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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Ridge to dial it down a little bit. He can not act so hastily. Ridge says yes he can. He thought he could suck it up for a few months or even the year that Rick runs the company but he can’t. He’s out. Maya tells Rick that she is so lucky to have found him and this life. He says little secrets like keeping birthday surprises a surprise are okay but he knows he does not have to worry about any big ones with her. He needs stability and he has found that with her. He is taking no prisoners. And as much as it bugs Ridge there is no way he can stop Rick. Nicole smiles to herself when she thinks about Wyatt and their little trip in the sky. She runs into Carter and he teases her about Wyatt. Then she says Maya is thinking about telling Rick she is transgender. She used to want her to but not now, too much will be at stake. Ridge tells Brooke that he is not being emotional. They have not been here to see Rick and he has. Rick gives only Maya any leeway. Eric says this is a family business and Ridge can not just walk away. Ridge says he knows. He thought this was his birthright until Eric gave it to Rick. But it is Eric’s to do with what he wants, that is his prerogative just as quitting is now Ridge's prerogative. Carter laughs that is odd that Nicole is working this fast so all he can imagine that Nicole is now looking out for her own best interests with Wyatt. She argues that there is no reason for Maya to tell Rick and upset things now. She may not be able to stop her but she sure is gonna try to convince her not to. Maya tells Rick there is nothing more important than being right there with him and sharing her life with him. One day he will know everything he needs to know about her. She just hopes she does not disappoint him. Eric is upset and tells Brooke that if they lose Ridge's designs it will be a huge blow to the company. They can not just bale on each other. She tells Eric that Ridge is not going to leave. He just needs some time to cool off. Eric is not so sure. He understands where he is coming from. He puts in a lot of hard work and he is resenting that his work is not fully appreciated. He is not pulling back his support from Rick but he needs to sit down with both of them and work this out. She tells him that Rick is going to propose so this will include Maya too.

Carter brings some papers in to Ridge and is shocked when Ridge tells him to fax them to Caroline….. as of ten minutes ago he has quit. Carter thinks it is a joke….this company needs him now more than ever. This is a disaster. Ridge says the good news is that the numbers are up but it is different than the days when they all worked together. Now this is a new one and he is going to peddle his services somewhere else. What Caroline decides to do will not affect him. He can not bow to Queen Maya, he does not have it in him. Carter tells him before he leaves there is something he needs to know that might prevent him from walking out that door. Eric tells Brooke that he knows Rick wants to propose as he told him about that. They both want their son to be happy and it sounds like it will be any day now. Rick tells Maya they need a little alone time away so how does Big Bear sound just for the two of them for a celebration. Carter tells Ridge to close the door, this is private. He needs to hear him out. Carter gets adamant and says it is not about Rick, it is about Maya. Ridge says no, it is still the same. He will now have to bow to Maya if they marry. Carter says he was engaged to Maya once and this is hard, very hard and he promised he would not tell but…..Rick structured the whole line around her. Ridge tells him to not drag this out….. spit it out. Slowly Carter says Maya is a chosen name, she was not born with that name. Ridge says this is L.A., that is not a crime. Carter says but she was born with the name Myron….Maya is a transgender.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel went to Victor to find out about Melanie.  Victor let Daniel and Maggie know that Kristen was dead.  The police let Brady, Melanie, Theresa, and Marlena know about Clint being killed in self-defense.  There was no evidence that Kristen was killed that way.  Marlena questioned if she was going to be arrested for murder.  Stefano went to Salem to tell Chad that Kristen is dead.  Victor told Daniel and Maggie what happened to Kristen.  The police said everyone could leave, but Theresa wasn't leaving without her baby.  Stefano told Chad what happened to Kristen.  The police told Theresa that the baby wasn't in any medical danger.

Victor called Brady to see what was going on.  Victor wanted to know why Theresa was there.  Theresa was reunited with her baby.  Brady wanted Victor to keep what was happening under wraps.  When Victor got off the phone, he knew Brady had a baby with Theresa.  Theresa thanked Melanie for finding out about the baby.  Stefano wanted Chad to keep what happened to Kristen a secret.  Abby wanted to see Chad.  The police told Marlena and company that they could leave.  The police said Brady and Theresa had to sit together on the plane.  Chad told Abby he couldn't see her.  Victor called Stefano to offer his condolences.  Victor also told Stefano that Brady didn't kill Kristen.  Melanie expressed her concern over Brady feeling far away from her.  Theresa panicked when the baby started  crying on the plane.  Brady was able to stop the baby from crying.  Victor talked to Xander about staying in Salem to look out for Brady.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The Nurses Ball is on in Port Charles and on television for all local residents to see. Brad has agreed to attend with Lucas but wants to stay behind to watch it on television with Britt and re-live old memories when she comes to visit. When Brad leaves the apartment and Britt stays behind, she knows that Spencer Cassadine is alone in the house and needs her so she goes to see him. She encourages him not to give up on Emma and to go and attend the ball. At the ball, Carly makes a surprise announcement about Ric's scam to have Elizabeth and Jake believing that Jake is married to Hayden and has Pete confirm that Ric put him up to pulling off the scam for money. Elizabeth is outraged and tells Ric she will never forgive him for this and they are done forever. Carly notices that both Ric and Hayden are not welcome by anyone in the town so she takes great pleasure in removing them both from her hotel telling them she does not want them coming back at any time.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ashley and Anita help Chelsea prepare for her wedding day. Jack comes home just as Phyllis comes downstairs. Phyllis tells him to get ready for the wedding but Jack is reluctant to attend. Billy arrives for the wedding and tells them that they look lovely. Billy then asks if anyone has seen Gabriel. Upstairs in a hotel room, Sage and Gabriel make love. In a rehab hospital in Chicago, Avery helps a reluctant Joe with his physical therapy. Mariah visits Sharon and Dylan and says she has believed all along that Sharon is innocent. Sharon and Mariah hug. Michael comes in with good news about the test results on the tire iron. Sharon is thrilled. Mariah calls Kevin and tells him. Summer and Noah discuss Chelsea and Billy getting married. Kevin joins them to let them know that Sharon was being set up. Billy joins Abby and assures her that today will be unforgettable. Billy calls Sage to invite her to the wedding but she is reluctant to attend. Phyllis finally convinces Jack to attend the wedding but he goes dressed as is. Mariah visits Summer and Noah and tells them the news about Sharon. Chelsea apologizes to Billy for not having the wedding he wanted. Sharon answers Dylan’s phone when Avery calls. Avery wonders what she is doing. At the police department, Kevin tries to find new evidence concerning Sharon. Gabriel watches as Chelsea and Billy prepare to wed.

The wedding ceremony begins but Billy announces to everyone that Chelsea is a liar and she had sex with Gabriel. Michael visits Paul at the police station and gives him the new evidence about the tire iron, but Paul doesn’t believe him and tells him that Sharon is manipulating him. Gabriel and Sage watch the goings on at the wedding. Ashley speaks up and asks Chelsea if this is true. Abby and Kyle leave the wedding and join Summer and Noah at home. Summer accuses Abby of not only sleeping with her husband but taking Ben from Victoria. Gabriel interrupts Billy ridiculing Chelsea. Billy and Gabriel have to be separated. Everyone leaves the wedding. Gabriel offers to get Chelsea out of there but she orders him to leave her alone.

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