Thursday 4/23/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 4/23/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya questions Nicole about the night before. Nicole says it was a fun date and not at a club but there was good dancing and drinks. She and Wyatt got caught up in the moment and Wyatt could not be any cuter and he is a Spencer. Wyatt tells Liam that he was just as surprised as Liam is but he just got caught up so who could blame him. His marriage has been over for quite a while. Liam tells him they need to get Rick's secret so do not lose sight in that. Perhaps Rick is cooking the books. They looked in his office last night but found nothing incriminating. Rick tells Brooke that it is good to have her back in the office. Eric joins in and says he wanted to surprise them. So he needs to find out what’s been going on. Brooke says Rick has been doing smashingly well so Eric is happy. Eric looks at the books and tells Rick he has done exceptionally well. He has filled his shoes very well. He is the son he always wanted him to be. Nicole gushes on about Wyatt but Maya tells her to be careful and do not say anything she will regret. Liam offers the company jet as Mr. President. He wants Wyatt to scoot Nicole out of town and show her the sights in San Francisco, anywhere to impress her. Wyatt thinks he is capable of doing this on his own but finally says, gas up the jet, he will do it.

Wyatt calls Nicole and asks can she get away tonight. He will send a car for her and it’s a secret where they are going. Maya is standing there telling Nicole to play a little hard to get but Nicole gushes that she is in. Wyatt tells Liam that tonight Rick's secret will be in his hands. Liam assures him the jet will be waiting and whatever they do will be ok. He knows it has been a long long long time since he has been with a girl to court or impress her but keep his game face on and the eye on the prize. Wyatt says he knows what to do. Wyatt arrives at the jet and tells the pilot to say in the cockpit, a lot is riding on this trip. Nicole comes aboard and can not believe this is real but she is cool with it. She was only expecting a movie. Wyatt says if all goes well the night could be full of surprises. Caroline calls and says she thought things would be better now that the divorce papers had gone thru but Rick is really pushing her now. She can not take this anymore. Liam retorts they are trying to get Rick out as CEO so hang in. Eric presents Rick with a gold watch with EF inscribed on it. Eric said it was given to him at some big award and Rick deserves it now. He is so proud of him. Brooke beams. Rick tells him he has no idea how much this means to him. Rick tells them that he is thinking of proposing to Maya…..not now and not babies yet but in the near future. She has never let him down and he does not want to lose her. Maya thinks over those words that Rick has told her about honesty and integrity. She gets her pills and takes one. Nicole can not believe that Wyatt’s family owns a jet. She pours drinks and asks where he is taking her. He does not want to spoil the surprise. She says she told her sister about him. He says he imagines she played the big sister role. He says he does not take this for granted and this is brand new. He wants her to be able to tell him anything. Tonight no games, no guessing what each other is thinking, no secrets, just feel comfortable in telling each other whatever is on their minds. She repeats – no secrets.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve wanted to talk about Paige and JJ's relationship.  Nicole confronted Serena about being in Daniel's apartment.  Brady asked Kristen about his child, but Kristen denied knowing anything about the baby.  She decided to be honest with him.  Serena lied to Nicole about why she was at the apartment, but Nicole didn't believe her.  Paige wanted to talk to Eve.  JJ asked Jennifer what was going on.  Kristen denied kidnapping his baby, but Brady didn't fall for her act.  Eve confessed to having sex with JJ.  Eve was upset about it.  When Paige and JJ walked off.  Jennifer wanted Eve to go back to her place so they could talk.  Nicole got into a fight with Serena which caused the diamonds to fall out of her pocketbook.  Brady wanted to look around the mansion to see if the baby was there.

