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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt cajoles Nicole that he is right. She is uncomfortable talking about Rick and Maya because there is something major going on there. He says she can tell him anything. Instead she grabs the blender and wants to make more margaritas. He mentions that he was serious as he wants them to be totally honest, no secrets. He gets that Maya is living with Rick so they may both be asking Nicole to deny anything but she can trust him. Maya tells Rick it was a little inconsiderate of Nicole not to call and say she would not be home for dinner. Then she realizes she does have a message with Nicole telling her she is the new jewelry model. They discuss Liam but Rick says he has nothing to hide so Liam can ask questions all he wants. Liam and Ivy sneak into a darkened Rick’s office and look all over the place to find something incriminating. Ivy does find a locked drawer that she manages to open with a paperclip but finds only some leftover items from Eric’s days. They even find a safe behind the horse picture but can not crack the safe. Ivy says it would be helpful if they knew what they were looking for. Liam says it could be a second set of books but he doubts it is criminal, just something embarrassing or a disgrace as Rick is more interested in his image than anything else. And Maya said this was a secret that could oust him at FC.

Aly brings some cracked crab to Rick who rejects it since cracking crabs is a venture within itself. He tells her to leave it as Maya may want it but he will take a turkey burger and proceeds to tell her just how he wants it right down to two pickle halves. Aly trots off to do her duty and Maya frowns at Rick and says he is bad, but they both get a big laugh out of it. Carter drops by to give Rick some proposals. Rick invites him to eat if he hasn’t already. Carter accepts but wonders why Aly is cooking for him. Rick says they have a cook but Aly likes to do nice things for him. Rick has to crunch some numbers so tells Aly he will look at her shoe line proposals tomorrow and get back with her. Nicole wonders why Wyatt is so curious about Maya and Rick. He says Rick is his boss and in order to get ahead in business he would like to know all he can about him. He thinks Nicole can help him with that. Rick leaves Carter and Maya alone while he looks over the papers. Maya tells Carter that she knows this is awkward and she lost herself when she met him. She should not have treated him that way as he deserved better. He tells her what she is doing now is crazy. She does not believe that. This only pertains to her and Rick and she will tell him when the time is right. Wyatt still continues to question Nicole and she wants to hear more about him and Hope. Wyatt says Nicole is the first woman that he has brought here to his place since his marriage fell apart. He has not laughed much lately. He tells her he is not the type of guy that wears his emotions on his sleeve but he finds it easy to talk to her and he hopes she feels that way too. He goes a little further by saying Rick can be a bit of a tyrant and even wanted Wyatt to get down on his hands and knees and beg for his job back. He does not want him running FC and feels he must have some deep dark secret. She is in the other room when Liam calls Wyatt. Wyatt whispers but says he can not talk freely right now. Liam says he and Ivy have struck out too at FC. Nicole comes back out and says she did not realize it was so late. She just called a car and needs to go home. Wyatt is disappointed and says he wants her to stay and finish their conversation. He kisses her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady went to see Kristen.  Melanie was stuck on the plane.  Clint got Theresa on a plane.  Kristen thought that Brady forgave him.  Jennifer was suspicious of Eve's actions so she called her.  Jennifer wanted to see Eve.  Brady made Kristen think that he forgave her.  Brady asked Kristen if she could forgive him.  Jennifer went to see Eve.  Jennifer wanted to invite Eve to dinner, but Eve didn't want to go.  Jennifer thought something was going on with Eve.  Melanie tried to break out of the room she was in so she could help Brady.  Kristen told Brady that she did a terrible thing when she was in Salem.

Theresa told Clint she couldn't wait to tell her boss that she quit and she wondered why he didn't want her to say anything.  Melanie told the pilot to turn the plane around.  Brady continued to make Kristen think he forgave her.  Eve said she didn't like the idea of JJ and Paige being together.  Jennifer brought up the coat and how Eve had it.  Jennifer wanted to know Eve's feelings for her son.  Clint got out of why he didn't want Theresa to tell her boss she quit.  Brady wanted to know what Kristen meant by carrying a piece of him, but she lied about it.  The baby's nurse showed up, but Kristen made her leave.  Eve said she hated JJ, but Jennifer wondered why she had the coat.  Eve left her apartment without answering Jennifer.  Jennifer ended up following her.  Kristen tried tog et rid of Brady, but he refused to leave.  Jennifer asked Eve what feelings did she have for her son.  JJ and Paige were there at the time.  Brady asked Kristen where his child was.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club dining room, Abby and Kyle discuss the fact that they may not have a place to live and the fact that Billy is out of a job. Abby suggests trying to talk to Jack. Ben joins them and wonders if this is business meeting, but Billy says that this is a family matter. Victoria brings Katie downstairs, talking to her all the while but is surprised when she sees Victor there. Kelly brings herself and Jack a drink, but he declines saying he doesn’t drink. She encourages him to take one little drink. They discuss the kiss they shared and what it meant for them. The “fake Jack” pours himself a drink and gulps it down. Phyllis joins him and wonders where he's been. Jack kisses her passionately. Phyllis asks him if he's been drinking. Jack confesses that he had one little drink. Phyllis reminds him of all the things they went through together getting him off the pills. Jack changes his mind, supposedly, and tells Kelly that he is going to put the past behind him. Kelly is reluctant to believe him. Jack asks Kelly what Victor’s plan is and where he will be putting them up. Kelly tells Jack that she has a surprise for him and leaves him alone. Victor lets Victoria know that he bought presents for Johnny and Katie, then asks her why she's been so distracted lately. Billy lets Ben know that he doesn’t think that he should be in on a family meeting. Abby pulls Ben away to explain things to him. Kyle lets Ashley and Abby know that he supports Jack. Victoria tells Victor that Billy and Chelsea are moving forward with their wedding plans. Ben interrupts Victoria and Victor and wonders what they are talking about. Kelly shows Jack a fabric swatch of the material she was going to use in their bedroom. Kelly begins to talk about Phyllis and how she framed her for all the things that went on in Genoa City. Ashley, Abby, Kyle, and Billy arrive at Jack’s and tells him that he is out of Jabot.

Ben and Victoria have a talk about their relationship and come to the mutual agreement that they should end things. Jack tries to get Kelly to let them fight Victor together. Phyllis warns Jack about the fallout that this will cause at Jabot if he is ousted. At the Athletic Club bar, Ben tells Abby that he and Victoria broke up, and he goes on to kiss Abby. Kelly refuses to untie Jack. Billy and Victoria discuss Jack. Victor brings charges against Jack. Victor and Jack announce that they are allies.

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