Wednesday 4/29/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 4/29/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya is serious and is about to tell Rick her secret when Nicole hears them talking and rushes in and tells Maya she has to speak with her. Maya says not now but Nicole insists. Rick has just told Maya that everyone has a past and breakups but hers is not important to him. So whatever she has to say will not change how he loves her. Rick tells Maya it is okay. They can pick this up later as she has big sister stuff now. Maya looks annoyed at Nicole. Liam tells Bill and is reinforced by Wyatt that Rick has been alienating everyone at FC. Despite Katie’s hesitation, Bill says they must uncover whatever they can to oust Rick. Wyatt says they will and help him show him the door. Liam knows that Rick will ruin the company and Bill’s investment will be worth zero. Pam follows Charlie outside to the Sky Lounge. He is still muttering that he thinks Maya is a transgender. Pam assures him there are many more reasons why a woman might be taking estrogen. He says of course but they ought to check it out. She warns him that Maya is Queen Bee around here and if he starts spreading rumors he might be collecting unemployment very soon. Ridge walks up behind them as they are discussing it and knows they are talking about Maya and Rick. Pam says yes but she is just surprised they have been a couple this long. Charlie says he just wonders if she is the woman that Rick thinks she is.

Rick tells Ridge that he is unhappy with his latest creation. It is more like a cocktail dress and he expected more. Ridge dismisses the model and Rick objects to it and orders her to stay. Ridge does not like being belittled. Rick grins when he says he is sorry he bruised Ridge’s fragile, artistic ego. But he is going to have to get over that. Rick knows he does not have Ridge’s artistic talent but he does know how to run a company and that has been proven. He thinks his four quarters here will be so successful that Eric would not dare pull him out after a year so he and Maya will be running the company for a long, long time. He expects to see the changes on his desk by tonight so just keep thinking Maya and design for her while he is doodling on the board. Nicole pleads with Maya not to tell Rick now that she is transgender. She has changed her mind about that. Maya is confused after all this time of Nicole being the poster child for honesty. Maya figures it has something to do with Nicole now dating Wyatt and him being a Spencer with money. Nicole indicates that doesn’t hurt. They are both in a position not to ruin it by taking a chance on telling Rick the secret. Bill hands Wyatt a case and in it is a new sword necklace. He wants them all to have one alike, one for all and all for one. The swords have to be identical signifying unification. Wyatt puts it on and Bill is happy but reminds Wyatt again although he likes Nicole she might know something and they need to find out what it is. Ridge walks by Pam’s desk and grouse he can not believe what Rick is constantly doing and how he is going to put up with more insults for a year. Maya tells Nicole that Rick just told her how much he loved her and wants children. But Nicole still thinks it is too risky for both of them and there is no need to tell Rick now. Rick goes to the Sky Lounge and a man shows him a case of exquisite engagement rings. Rick picks out one and says it is time for a romantic proposal. He chooses one that is rare and sparkles just like Maya’s eyes….and is flawless and pure just like the woman he loves.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

When Kristen was about to leave, Marlena was at the door.  Justin went to see Paul.  Will told Sonny that he had Marlena stop Paul from coming back to Salem.  Melanie wanted to know what Clint was going to do to her and Brady.  When Brady got loose, he went after Clint.  Melanie tried to get the gun.  Theresa woke up and saw the baby.  Kristen asked if Marlena followed Brady and Melanie.  Marlena wanted to know what was going on with Kristen.  Marlena thought John and Paul were with them, but she realized they weren’t.  Kristen lied to Marlena about what was going on.  Dr. Mandrake stopped Theresa from taking the baby.  Clint managed to get his gun and hit Brady.  Melanie yelled out for Clint not to hurt Brady.  Sonny said he wasn’t going to see Paul.  Will thought Paul was in Italy.  Kristen threw Marlena out.  Before Marlena could leave, a maid showed up and mentioned the baby.  Melanie annoyed Clint and he was ready to kill her.  