Jennifer and Eve talked about Paige and JJ having sex.  Paige told JJ that Eve wasn't going to keep them apart.  Jennifer realized that Eve was obsessed with JJ.  Daniel stopped Nicole and Serena from fighting.  When Serena left, Daniel wanted to know what was going on.  Kristen went with Brady to search the house.  Jennifer tried to analyze Eve by bringing up her past as a prostitute.  Daniel wanted to know why Nicole was at his place.  He said that told him a lot that she was arguing with Serena.  Melanie showed up at the DiMera compound as a nurse.  Dr. Mandrake told her to come back later.  Melanie saw Dr. Mandrake going behind a bookcase.  Daniel and Nicole ended up arguing.  He wanted to go to lunch, but she didn't want to anymore.  Jennifer wanted to know why Eve had the coat and Eve told her.  Kristen wanted Brady to leave when he found nothing.  Brady ended up leaving.  Jennifer called Daniel to help her, but she didn't want him to tell anyone.  Nicole overheard Daniel talking to Jennifer and was upset with him for keeping secrets while she has to tell him everything.  Dr. Mandrake told Kristen that the nurse was there.  She wanted him to describe the nurse since she already talked to the nurse.  Melanie ended up finding the baby.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Sonny goes to see Michael at his office to ask if he took Avery. Michael insists he's just as worried about AJ and assures him he knows nothing of her whereabouts. Kiki convinces Morgan that she can't live with the guilt of drugging Michael, so they should reswitch his "allergy medication. She knows he has the pills at his office, so that's where they head. Felix helps Sabrina find out what Michael's pills actually are. When she discovers they're actually Xanax, a psychoactive drug that causes unsteadiness and impaired coordination, especially when taken with alcohol, she rushes to his office to inform him. Sonny is aghast and assures Michael that he's not at fault. Michael knows that and figures out who's really drugging him. Before he even says their names, Kiki and Morgan arrive.

Jake confesses to Julian that he knows about the hit he put out on someone in the Corinthos organization. Jake offers to help, but Julian won't reveal who's about to die. On the docks, Jordan insists that she's out of the informant business with Anna but rethinks her desire to quit when Anna informs her that Shawn will probably take the fall for Duke and Sonny. In Jake's room, Carlos sets up his shotgun and aims at Duke having lunch with Shawn on the Metro Court terrace. He's briefly interrupted and hides when Carly and Spinelli enter to get evidence against Hayden posing as Jake's wife. Once they leave, he again aims his gun out the window at Duke who's now talking with TJ and Shawn. Knowing that he's about to lose his mother, Duke kindly offers to help TJ pay for college. Grateful, TJ hugs Duke. On the docks, Duke's bodyguard, Bruce, aims at Jordan, then a silenced shot rings out.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy and Ashley are worried about Jack and are determined to figure out why he is acting so strangely and why he merged Jabot with Newman Enterprises. Ashley is set on working from the inside of the company to protect Jabot's legacy although she is very angry that Victoria is her new boss. Ashley is also upset with Jack for not fighting to keep the company name because he agreed that the company be called Newman Abbott Enterprises. Phyllis wants to trust that Jack has a plan for Victor's downfall and persuades Kyle to trust him, although Jack's behavior has given him doubts about him.

After Stitch and Abby make love again, he assures her that his break-up with Victoria was a mutual decision. They are both surprised to arrive at work and discover that Victoria is their new boss. Victoria and Ashley can both tell that Abby and Stitch made love last night by the way they are looking at each other. Victoria keeps her cool and tells Abby and Stitch that as long as they don't bring their personal life into the office, everything will be fine. Victoria looks jealous when she sees Abby and Stitch kissing while walking out of the office on their way home. Gloria advises Chelsea to protect her fashion line or Victoria will kick her out of the company. Victoria tells Chelsea that she doesn't mix business with her personal life, and she wouldn't let Chelsea go, because the fashion line is very profitable to the company. Chelsea wonders why Gabriel disappeared and leaves a message on his phone asking him to return because Jack needs his help with Jabot. Victor tells Fake Jack to start acting more like the real Jack, so that his family doesn't get suspicious, or he will put him back in prison in Peru where he found him.

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