Tuesday 4/21/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/21/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam questions Wyatt about the wedding. He says he now has a father-in-law, enough said although Brooke showed up with Hope….well on the tablet but they did not change Deacon’s mind. Liam tells Wyatt to stay on Nicole for information. He has a feeling that she has the hots for him. Maya tells Nicole that she is leaving the office and going home. They discuss once again about Maya telling Rick, and Maya says again the timing is not right and she will tell Rick when he proposes. Wyatt finds Nicole about that time and says he has a proposal for her. He says she can call it a proposal or proposition. How would she like to be one of the jewelry models? She can’t believe it and wonders if he means just for him and Ivy. He says no, for the media, the whole thing. She is surprised that he does not have to check in with Rick or Maya. He says he does not want to get in the middle of her and her sister but he would like her to be part of his team. She can’t wait to agree. He comments that he has some things at his house that he will need. She suggests right now is a good time. Deacon sits and massages Quinn’s feet. She says it was quite a day. She doesn’t think Wyatt has ever seen her so happy even though there was a serious hiccup in the day with Brooke showing up to oust the wicked witch. It must have been hard for Deacon to have to stand up for her. He says he knew exactly what he had to do with no coaching.

Maya and Rick are kissing at home while he stands in front of Maya’s portrait over the fireplace. Ivy and Liam come in and Ivy says Rick has a guest, now she does too. Liam gets nosy and asks what does the future hold. When Rick starts to talk office, Liam says he means for the two of them….any wedding bells in the future. Liam says maybe and with her at his side he will be CEO for a very long time. Deacon and Quinn play lovey dovey and says it feels good to be husband and wife. Rick says there is a lot of planning to do, it doesn’t just fall in place. He says he knows he has been pushing his employees a little hard but Ivy might try that too. Maya supports him and she is the key to his success. A man in his position needs someone like Maya. She is like no one else. Nicole is impressed with Wyatt’s digs and that he wakes every day as a Spencer. She says she would be hitting the waves every day. He tells her maybe someday she will. He steers the conversation to Maya and them living in Illinois. She says Maya left before she knew her well. She turns on music while asking him to make some margaritas. Quinn asks how she can maintain Deacon now. Before it was just keeping her frig stocked with his disgusting beer. He wonders how long she will put up with him. She says ask her in 10 or 20 years. He says more like 50. She is chained to him now. She can’t imagine feeling this way…..marriage used to be avoid at all costs for her. As they lay in bed she says he wants to be with him forever. Nicole is bopping around with lots of energy and offers to pour the drinks. Wyatt says he really is a scotch guy; Rick is the margarita type….he and Maya. Wyatt suggests they share a secret….he will start first. He says growing up he was told his father was dead and that was the last time they talked about it. Then came Bill Spencer, the big family secret. He is sure she can relate to that. She is getting to know Maya more but he is sure there were gaps she is unsure of….a guy like Rick has to have secrets and she can tell him. That family has to have a closet full of secrets. He keeps saying she can tell him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad wanted to know why Sonny was at the club.  Chad thought it was because of Will.  Chad questioned whether or not Sonny still cared for Paul.  John went to see Paul.  Paul's grandfather recognized John and knew he was his father.  Zoe told Will about doing a story on Clyde.  Clint went to see Theresa, but she wasn't interested in seeing him.  Chad tried to convince Sonny to work on his marriage.  Will wasn't willing to do the story on Clyde right away.  Before he would write the story, he wanted the feedback on his story on Paul.  Zoe agreed to his condition.  Mandrake told Kristen that they didn't have to rely on Theresa as a donor, but Kristen wanted her.  Clint followed Theresa home.

Theresa wanted to know what Clint wanted.  He said he wanted her and that he had a lot of money, but she didn't believe him.  He showed her proof that he had money.  Sonny went home to talk to Will.  John told Paul about his past and how he met Tori.  Clint wanted to take Theresa out of Salem.  Paul was upset with John for the way he treated him.  Will was willing to do what it takes to save his marriage.  Theresa was willing to go with Clint.  Will told Zoe that he was going another story on Paul.  Paul didn't want anything to do with John.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

After literally running into each other at Kelly's, Nathan & Ellie commiserate over having lost their lovers. Lucy suggests that Nathan & Ellie become friends and attend the Nurses' Ball together. Maxie & Spinelli wonder how they can let everyone know that they are together now. They discuss how uncomfortable it may be to perform at this year's Nurses' Ball but decide they will go together. Spinelli makes an appointment with Sam to help him with Carly's case. Lulu isn't too happy to walk into her apartment and find Valerie in her husband's arms. Valerie explains that Dante was comforting her over the loss of her mother. Lulu's also not happy that Valerie beat her to the punch by making Dante dinner. Lulu wants Valerie to stay in Port Charles but thinks it best if she went to Wyndemere and live with Nikolas.

Carly realizes that Ric is bankrolling Hayden to pose as Jake's wife, but she doesn't want to tell Elizabeth until she has proof. Carly catches Hayden in a lie when she told Elizabeth that she and Jake have resumed marital relations, because he told Carly they had not. Elizabeth is unsettled by the revelation but tries to have a nice date with Ric. Seeing them together, Jake gets upset when Carly badmouths Hayden, because he has to try to make their marriage work. After having found Jason's ring under the couch, Sam decides she needs to ask Nikolas some questions. Having discovered that Jason's wedding ring is missing from his safe, Nikolas shows up at Patrick's and claims he got it from Helena who got it when she and Jason were at Crichton-Clark. Nikolas just hadn't had a chance to tell Sam due to Spencer's severe burn. Once he returns to his island, Nikolas takes advantage of Hayden's surprise visit and takes her to bed again.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the courtroom, everyone is surprised when Neil takes a plea deal. Jack gets loose from the restraints that are holding him; but when he goes out the door, Kelly is standing there saying that he has been a “bad boy.” Phyllis asks the “fake Jack” what he has on Victor, but he refuses to tell her. At the Athletic Club dining room, Billy and Ashley discuss removing Jack as CEO of Jabot. They also discuss getting Jack into rehab. Billy asks Ashley if she is doing this so she can be the next in line to gain control of Jabot. Victor comforts Nikki at the courthouse over her testimony in Neil’s case. When Jack kisses Phyllis, she wonders about his sudden change of heart about Jabot. Ashley denies that she is shoving Jack under the bus, so she can gain control. Kelly reties Jack to the bed.

As she talks to Jack, Kelly takes out a picture of Phyllis and tears it up. Phyllis welcomes Kyle and Abby into her and Jack’s home. Billy and Ashley arrive for the celebration. Ashley tells everyone that Jack hacked into Newman files, and he needs to step down from Jabot. The fake Jack walks in and tells her “good luck with that.” After the terms of the plea deal is on the table and everyone is thrilled that Neil is free, Victor offers him a position at Jabot. Outside the courtroom, Paul asks Victor if he had anything to do with Neil getting off. Victor denies the accusation. Kelly calls Phyllis “a horror story” that is about to end. Ashley tells the fake Jack to consider a leave of absence, but he won’t hear of that either. Jack fires Billy from Jabot and forces everyone out of his home. Victor answers a call. Paul reprimands the assistant D.A. for putting a plea bargain deal on the table. Outside in the corridor, Devon accuses Hilary of having something to do with this. Hilary tells Devon that her time with him was different, because she loves him. Ashley, Billy, Abby, and Kyle discuss ousting Jack from Jabot by voting him out. Neil, Leslie, Cane, and Lily celebrate Neil getting off. It is revealed that the fake Jack is Victor’s accomplice.

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