Tuesday 4/28/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/28/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam is aghast but Charlie keeps repeating if those are Maya’s pill then she is a transgender. Pam thinks that is ridiculous just because Charlie saw something similar on TV. There are other reasons a woman could be taking estrogen pills. Maya tells Nicole that she is not ashamed of who she is and if and when Rick proposes she will tell him her secret. Nicole is not so sure now that is a good idea. Rick tells Wyatt that it is like he does not know Maya at all. The jewelry Wyatt is proposing has too small gems and they need to be bigger, so start over. Bill and Liam discuss Wyatt taking Nicole on the plane and they needed to be alone but it did not work the way he expected. Wyatt finds Nicole and emphasizes again they had a good time last night. Maya says she has heard and she wonders if that is all they were doing and what his intentions are. Charlie and Pam are still arguing over the pills when Rick comes in and asks why they are in his office and arguing. They are busted but talk their way out of it and consider themselves lucky to get out of there. Bill tells Liam they need information so if Nicole told Wyatt anything about Rick they need to know. Liam says it is more like something with Maya, not Rick.

Wyatt tells Maya he knows this has sort of come out of left field but that is the way it is. Nicole surprises him and he needs that in his life right now. He can not know where this is going right now but he’s willing to find out. Maya tells Nicole that she can not compare her relationship with Rick with Nicole’s with Wyatt. Nicole says it is what it is and right now it is awesome. Wyatt tells Maya that he does not like to play games or keep secrets and they agreed to be totally honest with each other as that always leads to trouble to keep secrets. Liam says he is disappointed as he thought Nicole knew something. But Wyatt dropped it when he heard it was not about Rick but about Maya. Bill is not surprised as he was suspicious about Maya from the start so Rick probably knows what it is and they need to find it. Pam tells Charlie to drop this right now. Maya is not transgender. She will not hear any more about it. She tells Charlie they can not follow this trail as they could lose their jobs. Charlie says no one has to know it was them. Pam says it just is not right and she won’t do it. Rick would never forgive them as he loves Maya so much. Maya tells Rick that Charlie gave her a funny look so what is up about that. Rick shows her the sales reports and she says if he keeps this up his father may make him CEO as a permanent arrangement. He thinks that too and says he meant what he told his family the other day that Maya is the reason behind all of it, his strength. He hates to keep bringing up his past but the scandal with his mother over and over that made him a control freak. But he learned from her that not every relationship in this world has to end like Amber and Caroline. He loves Maya and he knows that she is wondering where their future is going. And he still does see them as a couple with wedding bells and kids, lots of kids. She would make a wonderful mother. She flinches and almost cries while saying she has never felt love like this before and she has so much faith in the two of them and does not want that to change. He tells her his love will never change and whatever it is she can tell him anything. Liam tells Bill that they are not giving up but he is afraid it is not that important or what they want. Wyatt joins in and tells them he just saw Maya and Nicole and Maya in particular was very uncomfortable when he mentioned family secrets.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa and Clint fought over his gun.  Melanie panicked and wanted to get help.  Brady wanted her to calm down so no one could get them.  Chad and Abby kissed despite her hesitation.  Theresa thought Kristen was after her because of Brady.  Abby denied having feelings for Chad, but he was convinced she wanted to be with him.  Clyde wasn't interested in Will writing an article on him, but Will planned on writing it anyway.  John tried to reach out to Paul.  Kristen stuck Theresa with a needle.  Will let Clyde know that he wasn't threatened by him.  Abby continued to fight her feelings for Chad.  Clint brought Theresa in the basement with Brady and Melanie.  

