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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt thinks back to his prying and asking Nicole about this big secret that only she knows. She starts with Maya is…….but then changes her mind and says she should not have brought this up. Pam bursts in and says she is sorry but she couldn’t help overhearing that something major is going on between Rick and Maya. Nicole shows up and watches Carter at one of his workouts. He says he is not the kind of guy that mixes business with pleasure. She admires his abs and says Maya must have too. He asks about Wyatt and she says she is not his girlfriend, just being appreciated and she will be the new jewelry model. Ivy says maybe Nicole is saying things to throw them off the track and maybe it is Rick that has the secret and not Maya. Wyatt says Nicole is definitely not playing a number on him. He definitely does not think she is keeping anything from him. Yet she did say whatever it is would blow people’s minds. Rick thanks Maya for booking the steam room for the entire afternoon until she says it was not her. He says he will send out a memo that it is off limits to all except the CEO and his lady love. Carter tells Nicole that it sounds like Wyatt went all out for her little trip with the jet, champagne and margaritas the night before. And he opened up to her about his family secret. He wants to know when they were talking secrets he hopes they did not talk about Maya’s secret.

Rick barks for Charlie to come to him. He tells Pam that her boyfriend has been spending too much time with her and neglecting his duties. Rick leaves and Pam tells Charlie she has something to tell him. There is a BIG secret at FC and it is about Maya. Nicole tells Carter to give her a little more credit. It was Wyatt sharing his secrets not her. Maya walks up just as Carter says but he is sure that she was tempted. Liam says it may sound like a dead end but they will not give up. Rick has treated Ivy and others like a punching bag and it is time it stops. Wyatt says he was not expecting what happened between him and Nicole and who knows what will happen. He likes her and they had a good time, that’s all. Pam tells Charlie that Liam and Wyatt are out to take down Rick and she would not have known that except she heard them while busy in the next room and they did not know she was there. Liam and Rick thought they were on to something about Rick but it turns out now it is Maya who is not exactly her favorite person right now because of Stephanie’s portrait. Charlie wants to know how she will find out what it is. She looks around and spies Maya’s purse that she left behind. She says if you want to learn anything about a woman, then check out her purse. Shame on Maya for leaving it lying around. Wyatt and Nicole – L.A.’s newest hot couple says Liam. Ivy thanks him for supporting her and says she feels like she is dating Superman and Romeo all at once. Now that Carter is not around Maya says she needs to hear more about this date with Wyatt. Nicole kids her about being a member of the Mile High Club then says she is just fooling with her. Pam tells Carter this purse weighs a ton, so wonder what is in here. As she starts to go thru the purse, Rick is outside ready to come in but stops Wyatt to tell him he called and last night and he never got back with him. Charlie wonders if they are doing right but Pam says it is their civic duty. He knocks over the purse on purpose and everything spills out. She picks up the estrogen pills and wonders why Maya would be taking them. Pam looks absolutely shocked when Charlie says there is only one reason – Maya is transgendered.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen and Dr. Mandrake stopped Brady and Melanie from leaving the castle.  Kate told Abby that Lucas doesn't work at Mad World anymore.  Lucas told Adrienne what Kate did to him.  Dr. Mandrake hit Brady in the head and took Melanie out of the room.  Kate talked to Abby about Chad and how he's not like the other DiMeras.  Lucas opened up to Adrienne about what Kate did to him.  Melanie let Dr. Mandrake know that she was on to him.  while Brady was in the basement, Kristen taunted him about Melanie and Theresa.  Kristen told Brady that the baby is sick for why Theresa was going to be there.  Brady wanted to reach out to Kristen, but she wasn't interested.  When Kate showed up at Will's apartment, Adrienne went in on her.

