologized to Abby for the way he treated her.  He wanted to know what she wanted since he told her how he felt and she walked out on him.  She said she felt bad about what happened.  She said they could never be more than friends.  She thought he was upset over her, but he put her in her place.  Kate met Clyde and told him Will didn't choose to write the article on him, but she knew who did.  Victor talked to Maggie about Brady.  Chad wanted Abby to leave.  Kate found out that Stefano bought Sonix.  Stefano wanted Chad to focus on what he has to do.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

More surprises occur at the Nurses' Ball. Carly announced to everyone and proven that Ric scammed Jake into falsely believing he's married, just because he wanted Elizabeth for himself. She and Jake are devastated, yet they both want to move forward with each other. Nikolas, however, drops the bombshell upon Elizabeth that he's known for months that Jake is really Jason Morgan yet kept the secret from everyone for his own personal gain in taking over ELQ. She then rushes up to the microphone to make an announcement.

Spencer continues to "act out" and admits he's depressed and afraid that people only see him as a monster because of the burn on his face. He realizes that trying to hurt Cameron for causing the fire was wrong. Nikolas, Lulu, Dante, and Valerie take him back to Wyndemere and try to talk to him, but he tells them he wants to be alone. Then his mom, Courtney, appears to him. After Cameron & Emma perform a tango, Anna & Duke re-enact theirs from many years ago. Maxie and Spinelli are both perplexed and wondering what to think and feel when they see Ellie and Nathan together. All four of them are confused as to who should be with whom. Brad proposes marriage to Lucas who accepts eagerly. Patrick & Emma perform a sweet song on guitars called "Nothing I Can't Do."

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Victor and Nick discuss Jack and Victor going into partnership with him. Nick tells Victor about his new club opening up that very night. Gabriel walks in and watches them. Victor asks Nick about Gabriel. Victoria joins Billy at the Coffeehouse where she finds out about the failed wedding. Anita visits Chelsea and tells her that she ought to pursue Gabriel. At the lab, Abby and Ben discuss the evidence against Sharon. Ben comforts Abby when Ashley walks in and tells him that he is breaking company policy and should look for another job. At home, Summer, Noah, Kevin, and Kyle discuss the new evidence they've found to help Sharon. Dylan urges Paul to investigate this matter further about the tire iron, but Paul refuses. Paul reprimands Dylan for his interference. Dylan pleads Sharon’s case. Kevin tries to call Michael but with no luck. Kevin tells the others that Sharon is innocent and is being framed. Gabriel joins Nick and Victor. Victor and Gabriel have a heated conversation about why Victor is checking up on him. After Victor leaves, Nick warns Gabriel as to who he is dealing with. Abby tells Ashley that what is between her and Ben is the real thing. Ben refuses to comment, which leads Abby to believe that he doesn’t want a committed relationship. Paul tells Dylan to prepare Sharon for the worst, because she may be going to prison for a long time. Dylan receives a call from Noah to meet him and Kevin at the Coffeehouse. Kyle warns Summer that she has driven her husband into the arms of another woman. Kyle and Summer argue as usual.

Abby apologizes to Ben for her sudden remark, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. Victoria joins them. Abby rushes out. Ashley asks Ben what he said to her. Victor and Chelsea meet to discuss her coming back to Jabot, and she accepts. Victor tells Chelsea that she will be working with Gabriel. Chelsea tells Victor about Connor. Billy gathers up his things at the condo when Anita walks in. Billy and Anita exchange some insults. Billy asks to say goodbye to Connor. Nick confronts Gabriel about sleeping with Chelsea. Kevin and Noah try to persuade Dylan to talk to Paul again about Sharon. Abby visits Kyle and Summer to pour out her heart about what happened between her and Ben. Victor and Chelsea join Victoria to tell her that she is coming back to Jabot. Victoria and Chelsea argue over Billy and Chelsea cheating on him. Chelsea refuses to quit at Jabot. Ben tells Abby that they have a good chance at something good here. Noah lets Nick know that Sharon is innocent.

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