Clyde threatened Will if he wrote the article.  Chad told Abby that he was in love with her.  Clint took Brady to see Kristen and the baby.  She wanted to say goodbye.  Abby accused Chad of setting up Ben with the Florida cops.  Chad denied setting up Ben and continued to express his feelings for her.  When Will walked in on Sonny while he was on the phone, Will thought Sonny was going to see Paul.  Kristen wanted Brady to see his son before he died.  Kristen forgave Brady and said she would love him forever.  Will accused Sonny of trying to be with Paul.  Sonny tried to explain, but Will wouldn't let him talk.  Will told Sonny to be with Paul.  Dr. Mandrake stuck a needle in Theresa.  Melanie wanted to know what was going on.  Brady tried to reach out to Kristen, but it didn't work.  While Will was upset, he let it slip to Sonny that he sent Marlena to stop Paul from coming back to Salem.  When Kristen was about to leave the castle, Marlena was at the door.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

After walking in on Michael and Sabrina kissing, Ned confesses to his cousin that he gave up his Quartermaine shares to Franco and Nina when they threatened him and Olivia with the information that her baby is Julian's. Rosalie promptly reports it to Nikolas who thinks he can now easily procure them. Sonny stops Dante from searching Silas' apartment for baby AJ, so the detective arrests Morgan and Kiki for drugging Michael. Carly stops Sonny from flying the baby to his island in order to make a deal with Michael for Morgan and Kiki's freedom. Sonny agrees to return AJ to Michael and stop the suit against Judge Walters in exchange for Michael dropping the charges against Morgan and Kiki. Once all the calls are made, Morgan and Kiki are released and Carly puts the baby back in Michael's arms. He promises AJ that no one will ever take her from him again. Nina catches Franco going through her purse and throws him out of their Metro Court suite for not believing that she did not take AJ.

Lulu takes Valerie to dinner at the Metro Court and introduces her to Dante's mother, Olivia, then she dashes off to see Nikolas, who he hasn't been returning her many calls for help in finding housing for her new-found cousin. When she finally corners Nikolas at Wyndemere and sees Michael's assistant, Rosalie, there, she assumes they're romantically involved. Rather than divulge Rosalie as his spy, Nikolas goes along with it and finally agrees to have Valerie come live on the island, so Lulu won't have her underfoot anymore. At the restaurant, Olivia suddenly grabs her belly in pain, so Valerie takes her to the hospital. Sabrina is there reporting Michael's kiss to Felix who exhorts her to help. Before Dr. Chu can get there, the two nurses diagnose Olivia with Braxton-Hicks contractions and assure her and Ned that the baby is fine. Once Dante hears the good news, he hugs Valerie in relief just as Lulu arrives in the elevator.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy sees a change in Chelsea and wonders why she is so preoccupied. Chelsea remembers making love to Gabriel. After Chelsea leaves, Gabriel pays Billy a visit. Nick and Sage meet at Crimson Lights. He tells her what happened with the reporter and that he was being sued because of Sharon. Sharon tells Dylan all about Michael being rushed to the hospital. Ashley is outside of Victoria’s office at Jabot and watches Victor and Victoria. Ashley walks in and interrupts them. They discuss the marketing concept for the new product line. Victoria lets her know that she has a meeting with Chelsea later on. Excitedly, Jack and Phyllis come into the house from getting their speeding ticket in the Ferrari. Phyllis thinks that he is going to work, but Jack informs her he is not. Nick fills Sage in on the remarks that the reporter made about Faith growing up to be like Sharon. Chelsea walks into the Coffeehouse and asks where Gabriel is. Sage wonders what's up with them. Ashley asks Victor why Jack isn’t going to be here today. Phyllis is curious about Jack’s sudden change of attitude toward Jabot. Jack tells Phyllis he trusts Victor. Dylan tells Sharon all about Avery and how they met and fell in love, and how she got pregnant but soon lost the baby and somehow blamed herself for it.

Gabriel tells Billy that he cannot believe that he is letting Victor get away with this by taking over Jabot. Billy tells Gabriel how much he resents his remarks to Chelsea against marrying him. Gabriel reminds Billy that Adam will always be here in their lives. Chelsea tells Sage that she had a disagreement with Gabriel. Nick gets a call from Dr. Allison and finds out that Faith is with the police. Sharon tries to lift Dylan’s spirits by telling him jokes. Nick finds Faith at the police department but soon realizes that she's afraid of him becoming angry again. Chelsea arrives with her new designs, but Victoria expected more. Gabriel interrupts them. Chelsea quits her job at Jabot. Outside she has a talk with Gabriel who defends her. He reminds her of the fact that they made love. Chelsea and Billy go home and since neither one of them have a job, they decide to get married. Gabriel attacks Jack over the merger and starts to divulge some very incriminating information.

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