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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole begs Maya not to rock the boat. Do not tell Rick that she is transgender just now. Things are going so well with her and Rick and Nicole with Wyatt….the Avant sisters are rocking it so why spoil all of that. Rick meets with a jeweler and picks out a huge diamond engagement ring.....flawless just like Maya and shines like her eyes. He then texts Brooke and she meets him to hear his good news. She is surprised and wonders why he is doing this so soon. He knows everything he needs to know about Maya and he is sure about this. This is the stability he has wanted all his life. He had issues with Amber and Caroline but Maya is not like that. She is straight forward and authentic, no surprises and secrets. She has all the qualities he needs. He loves her and wants Brooke to be happy for him. She hugs him and says she does want him to be happy and not hurt again. He says again that Maya will never let him down.

Ridge comes into the office to find Eric. The father initiates a hug. Ridge says it is what it is around here with Rick and his power and he is at the end of his rope and so is everyone else. Eric defends Rick but then admits he has a ways to go to treat others fairly, but Ridge should not take it so personally that he is taking orders now from his little brother. Nicole tells Maya to encourage this ride for as long as she can. Maya says she is not ashamed of herself, in fact she is proud of herself, and this is not a game. This is who she is and she can not have children and Rick needs to know that. Her only concern is that she has now waited too long. Rick comes in and surprises Maya. He hopes they are through with their sisterly arguing….too nice a day for that. Nicole leaves and Rick says he knows they are always talking abut honesty but every now and then he thinks it is okay for him to have a little secret. Ridge tells his dad that Ricky boy is a problem and takes all the credit rather that what the creative team does for FC. Brooke barges in and want to defend Rick since he is not here. Ridge keeps mentioning Maya and that she is just a model. It’s ridiculous and he can not take orders from her too. Brooke tells him to look at the books and he would not say this is ridiculous. Eric says Rick has asked for an extension and the way things are going he is considering it. Ridge says fine then Eric can find another designer as he quits.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

After Marlena and Kristen fought, Kristen went sailing out the window.  Melanie told Theresa that the baby was hers.  Dr. Mandrake grabbed Melanie's leg before they could leave.  Melanie kicked Dr. Mandrake and she and Theresa left.  Marlena thought about the times she and Kristen fought over the years.  Marlena noticed Theresa and Melanie in the living room.  Brady told Marlena there was no way she survived.  Theresa told Marlena that the baby is hers.  Melanie told Marlena that the baby was Theresa and Brady's.  Brady checked the nursery and found a briefcase.  He had flashbacks of Kristen.  Someone let Stefano know that Kristen was dead.  

The police showed up at the DiMera castle to investigate Kristen's death.  Theresa told the police that Kristen took her baby.  She explained to them what happened when she was pregnant.  One of the policemen asked Marlena about Kristen falling out of the window.  Stefano had flashbacks of Kristen.  Daniel and Nicole made up, but argued again over a secret she kept.  Brady showed the police proof that Kristen stole the baby.  The police still wanted to hold everyone accountable for Kristen's disappearance.  A police officer told Marlena and Brady that they were going to be in Italy for a while.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

When Hayden surprises Nikolas at Wyndemere, Spencer catches them kissing, but his dad just says she's an associate and quickly ushers her out of the house, warning her never to return or he will turn her in to the police. Spencer doesn't want to go to the Nurses' Ball due to his burned face, but Nikolas encourages him to appear in public, because his mother would want him to. Britt surprises Brad at his apartment and is sorry to hear about Spencer's injury, but she can't go see him, because she's still a fugitive. Having learned from Cesar that her daughter is in town, Liesl Obrecht goes to Brad's apartment, orders him to return to work at the hospital, then has a nice little visit with Britt.

Carly gets Pete to admit that Ric Lansing is financing the scheme to provide Jake with a wife. Promising to pay him handsomely, Carly drags Pete and his tux back to Port Charles to appear at the Nurses' Ball. Elizabeth and Ric prepare decorations for the ball. When Ric shows her an engagement ring, Molly advises her father to hold off proposing to Elizabeth until her feelings for Jake are resolved, but he won't listen. Elizabeth and Jake run into each other in the hall. She tells him how Hayden gloated about having sex with her husband. They say how much they miss each other and go to kiss, but Hayden approaches and latches on to Jake's arm. He takes her away to confront her. After Sam overhears Olivia saying that Julian is the father of her child, she doesn't know what to do about it. Patrick advises her to keep quiet until after the Nurses' Ball.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club bar, Victor offers Gabriel a position as “mediator.” Chelsea and Billy join them. Victor asks for a word alone with Chelsea. Billy asks Gabriel to be his best man at his wedding. At Jabot, Abby apologizes to Ashley for snapping at her. Ashley tells Abby and Ben that Victoria doesn’t like “Hex.” Ben agrees to change the formula. At Sharon’s, Michael says that he is having another test run on the tire iron and Dylan has been helping. Dylan bursts in and tells Sharon and Michael about Nick hitting a reporter and now he is in danger of losing Faith, who is with Victoria now. Nick meets with Barbara Martin at the Coffeehouse about him hitting the reporter because of a remark he made about Faith growing up to be like Sharon. Michael calls Barbara and sets up a meeting with her and Sharon. Billy and Chelsea plan their wedding in front of family and friends. Victor tries to persuade Chelsea to come back to Jabot. Victoria comes in to the lab and tells Ashley, Abby, and Ben that she is pulling the new fragrance line because of the bad publicity it has been getting. Victor tries to assure Chelsea that things will work out.

Billy wants to try to be friends with Gabriel but he doesn’t want that. Sharon tells Barbara that Nick is a good father who shouldn't lose Faith. Sage calls Nick to see how the meeting went with the social worker and asks him to call her back. Nick bursts into Sharon’s and blasts her for interrupting his meeting with Barbara. Dylan tells Nick that Sharon was only trying to help him to retain custody of Faith. Nick apologizes to Sharon for his sudden outburst. Victor and Gabriel have a talk about Chelsea coming back to Jabot. Ashley accuses Victoria of wanting her own fragrance and that is why she is pulling Hex. Victoria thinks Ashley just doesn’t like the idea of her being her boss. Ashley insists she's not quitting. Billy and Chelsea announce that they're getting married that afternoon and invite everyone to attend. Victoria declines the invitation. Nick lets Sage know that Faith stays with him. Nick says goodbye to Sage as Faith comes first with him. Dylan calls Avery to see how things are going. Michael gets the test results back on the tire iron. At the bar, Sage and Gabriel argue as usual over what kind of person the real Gabriel was. Gabriel kisses her but she pulls away from him, then she kisses him herself.

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