Abby went to see Chad so she could apologize to him.  Kate and Adrienne got in an argument over what Kate did to Lucas.  Clint and Theresa showed up at the castle.  He ended up drugging her drink.  Brady told Kristen that he didn't hate her.  He offered to raise the baby with her.  He wanted Theresa and Melanie to go.  He kissed Kristen.  She didn't fall for his act and left him in the basement.  Kate and Adrienne continued to argue over Lucas.  They ended up in a fight.  Lucas broke up their fight.  He threw Kate out without giving her a chance to tell her side.  Chad wanted Abby to leave the mansion.  Melanie and Brady were tied together.  Theresa noticed a pacifier on the floor which kept her from drinking the wine.  Kristen walked in on them.  Chad pulled Abby into a kiss.  Theresa figured out that Kristen and Clint were working together.  Theresa found Clint's gun and it went off while they were struggling over the gun.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Suspicion surrounds Kiki and Morgan, now that it's been proven that they drugged Michael. Baby Avery has now suddenly appeared in Silas' living room and nobody has a clue who took her. Carly and Sonny go to talk to them and Carly does not take their word for it that they did not kidnap Avery just to hurt Michael. Michael has Dante investigate. Michael and Sabrina are growing closer and may become more than friends when he realizes how supportive she's been to him and he kisses her.

Suspicion also surrounds Nina when Obrecht shows Franco footage of Nina looking at the baby at the hospital the day she disappeared. Nathan shows Nina the surveillance tape of her standing right outside the baby's exam room when she was last seen and then suddenly the security camera goes blank. It casts suspicion on Nina but does not prove she kidnapped Avery. People are getting ready for the Nurses' Ball when Lucy informs Lulu she needs one more dancer to join The Haunted Starlets in their gig for the show. Valerie agrees to do it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In a hotel room at the Athletic Club, Hilary tells Devon that she doesn’t blame him for not trusting her but she just wants him to remember all the good times they had. Neil tells Gwen that Devon and Hilary were having an affair. Jack is on the phone ordering a Ferrari for Phyllis when Victor comes in and stops him. Neil walks in and sees Jack and Victor together and cannot believe his eyes. Nikki and Phyllis discuss a plan to see what is really going on between Jack and Victor. At the Coffeehouse, Nick and Noah discuss Sharon when Faith joins them. A reporter comes up and wants a statement from Nick about Sharon’s upcoming trial. Faith asks if he was talking about Sharon. Sharon and Avery check on Michael after he collapses. Avery wants to call Lauren but Michael agrees to go the hospital but he doesn’t want Lauren called. Joe and Dylan have a talk about Avery going with him to rehab. Nick and the reporter talk outside but when the conversation comes around to Faith growing up to be like Sharon, Nick hits him. Faith begs Noah to let her see Sharon. Devon and Hilary decide to give their love another chance but to go slow this time. Victor offers Neil the CEO position at Jabot but Neil is reluctant to take it pending what Jack really feels. Jack gets a call from Phyllis that she is planning a dinner with Nikki, Victor, and Jack. Jack doesn’t want the dinner but is persuaded by Phyllis to agree to it. Neil asks Jack how he really feels about accepting the CEO position but Jack welcomes him on board at Jabot. Victor disapproves of the dinner as he is worried that Nikki will trip Jack but Jack assures him that he will be calm and collected.

Noah takes Faith to see Sharon. Sharon tells Faith that people think she has done something bad. Nick comes in and interrupts them. Lauren visits Michael in the hospital and reprimands him for not telling her. Michael tells Lauren that he is tired of being treated like an “invalid.” Michael asks Lauren for a separation. Jack and Victor arrive home with the good news that they have hired Neil as CEO. Gwen fills Neil in on Hilary and Devon’s plan. Neil sees Hilary and Devon coming downstairs. Dylan tells Avery that there has been a change of plans concerning their romantic evening before she leaves the next day to go with Joe. Mopping up the Coffeehouse after a water leak isn’t their idea of a romantic evening. Avery gets a call that Joe is being moved that night to the rehab center. Phyllis tries to trip Jack up by wanting to know the significance of orchids. Jack tells her that he has a confession to make and he goes on to tell them what he and Victor went through being trapped together. Nick lashes out at Sharon for putting the children through all this but she turns the tables on him and tells him he is just as much to blame. Dylan walks in and demands that Nick leave her alone.

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