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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole tells Wyatt that she sure could get used to this….a jet, champagne and him. He tells her that he likes her but secrets always destroy relationships so he does not want to start that way. She says she is straight up with that. Brooke asks Rick if Maya is pressuring him into marriage. He assures her that Maya is not that way. Yes she wants to get married eventually and their waiting period will be over soon. She has honesty and integrity and he would be lucky to call her his wife. Brooke suggests that he not jump from one marriage to another….give himself a little time. It did not work out with Caroline but all the more reason not to jump right back into marriage. Eric tells him again that he is proud of him taking the company into the future. Rick says Maya is his everything. Maya tells Carter that she will introduce herself, her real self when Rick proposes to her. She says it is her story and her time to tell when it is right. He says fine but what if it isn’t up to her. What about Nicole, can she trust her with the secret? Bill is surprised that Wyatt is using the jet but it is okay if he can get information from Nicole. Liam says yes Wyatt is giving it his all. Nicole tells Wyatt that he said no secrets yet he is keeping one from her right now, where they are going. He asks how she feels about San Francisco. He brings out caviar and she admits she has never had any so he suggests she try it. She likes it. She says but she does not need to go to some fancy restaurant. They could just stay up here in the high sky. He kisses her.

Maya tells Carter that now Nicole is all into Wyatt, that is all she talks about. Liam tells Katie and Bill that he and Ivy really thought Rick was cooking the books and they looked through his office but found nothing. Katie says it is all about winning. Liam says he does not care how it is done but they are finally going to blow Rick out of that chair one way or the other. Rick tells Brooke and Eric that he is not blaming them but he did not have the most stable life growing up. He wants his marriage to be scandal free from the paparazzi and he knows he will get that with Maya. He is happiest with the three people that he loves the most and he will not let them down. He will fight all of them, even Ridge who try to bring him down. He tells Maya that she has been there every step of the way and he is grateful. Nicole thanks Wyatt for sharing his past of being a Spencer with her. Since he has been so real with her she feels she needs to return it. She pours more champagne. Liam tells Bill that 40,000 feet up in the air in the Spencer jet with champagne flowing and Wyatt with his charm, he could be getting the secret right now. Wyatt encourages her to tell whatever secret is on her mind. She says it could blow Rick right out of the water. Then she pulls back and changes her mind. He wants to guess. Does it involve Maya too? He says brothers are not like sisters and they do not trade secrets back and forth. He just needs to feel that she trusts him. If she says it will be splashed all over the news, it now intrigues him. She leaves it hanging, Maya is…….

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen was upset with Dr. Mandrake for talking to the "nurse".  Melanie found the baby.  Justin called Adrienne to find out what was going on with her.  Victor wanted to know if Sonny wanted to work things out with Will or be with Paul.  Kristen busted Melanie with the baby.  Adrienne told Justin that she was having an affair with Lucas.  Sonny wanted Victor to leave him alone about Paul.  Kirsten wanted to deal with Melanie herself instead of calling the police.  Justin didn't react the way Adrienne thought he would about the news of her affair.  They ended up arguing over the news.  Will overheard Victor talking to Sonny about Paul.  Brady found out that Melanie was with Kristen when Kristen called him.  Kristen told Melanie that the baby wasn't Brady's, but Melanie didn't believe her.  Kristen said the baby was Daniel's.  Will continued to listen to Victor and Sonny's conversation.  Will over heard Victor talking about his family.  Will also heard that Victor has Paul's address.  When Brady went back to the castle, Kristen told him that she introduced Melanie to her son.

Kristen said her baby is Daniel's, but Melanie said she was lying.  Kristen said she made love with Daniel and Brady saw it.  Will told Marlena that Victor wants Sonny with Paul.  Will told Marlena what Victor told Sonny.  Will wanted Marlena to talk to John about Paul staying away.  A maid brought Christopher out to the living room.  Kristen said the police were on their way.  Brady refused to leave until he saw the baby.  Marlena went to see Victor.  She ended up seeing where Paul was and took a picture of it.  When Victor approached her, she talked to him about Sonny and Will.  Kristen let Brady see the baby.  Sonny told will that he was going to see his father, but Will didn't believe him.  Will thought he was going to see Paul.  Marlena wanted Victor to leave Will and Sonny alone.  Brady said he noticed how the baby looked like Kristen and Daniel.  Brady wanted the baby to get tested.  Marlena told Will that she was going to help him.  She was going to see John and Paul.  When Brady wanted a DNA test done, she and Dr. Mandrake pulled out guns on them.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Joe and Avery discuss his treatment options and going to a rehab center. Joe mentions not coming back to Genoa City. This takes Avery by surprise. At the Athletic Club, Cane and Lily spend some quiet time together as they kiss. They discuss the new items for the boutique that were just arriving today. Jill and Colin join them. At the Coffeehouse, Hilary tells Devon that she meant it when she told him that she loved him and asks him if he loves her. Devon asks her why it matters how he feels after she slept with the ADA. At Sharon’s home, Michael, Dylan, and Sharon discuss her defense but Michael becomes frustrated when Sharon will not try to defend herself. Lauren interrupts them to take Michael away for a while. Sharon tells Dylan that if he feels that she is guilty, then he should just leave too. Avery tells Joe to wait before putting his things in storage until he sees how he does in rehab. Avery offers him her help when he goes to the rehab clinic and asks if he would like her to go with him. Hilary tries to explain to Devon why she did the things she did when she was with Neil and afterwards in sleeping with the ADA. As they walk into the Athletic Club, Lauren apologizes to Michael for taking him out of Sharon’s for awhile. Michael admits that he needed a break. Jill, Colin, Cane, and Lily join them. Lauren tells Cane that they are due to meet a client for dinner that night but soon finds out that Cane has plans with Lily. Lily encourages Cane to go the dinner meeting. When Sharon insists that she is guilty of all charges, Dylan proposes that maybe she is feeling this way because she is guilty.

Sharon is quite surprised by Dylan’s remark that she is guilty, and she soon begins to defend herself that she is innocent and Michael will prove it. Dylan begins to smile and tells Sharon that she has her “spunk” back and for her not to stop fighting. Lauren confronts Michael about encouraging Cane to go to the meeting when Cane had plans with Lily. Lauren asks Michael why he missed his last doctor’s appointment. Jill and Colin sit at a nearby table and listen to Michael’s sudden outburst toward Lauren. Avery calls Dylan to tell him that she will be accompanying Joe to Chicago for rehab. Dylan tells Avery to go and help Joe. Sharon reprimands Dylan for not letting Avery know exactly how he feels. Avery tells Joe that it is okay that she will accompany him to Chicago. Sharon encourages Dylan to go to Avery and tell her how he feels. Jill gives Michael a stern lecture concerning Lauren. Colin talks to Lily about the business and her marriage to Cane. In the storeroom, Lauren and Cane unpack the boxes that were just brought for the boutique but soon Lauren becomes frustrated. Cane comforts her. Avery visits Sharon and an argument soon erupts between them over the charges against her and how Dylan seems to always be helping her. Sharon accuses Avery of wanting Joe instead of Dylan. Michael comes in and starts to break up the argument but soon feels faint and collapses into the chair. Colin alerts Jill that Michael may be pushing Lauren right into Cane’s arms.

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