Paul and Justin talked about Sonny and Will.  Sonny told Will that he was going to see his father.  Marlena grilled Kristen about the baby.  Melanie got out of the ropes and stopped Clint from shooting Brady.  When Marlena was going to find out what was going on, Kristen pulled a gun out on her.  Justin talked to Paul about him loving Sonny.  Justin advised Paul not to go back to Salem.  Paul realized that Justin didn’t want Sonny to be with Will.  Sonny told Will about Justin and Adrienne’s affairs.  Justin found out that Paul is John’s son.  Dr. Mandrake tried to give Theresa a shot, but she fought him off.  Clint and Brady fought each other.  Kristen wanted Marlena to go towards the window.  Paul told John that Will blackmailed his mother to keep his paternity a secret.  Paul said Sonny was the reason why John knows the truth.  Sonny wanted Will to let him breathe and Will agreed to do it.  Theresa stabbed Dr. Mandrake with the needle.  Clint got shot when he and Brady fought over the gun.  Marlena and Kristen also fought over a gun.  John wanted to get to know Paul.  Melanie told Theresa that the baby is hers.  When Brady saw Marlena and Kristen fighting, Marlena ended up throwing Kristen out of the window.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Preparation is underway for the Nurses' Ball. Lulu wants to welcome Valerie into town and into the family but admits she's not ok with Valerie getting really close to Dante. She makes efforts to get Valerie moved into a room at Wyndemere with Nikolas and encourages them to "consider" each other since they are both single. Yet that might be easier said than done when Valerie walks in on Nikolas going at it with Hayden in his living room and they both have to bluff to her that she is his girlfriend Rosalie. Nobody is disputing that Jake is legitimately married to Hayden except for Carly who tracks down the guy Ric hired to help Hayden scam Jake into believing he's married to Hayden. She persuades him to attend the nurse's ball to publicly expose Ric for the scam he's playing upon Jake and Elizabeth. Ric is ready to propose to Elizabeth. Jake makes it clear that he has no memory nor feelings for Hayden yet knows he has feelings for Elizabeth. When Sam is at the hospital, she overhears Olivia declare to Ned that Julian (Sam's father) is the father of her baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Victor walks in just as Summer joins him and hugs him. They talk a few moments when Kyle joins them. After Summer and Kyle go upstairs, Victor receives a call from Kelly. Victor orders her not to ever call him. Jack tries to get loose from being tied up when Billy joins him. Kelly walks in and tells Jack that Billy isn’t here; it is just him and her. Jack wants to rejoin his family but Kelly lets him know that Phyllis is dead. Gabriel tells Jack that he will bring Victor down. Jack reminds him that he isn’t an Abbott but Gabriel tells him that he isn’t a Bingham either. Jack is surprised by the news. Chelsea lets Anita know that she and Billy are getting married tonight. Kelly tells Jack that no one will be looking for him because he is lost at sea and Phyllis is dead. Jack doesn’t want to believe her. Anita asks Chelsea if she is sure about this marriage to Billy but Chelsea assures her that she is sure. Jack tells Gabriel that he is a changed man since he was trapped with Victor and sees things differently now. The “fake Jack” calls Victor to tell him some news. Summer and Kyle spend a romantic evening upstairs, dancing, etc. Gabriel comes to see Chelsea but finds Anita there instead. He wants to know where Chelsea is but Anita is reluctant to tell him. Gabriel lies to her and tells her that Victor and Victoria will sue Chelsea for backing out of her contract with Jabot. He begs Anita to tell him where Chelsea is. Anita tells him that Chelsea and Billy are getting married tonight. Victor arrives to see Jack. Jack lets him know that Gabriel isn’t what he seems to be. Billy carries Chelsea across the threshold of a hotel room before their wedding. Billy and Chelsea kiss and make love. Billy & Chelsea promise each other to always try to be honest. Kelly shows Jack the articles about him being lost at sea and Phyllis being dead. Jack first becomes angry and then he begins to cry in acceptance that he may have lost Phyllis forever.

Kyle surprises Summer with a diamond necklace, but she refuses to accept it. Kyle is surprised by Summer’s reaction. Victor finds out that the real Jack knows the secret about Gabriel. Victor orders the fake Jack to stay away from Gabriel. Gabriel visits Chelsea in her hotel room to try to stop this wedding. Gabriel reminds Chelsea that they made love, Chelsea tells him that it was only sex. Billy overhears them through a crack in the door. Chelsea orders Gabriel to leave. Gabriel sits at the bar at the Athletic Club when Victor joins him and they start to discuss Chelsea. Victor urges Gabriel to try to get Chelsea to come back to Jabot. Billy tells Chelsea that he has changed his mind about the wedding and wants to marry in front of their friends. He also tells her that he will take her home and give her what she deserves.

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